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  1. I wouldn't call them out as "not doing the right thing." I'm a massive Descent fan. I'm someone who owns every physical thing you could buy for this game then put in in a fishing tackle box recommended by this very forum just to speed up setup/tear down. I know you may be sad that they aren't adding those last 12 but we all know there is a LOT of content in Descent 2nd. There are so many characters that haven't seen the table yet and I play with new people all the time (I swear to Valyndra if someone picks Trenloe - Champion again...) and tons of combinations I've never seen that will just pop out. "Oh you are running that monster on this mission? Well **** that's different, lets rock." Some missions I still haven't run, there are class combinations I've never seen, or I'll see an overlord who goes full Unkindness and then "oh god the birds" as the table laughs. We love this game and there is a LOT for us to toy with here, and way too much for most others to ever get through. With what Andrew said about the next big Descent project, and the existence of the last expansion being something that was probably a bit bigger, then play tested, then partially released (there are other threads of some people talking about how they created the new classes) I think it's fair to say this was a decision along the lines of "OK hold up, let's just stop with this expansion and go hard on this new Descent idea." I think it's going to be awesome. If it isn't... well... we have one heck of a tool box to play with in Descent 2nd. Edit: Grammar edits.
  2. I'm interested in this Descent-ish project. If it isn't 3rd edition I'm ok with that, since 2nd is still super massive and has a ton of content. I'm wondering if it's an app-hybrid king of thing? He said it was specificaly Descent related and not just Terrinoth, so I don't think it's just a single box game like Runewars or Battlelore. Should be interesting, I just hope we don't have to wait too long. 2020 Gen Con announcement? Ooof
  3. I also would like to know the future for the Terrinoth series of games. I'm a massive Descent fan and hope for a 3rd edition at some point. Runewars: Mini may have passed (I really liked it too:() but are you straying away from the world? I thought a lot of good stuff was in the story books for Runewars: Minis and hope there's still a good future for those games.
  4. Hi all, searched around first but couldn't find this one. I know abilities that say "may" let you have the option of doing it or not, but does this apply to general triggers like "Reap:" and such? Wondering because of Kindrith Longshot: Elusive/Skirmish Reap: Deal 2 Damage to a creature Does she fire an arrow into the air and hit herself if she's alone on the board? I've been playing it as such with the current rules. Terribly self-destructive young lady...
  5. Hehe yea I know there are multiple reasons it's a good idea, just was kind of funny to open the box and see 3 tiny bags on the right side of the box then a big cardboard accordion giving it all structure. It's not a complaint at all, just kinda silly for specific expansions.
  6. I like this but I'm gonna say what we were all thinking yesterday... Whats with the box size? I know I know, it's probably just a standard box size they will use for expansions, and bigger models like golems and worms may need it, but the command pack was 3 thin bags and 80 percent air hehe.
  7. Don't sweat. I just bought both command packs. Fortuna's dice and File Leader are in both. Of the 3 other unique cards in each pack, we've already seen Shield Wall in the core set, so I wouldn't worry about them not showing up in the "opposing" armies' next expansions.
  8. Aaaand got it. They had 2 left, all the others were on reserve. Glad I went at lunch, was thinking of just going after work.
  9. I hope that's the case for me tomorrow. I didn't really pre order and I've got only 2 stores within (manageable) driving distance that would carry it. In a way I'd kind of be happy if it sold out, meaning there would be a good player base here, but I also want my copy tomorrow.
  10. I'll be buying into all the factions, mainly because as I said in another thread, I'll probably be the house people come to to play, and I'm not really in any game groups, nor is it too big in my immediate area. Basically I will end up being the hub for any games of RWMG, with people coming to me to play with whatever I've got, just like any other full board game, so I'll have to have options. It honestly doesn't seem too bad though. I'll be picking up a core box tomorrow (supply willing) and even after that, the commander pack and a couple expansions isn't too much. Looking past that into the elves... it's doable.
  11. Looks like the "essentials pack" just solved the problem for anyone who wants to come in on elves a bit later in the year instead of the first 2 armies. Edit: Missed that it had been mentioned previously, MB. Still good news though. I have a few friends that will be easier to draw in now.
  12. This and Kingdom Death will be my 2 main mini's games (though KD is not a war game). I have 2 40k armies but I'm just about over that game. I'm giving them one more shot with next edition to revamp that game and not make it dreadfully slow, clunky, and just a mess to set up, then I'm selling my armies and putting that to rest. I'm very much hoping this game will take over my war gaming need. I love high fantasy, I like that Terrinoth IS high fantasy with just a couple slight bends to keep it interesting (orcs are decent follows), and I love the modern game design approach that this game seems to be implementing. Fingers crossed, but all previews are looking go to me so far.
  13. I may be a bit boring, but my house is usually the place people come to game, so the upper racks of my display case will hold all this. I'll probably be buying multiple, maybe even all 4 if the game is solid, armies since I'm usually the host. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60128562/ Runewars will have to play nice with the Kingdom Death minis already in there. I'm not sure if that's a good idea.... if the 2 come to life at night I wouldn't put money against the kingdom death monsters...
  14. Yup, definitely for home use I'll make a few proxy copies. Just feels kind of odd. It's kind of like how with Warhammer conquest (RIP) the core set didn't give you enough neutrals for 2 people to play with, and that was the only place you could get them. Proxies can be made, sure, but just unpleasant...
  15. Hmm... it's the neutral cards that concern me. I'll be playing this game mostly with all my stuff. Meaning people that come here and play aren't going to have either own stuff. Though we could just put the cards in a neutral space and mark what units have them, it just seems a little off. Not gonna make any assumptions until I have the boxes anyway.
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