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  1. Ooh, town building? That sounds unique. What was that like to run? What were the players actually doing?
  2. Sorry, I think my original post wasn't worded in the best way. I appreciate the tips (it's good advice), but my purpose for the thread is to share stories and experiences rather than simply sharing advice. I've edited the OP to better reflect that.
  3. I'm interested in hearing about other finished (or at least far along) story campaigns. What I mean by this is not just an adventure or a series of adventures, but something with an overarching story and recurring NPCs; campaigns with plots and mysteries for the players to uncover and dissect. The main purpose of this thread is to share your creations. Tell us about your plot, your NPCs, and your PCs. Tell us about the parts of it that you loved and how your players reacted. Tell us about your most memorable moments. Take the opportunity to nerd out with us. I would also like to hear about the trials and low points. What parts of it just didn't work, particularly those that you thought would be great? Did you end up where you thought you would? What did you learn and what would you do differently next time? Edit: Reworded original post to clarify the discussion.
  4. Sort of off topic: Did you self-censor **** or is that one of the words that this forum filters? Edit: I guess I have my answer.
  5. I don't understand this attitude and I never will. It's fan entitlement at its worst. First, everyone was complaining that there were no books on the horizon and positing that the death of the line was imminent. Now, there are several announced books in development, but they're not releasing fast enough. There's no pleasing you.
  6. Asymmetric, sure, but not irregular. Structures in Star Wars tend to have hard lines and edges for Imperials and round edges for Rebel/Republic stuff. They don't generally have organic or natural shapes.
  7. I'm curious as to why the outside is an irregular shape. Is this built into an asteroid or something?
  8. Also, the book says that each round, the pilot's action is the competitive piloting check. How are players supposed to use their fun talents, like Full Throttle (without the Improved talent, obviously)?
  9. I'm reading through the rules for running the race and I must be getting tripped up on something because they don't make sense to me. From what I understand, in each leg of the race, whatever your current speed is determines your position relative to the other racers, but after each leg, you add each racer's speed to their place value, which determines who wins. Is that right? That can't be. With the way I'm reading this, with enough advantages and triumphs, you could be in last place every leg (due to having the lowest speed) and still theoretically win.
  10. I have to say, this made my day.
  11. Does anyone know of a list of all of the published modular encounters along with a quick overview? Jumping from book to book is a bit of a pain when I'm just looking for inspiration rather than actually building an adventure.
  12. The movie clearly says that this was a long time ago.
  13. I'm currently running an adventure with a plague-ridden planet based on Tempest Feud. My players are wearing air masks and I've made it clear to them that any dispairs/triumphs rolled will almost always be used to knock off their masks. For the resilience check, I have a specific design for my virus where it is highly infectious but some people are immune. If exposed, the character rolls a daunting difficulty check. If they succeed they're immune otherwise they're infected. The characters themselves obviously don't know this, but my players do.
  14. If you don't want any NPC conflict then the go to for me is environmental conflict. An abandoned station like this should have lots of opportunity for mechanics and computers checks. A few specific examples: The station has no power (and therefore no gravity, life support, lifts, doors, etc). The first step needs to be traversing an unknown and dangerous environment to restore power. Restoring power should be more than just a simple check. The requirement of a specific part is a good way to go here as it gives the whole party a problem to solve as they try to find it. Now that power is running, life support has kicked in, but there is a problem. The CO2 scrubbers aren't working right and need to be fixed. Just because the station is now powered doesn't mean that the PCs are in control. They'll need to find some way to gain access to station control, likely through a combination of slicing and mechanics. With an old station like this, it definitely will have deteriorated. Collapsed passages, broken catwalks, and hull breaches can all create environmental hazards and obstacles for the players to deal with. Having things collapse while the PCs are on board can create some exciting tension as they try to recover and find a new way back.
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