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  1. As I said- I wasn’t too worried about the rules and more concerned with just playing. I can be counted as having used whatever the minimum number of valar tokens was, even though I didn’t need them.
  2. I successfully Returned to Mirkwood on the third attempt, no tokens used. I was a little luckier with my draws, avoiding the worst enemies and treachery’s. An Attercop still found me, but I was ready for it, using Treebeard, Gandalf and Glorfindel to do the final damage, though it took 2 rounds to kill and cost me allies Hama and Sam. After the three games I made a couple more adjustments to the deck, swapping one Celduin traveller, Bilbo, and one Hobbit Pipe for two copies of Gamling and one Will of the West.
  3. Conflict defeated first attempt, no tokens used. Again ended up with both Hill Trolls and a Goblin Sniper out before I completed stage 1. But Pelargir Shipwrights are great for soaking damage and the trio of Gandalf, Treebeard, and Spirit Glorfindel are good at taking down trolls. I had the questing strength to power through the Carrock, even with 12 threat in the staging area and once I had Jubayr defending at strength 4 (with Arwen help) it was just a matter of time. Return to Mirkwood has not gone as well. Two attempts, two failures. The first time I hit both treachery’s raising my threat by 8. I threat out needing just one more turn to power-quest through. Attempt #2 had an Attercop drop on me turn 3 when I wasn’t prepared for it. Combined with being on stage 3 and not being able to play cards, and everything went downhill. I’ll try again later this week.
  4. When I got home and started actually constructing my deck I realized I’d made a bad decision in including Elven Light with no discard mechanism. So I made a couple changes. Technically that probably disqualifies me but that’s ok. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/9806/mono-spirit-secrecy-ohuh-gandalf-2.0 I beat Journey on the first attempt with no tokens used despite never seeing Light of Valinor, Rescourceful, not seeing Gandalf until the last turn, starting with a Goblin sniper on the board and drawing the 2nd Troll on turn 3. Having Treebeard, Arwen, Hama and Sam in my starting hand saved me.
  5. Good to know. I think I’ll hop on, if only to screw around. I don’t actually plan to “win” but it’s a good excuse to play and revisit old quests. I’ll use the following deck: http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/9802/mono-spirit-secrecy-ohuh-gandalf-1.0
  6. Question about the valor rules for the mode: I read the first post as you/I start with 6 cards in hand and your mulligan, correct? Do you receive resources as normal on your hero’s at start and each turn or do you only get them by spending a token? Same question regarding card draw at the top of each turn.
  7. I said I had played the scenario once before as a stand alone, but every game described in my last post was as part of the campaign. I've seen your Vilya deck. It is very strong, and I actually played a version of it (with a few changes to suit my personal playstyle) for much of the saga campaign. I haven't used it for Black Gate, but may try, with a few additional adjustments. I think Seastan's solution is good, but really comes into its own at 4 players, where the group can rotate who is playing the big event cards (Doom Hangs Still and Advance Warning) each round, while the other players use that turn to build their board state. In addition, Legacy of Numenor and Deep Knowledge get better and more impactful at higher player counts. At two players, we just can't consistently both draw into or be able to recover and replay those cards consistently enough. Eventually we hit a turn where we lack one or both, and at that point we either raise our threat a large amount from failing to quest, or we have mass numbers of enemies engage us, or both. The guy I've played the campaign with made a post on the lotr discord channel. It sounds like surviving 7-8 turns is pretty good for the Black Gate scenario. One big question is whether other people are able to defeat Mt. Doom in 7-8 turns.
  8. My group has made 4 attempts on the past two weeks. We’re choosing to ignore the dead-is-dead rule for hero’s in the sagas on this one. We’ve survived until turn 7. The upside is we’re consistently surviving one more turn with each attempt. Our guess is we need to reach 10-12 turns to have a reasonable shot at Mt Doom. The first two attempts we had a 3rd player join. We all used mono-lore decks based off Seastan’s, all with Advance Warning in an attempt to avoid engagement. It worked, but we couldn’t kill enough fast enough, and couldn’t quest well enough to overcome 6-8 additional encounter cards per turn on top of the 2 starting nazgul burden enemies, Mouth of Sauron, Black Gate, and two starting enemies (plus the 1 card we put into play from Quest Card 1b). By turn 3 & 4 we had all threat out. The extra threat and combat from the Wraiths on Wings burdens (from Pelennor Fields quest resolution) really adds up. I’ve come to loathe those guys. Last night our standard 2-player group which had gone through the rest of the campaign made another go. I ran a mono-lore, my buddy had a leadership/Galadriel outlands deck with ldEomer and Hirluin, designed to give Galadriel song of kings, have Éomer kill things in staging without engagement, and play doom hangs still. We survived longer, until turn 5 the first game (threating out), and then until turn 7 the 2nd before either threating our or getting killed by the enemies. The suggestion for a strategy built around Doom Hangs Still and Advance Warning seems less viable at 2 players. Both cards are great, but you can’t guarantee having a copy of either or both every turn, and saving resources to play them means not spending resources to play allies and attachments to help with questing or combat. Our strategy is to not to quest at all when Doom Hangs Still is in play, and use that/those turns to engage and kill as many enemies as possible, but mono lore decks just aren’t great in that department. We are at the point now where the first 1-2 turns feel good. Turn 3 and 4 are the turning points. By then, it’s highly likely to have a surging card, meaning the potential for 5 or 6 new encounter cards, with that number increasing every round. We just can’t keep up. In the final game last night we ended up raising our threat by 47 on turn 6 when we couldn’t draw and play a copy of Doom Hangs Still and were out of Advance Warnings. That resulted in every enemy in play engaging us. I’m wondering if in 2 player, 2x mono-leadership decks would be better, digging for doom hangs still every turn and actively trying to engage and kill enemies. With one mono lore and one mono leadership, we can tend to find 1-2 copies of Doom Hangs Still and Advance Warning, but inevitably we hit a turn where we don’t have any more in hand and and have to go without. The later in the game that happens, the more cards there are in the staging area and the worse things get on us.
  9. I’m looking for advice on surviving The Black Gate Opens. My local group just reached that scenario in our Saga campaign. We’ve done well, avoiding most burdens and only spending a couple of our boons. I have played The Black Gate Opens once, 3-player and as a stand-alone, and only survived 3 rounds. That was with non-optimized decks and no boons, but also no burdens. Our current decks: Mine- Gandalf, Elrond, spGlorfindel deck based around Vilya. My worry is it can take too long to get set up. Buddy’s- ldEomer, Galadriel, Hirluin deck based around outlands allies and Galadriel boosting Eomers willpower while he attacks the staging area. Again, it can take multiple turns to get going. The scenario allows for hero switching without penalty and we are both open to changes. We are using two decks each. One deck as part of Frodo’s story/quests, and other decks who went with Aragorn. Those other decks are a Sam/Merry/Pippin Rosie deck, and an Arwen/Haldir/Beregond deck. They will be used in the final Mount Doom quest. Denethor was bravely eaten by the Balrog in Moria. So all those hero’s are unavailable (ally versions are another matter). We are already discussing cards which skip the engagement phase, or prevent enemies from attacking. We are also considering hero’s like tactics Boromir, whom I think is still a solid choice for this scenario, as well as ones like Beorn. In terms of broader scenario strategy, my current inclination is to go light on questing characters, even if that means questing unsuccessfully, and focus on having characters ready for the combat phase. Those of you who have played The Black Gate Opens, what was your take? How did you handle it? And how did you defeat it?
  10. Agreed. I have now played through the Carcosa box twice with different investigators and groups. Without spoiling anything, this campaign already has a very different feeling to it than Dunwich. It has a lot of promise and I'm looking forward to the rest of the cycle.
  11. I haven't dug into the Carcosa scenarios yet, but I have messed around with Lola and Akachi decks vs. older scenarios. Here are the notes for an Akachi deck I will publish on Arkhamdb once the Carcosa box goes "live." This is designed for multiplayer games. In solo, I would suggest including Scrying in the early campaign for reasons described below. I picked up Akachi at GenCon and have tried her a few times now against the core scenarios. I've found that under the current card pool, her role changes significantly throughout a campaign- going from a strong investigator to a decent combat character. With Shrivelling as the only current attack spell, Akachi is reliant on that to engage in any combat beyond fighting rats. Even with 2x Arcane Initiates and 2x Shrivelling in the deck, I often found it difficult to have Shrivelling on the board at the right time and with enough charges to take on multiple bigger enemies. My current solution is to turn Akachi into a heavy-investigative character for the early campaign, and picking up 2x Song of the Dead as the first experience buys. The Holy Rosary are good starting cards, but can be replaced with the Spirit Athame (one of the new Carcosa mystic weapons) if you find your Relic slot getting competitive after you add the Jewel of Aureolus. As new 0-xp combat spells are released into the game, her role will change.
  12. I'm not in San Antonio, but I'd suggest giving the San Antonio Dragons Lair Games store a call and asking them. They may have organized play, or be able to point you in the right direction.
  13. You don't really need to stay in secrecy. You just need to be there long enough to get 1-2 resourcefuls up and running. If you can also get out of the wild, you're golden. Oh, and since you're playing with friends, see if one of them will include Dunedain Signal to give Rossiel sentinel.
  14. I've built and played a number of Rossiel decks. In my experience, the answers to your questions are this: 1) Card draw is huge. Without the correct attachments (if Rossiel is your defender) and without ways to put cards into the victory display, the deck breaks down. I always liked Mithrandir's Advice (when running 2 lore heros), but Gleowine is also a great choice. 2) I'd agree with you. Resourceful is big. Out of the Wild is also important, but None Return or Leave No Trace can sub in. 3) As much as the idea of Rossiel doing everything is, trying to get that done takes up an awful lot of deck space. One question is whether you are playing solo, multiplayer or multi-handed. If you can have another deck help you out early on, it makes things so much easier. 4) I think you need to pick the role you want. Making Rossiel good at everything can take up a lot of your deck. Assuming you run spirit: 3 Out of Wild 3 Resourceful 3 Light of Valinor 2-3 None Return 2-3 Leave No Trace 2-3 Cloak of Lorien 2-3 Unexpected Courage 2-3 Burning Brand That's 19-24 cards right there. If you run tactics, you'll want Elven Mail. Throw in 3-6 cards for card draw, 3 Test of Will, maybe Hasty Stroke, 3-6 threat reduction cards, and you have little space for allies. And since you're playing Lore, you'll want to have healing (and other players in multiplayer will rely on you for it). I look at your deck and see some of the same problems I still struggle with. Lots of events, a bunch of attachments, and very few allies. You have very little combat ability outside of Gandalf dealing direct damage. I think you need to focus. There are a few decent (if slightly more expensive) combat allies in lore. You also have lots of card discard effects without great card draw. Pippin lets you draw cards, but only by engaging enemies you'll have trouble killing. Elven Light is good, but expensive, and you're playing spheres that aren't known for being cheap. Have you played games with this deck, yet? How did it fair?.
  15. Bump. I'm now in Houston, and looking for players. I live in the galleria area.
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