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    Stevew980 got a reaction from Yepesnopes in September Solo League -- Mirkwood Cycle   
    I successfully Returned to Mirkwood on the third attempt, no tokens used.
    I was a little luckier with my draws, avoiding the worst enemies and treachery’s. An Attercop still found me, but I was ready for it, using Treebeard, Gandalf and Glorfindel to do the final damage, though it took 2 rounds to kill and cost me allies Hama and Sam.
    After the three games I made a couple more adjustments to the deck, swapping one Celduin traveller, Bilbo, and one Hobbit Pipe for two copies of Gamling and one Will of the West.
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    Stevew980 got a reaction from theagesthrough56 in September Solo League -- Mirkwood Cycle   
    Conflict defeated first attempt, no tokens used.  Again ended up with both Hill Trolls and a Goblin Sniper out before I completed stage 1. But Pelargir Shipwrights are great for soaking damage and the trio of Gandalf, Treebeard, and Spirit Glorfindel are good at taking down trolls. I had the questing strength to power through the Carrock, even with 12 threat in the staging area and once I had Jubayr defending at strength 4 (with Arwen help) it was just a matter of time.
    Return to Mirkwood has not gone as well.  Two attempts, two failures.  The first time I hit both treachery’s raising my threat by 8. I threat out needing just one more turn to power-quest through. Attempt #2 had an Attercop drop on me turn 3 when I wasn’t prepared for it. Combined with being on stage 3 and not being able to play cards, and everything went downhill. I’ll try again later this week.
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    Stevew980 got a reaction from Big Tom Casual in Carcosa Gencon Reactions?   
    Agreed. I have now played through the Carcosa box twice with different investigators and groups. Without spoiling anything, this campaign already has a very different feeling to it than Dunwich. It has a lot of promise and I'm looking forward to the rest of the cycle.
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    Stevew980 got a reaction from Big Tom Casual in Carcosa Gencon Reactions?   
    I haven't dug into the Carcosa scenarios yet, but I have messed around with Lola and Akachi decks vs. older scenarios. Here are the notes for an Akachi deck I will publish on Arkhamdb once the Carcosa box goes "live."
    This is designed for multiplayer games. In solo, I would suggest including Scrying in the early campaign for reasons described below.
    I picked up Akachi at GenCon and have tried her a few times now against the core scenarios. I've found that under the current card pool, her role changes significantly throughout a campaign- going from a strong investigator to a decent combat character.
    With Shrivelling as the only current attack spell, Akachi is reliant on that to engage in any combat beyond fighting rats. Even with 2x Arcane Initiates and 2x Shrivelling in the deck, I often found it difficult to have Shrivelling on the board at the right time and with enough charges to take on multiple bigger enemies. My current solution is to turn Akachi into a heavy-investigative character for the early campaign, and picking up 2x Song of the Dead as the first experience buys. The Holy Rosary are good starting cards, but can be replaced with the Spirit Athame (one of the new Carcosa mystic weapons) if you find your Relic slot getting competitive after you add the Jewel of Aureolus.
    As new 0-xp combat spells are released into the game, her role will change.
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