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  1. I either decline, or take it and just give it to my next opponent. I have no interest at all in fan-made alt arts or tokens.
  2. I'll be there. First big tournament
  3. I've always wanted to see the T-Wing in the game, plus the R-41 Starchaser although that's not a TIE or a -Wing. For TIE's, the only one I'd be interested in is the TIE Avenger.
  4. Wave 4, definitely. Lots of EU favourites.
  5. The K-Wing is definitely too powerful, for all the reasons listed above by other posters. I think the ARC-170 is the only new ship that is appropriate for inclusion in HotAC. Regarding how to make the K-Wing/E-Wing fit... artificially boosting PS for calculating Imperial ships doesn't work for me as if the Rebels are already maxed PS then there is no detriment. Artificially boosting number of Rebel ships for calculating Imperial ships doesn't work either as if there are already 6 Rebel players then there is no detriment. Removing a Modification slot and Elite slot is the better idea I think. The lost Mod is effectively -1 Hull/Shield so helps to compensate for them being naturally stronger ships. The lost Elite slot is a real killer as it reduces the super combos and utility you get by having 4 Elite skills. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has playtested the ships at -1 Mod and -1 Elite.
  6. Not many Belgians made it into the top spots? A shame considering it was the Belgian championship!
  7. I like this idea. Makes the players stronger against TIE Fighters as they have all their EPTs + free Predator, but weaker against other ship types as they're unlikely to get 5 kills on them to earn the free Predator. Gives the kill boxes on the pilot sheets actual meaning as well. Edit: You should suggest this to the HotAC author!
  8. With pooling XP though, couldn't you just pool it out as normal but then halve what the shot down player receives? The other half of that XP is lost. Same amount of book-keeping as -5XP. That might also work alongside pooling XP in terms of making players want to work together to save their comrades as otherwise XP gets lost?
  9. I have no issue with the TIE Striker existing as an atmospheric fighter. That does make sense. I'd want it to seriously out-class TIE Fighters though in terms of what we've seen TIE Fighters do in atmosphere. I would also not want to see it in space, because if it can go into space and fly around in space just like all the other TIEs then it's just like all the other TIEs and becomes just another slightly-differently-shaped TIE. We're seeing it in X-Wing, which suggests it will be able to fly in space, which leads to my disappointment.
  10. FTFY. Seriously though, I really don't want to just see black and white versions of all the old ships being sold to us as "new" ships. But similarly I also don't want to see things like the TIE Striker being added in for absolutely no reason other than "because we want to see toys". Sigh.
  11. If you're doing this, I think it should be a harsher penalty. That's basically making the shot down penalty be the lowest possible that it could be out of the current options. I'd be keener to say "Earn 0 XP for any game you are shot down in". -5XP means you essentially don't really care about dying.
  12. I saw this on reddit the other day. I didn't find it funny.
  13. I don't like them, sorry. Extra Munitions has already been significantly altered for the campaign so that all ships can benefit from it. You're effectively adding an additional mod slot to every ship, which I think would push the balance too far in the Rebels' favour. The missile one... let the A-Wing be unique! It doesn't have much else going for it (as you correctly pointed out). To make A-Wings more playable, I'd allow Z-95 Headhunters to be a starting ship with initial 14 points (so total value 26 points like the X-Wing and Y-Wing). That will give natural progression to anyone wanting to play an A-wing since they can take missile upgrades with them when they upgrade. It'll also give them a head-start on upgrades, e.g. PS 3 + Predator + Vectored Thrusters all before you've even played your first game and all are useful to carry forward for the A-Wing.
  14. No. I want to play a game, not sit on my own with a tiny paintbrush getting frustrated over the number of unpainted models I still haven't finished. The fact that they're painted is one of the main reasons I play X-Wing over 40k.
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