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  1. Reading through the other responses, I might be an outlier, but for me it's adventures, adventures, adventures. The stuff FFG has already created had been excellent and I want so much more of that.
  2. My party is very likely going to end up in prison soon. The problem is that the party contains a droid PC. In world, it really doesn't make sense that the droid would go to prison with them. They would most likely just wipe or destroy the droid or maybe shut it down and put it into storage as the party's property, but sending the droid to prison feels super weird. I can always just ask my players to suspend their disbelief, but I'd rather not. Anyone have thoughts on how I might sort that out?
  3. Awesome! Thanks! Even better with the cheat sheet. 😄
  4. I'm trying to track down the PDF of the homebrew vehicle combat rules that I've included before. I printed them out ages ago, but since we're playing online during the quarantine, I want to send the PDF to my players. If anyone can point me to where I can find it, it would be much appreciated.
  5. I'm currently running Mask and I'm looking for some advice on the delivery job for Ilo. The challenge of the job seems to be the journey through the scrapyards, but this could be easily bypassed with an airspeeder. The book tries to hand wave this away by saying that airspeeders are uncommon here, but my players own their own, so that's not an issue. Any suggestions on either how to force them to travel by land or how to make the air travel a challenge? As an aside, why would anyone ever take the fight fixing task? The delivery is clearly, clearly the simpler, easier, and less questionable of the two tasks.
  6. This is an excellent resource, as well. Thanks!
  7. Nice. Mission to Lianna is the closest I've seen so far. I can definitely crib pieces from this. All of your secondary advice is quite useful, as well. Thanks.
  8. Hadn't thought about Shadowrun. In general, cyberpunk could be a good source for this.
  9. I guess? It's especially weird because that's basically the plot of ANH, ROTJ, R1, and TFA. Blowing up bad guy bases is kind of the Rebellion's jam. I look forward to hearing more specifics. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Replace "Super Stromtrooper" with "Dark Trooper" and you're essentially describing my plan. Yeah, it's the "provide a base," part that's the problem. The high level narrative/flavour part isn't my issue. I just don't know what to do with it once that's done.
  10. After a bit more looking around, it's clear that this is a question (or something similar) that's come up many times over the years and never with a satisfying answer. There seems to be a dearth of adventures and maps/descriptions of Imperial bases. Disappointing.
  11. Agreed. Also I've already used it. I'm definitely looking for something larger scale. Dozens or hundreds of staff. Difficult to infiltrate.
  12. Could anyone point me towards any published adventures (FFG, D20, D6) that involve infiltrating an Imperial base (or similar)? More specifically, I'm looking for something along the lines of Scarif in Rogue One i.e. a secret, heavily fortified base that's being infiltrated for the purpose of sabotage. I'm working on an adventure that's loosely based on the Dark Trooper project from the first Dark Forces game. The climax will require the party to head to the main research base to destroy it and end the program.
  13. For sure, but I don't really care much about that. I just want to add a fun, one-off moment to my game that I think my players will enjoy.
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