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  1. Mostly off topic, but, prepub? What does that stand for?
  2. I doubt we'll see a second edition any time soon. It's been barely a year since Unlimited Power, the last of the class specific sourcebooks, was released. They would be crazy to throw away the line so soon.
  3. I have no idea what I would do with captured players and Google is failing me right now. Do you have any good resources or recommended reading for this?
  4. I'm curious if anyone has tried running combat narratively i.e. not using structured time. If so, how did it go? What changes, if any, did you need to make to the rules to make it work? I've found that nailing the cinematic feel of Star Wars combat has been tough for me and I'm feeling that structured time might be playing a part in that, particularly the concept of actions and maneuvers. It's tough to pull off cool things when you're limited to, essentially, move and shoot or move, aim, and shoot. I'm wondering if opening it up to more free form ideas (e.g. I run up to the Stormtrooper, knock him over, grab his gun, and shoot the other Stormtrooper with it) could help the game feel more dynamic. That particular example would require several rounds to accomplish with the RAW system and the Stormtrooper would have at least 1 full turn somewhere in there. Anyway, thoughts?
  5. That's great. This is a really interesting way of handling it. I hope to be able to accomplish something like this in the future.
  6. I really like the idea of the chase or other structured fight. I agree that it would make it much more interesting. Do you have an example of a fight that you ran that went well? How did it play out?
  7. All of them (and more) are on this Flikr page. https://www.flickr.com/photos/58410841@N07/with/5362475118/
  8. Yup, some adventures are poorly written. Some are not. I'm looking for the ones that are not. I've found several that have been fun for EotE, some that require more tweaks than others, and I'm looking for the same thing here.
  9. Does anyone have a link to a thread/webpage/collection of the best adventures (FFG/D20/D6) for Rebels? There's such a plethora of adventures out there, sorting the wheat from the chaff is a difficult task.
  10. Yeah, GMPC is definitely something I'm trying to avoid, but it's also tough to justify not having them around. I guess I can do the Gandalf thing and just have them go off on their own, but the idea is that they are capable and dedicated to the ideas of returning peace and harmony to the galaxy, so having them act as a Yoda style mentor doesn't really work. For the record, I'm not looking to have my own PC in the party. And I also don't really want the mentor to be a source of information (well, any more so than any contact the party might have) or ideas on solving adventures. Hence looking for tips.
  11. Within the next few sessions, one of my newly force sensitive PCs is very likely to be getting an NPC Jedi mentor. It makes sense and I would like for the NPC to stick with the group, but I'm worried about the NPC overshadowing the PCs. I've also never run an NPC as a party member, so I'm also worried about the pitfalls surrounding that. I think my rough target is a bit like the relationship between Kanan and Ezra. Basically, someone that can train them during downtime but is also able to teach lessons in the moment (although that second bit does put a whole lot of pressure on me to come up with interesting teaching moments). Does anyone have tips for how to run an NPC mentor like that?
  12. Actually, just a few days ago I noticed something in the Skulduggery rules that applies here. On page 116 of EotE core, it says, "At the Game Master’s discretion, a particular Skulduggery check may use Agility instead of Cunning, to reflect a more physical approach." So that's at least one case where RAW it's suggested that you can use a different characteristic for a skill. I thought that was pretty interesting and I'm going to be looking for situations where I can roll this out.
  13. Okay? I mean, if you want to house rule something, that's fine, but RAW vehicles only get, at most, 2 maneuvers.
  14. That's not true. Vehicles can only perform 1 pilot maneuver per round and can take a second by suffering 2 system strain. The pilot uses their maneuver to use the vehicles maneuver.
  15. Here's a question for those of you familiar with JoY. My players sprung this on me and I didn't really know what to say. What does Arend Shen bring to the table for the heist? He has the idea for the heist, yes, but anyone can have the idea. In the adventure as written, he doesn't fund the PCs, doesn't have any intel, cannot give them access to anything. He has no useful resources to the PCs outside of loaning them a cloud car, providing them with the untraceable bank account, and picking them up in a getaway car after the heist (which is the answer I gave my players). If I would have thought of that question ahead of time, I probably would have reworked the adventure a little bit to have him provide funding. Perhaps a base of operations and maybe some basic dossiers on the bidders with some leads to follow-up. Tough to say without spending some time going over it. What answer would you have given?
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