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  1. Roger dat! I was gonna get that one anyway. I like the thought of scum Han!
  2. Where is it? It shows up in squad builder, but not in any of my sets? I have the imperial, rebel, and scum upgrades, and the reaper, mining guild tie, and fang fighter from 2nd ed. But the card is not anywhere i can find. Ideas?
  3. Finally someone gets it. Bring ALL the ships. I ran an EPIC game at GaryCon in 2017. Empire vs. Rebellion. The Corvette vs the Raider with accompanying squadrons. Darth Vader drew first blood by one shotting Wedge. Keep making it fun guys.
  4. I'll throw some jp-8 on the flames. I like miniatures games because there are nearly ZERO women that play them. I enjoy getting away from the wife, daughters, mother in law, mother, etc. Some guys hunt, others fish, some golf. It dosnt break my heart one iota having a lack of estrogen at the game table. Just as long as my opponents bathe, have clean clothes, and arent nobs it will all be good.
  5. Whats not to love? Its a great ability that he dosnt need anyone or anything to trigger. And an astromech can help maybe if he screws it up.
  6. If the boats from china sank and FFG was bought out by Hasbro and closed down forever, X-Wing would remain the best miniatures game out there, and my favorite for a VERY long time. So the only answer is no.
  7. Yoda Stories. End of discussion.
  8. As he should. It was crap of the worst kind. Mark Hammel had more makeup than Carrie Fisher. She sang badly. It was drivel no better than the Zahn novels.
  9. Fabs is good for that. Just play with whatever shows up. You can tweek a little to make sure EPTs dont conflict with pilot skills etc., but it comes up with fun lists sometimes.
  10. WORST idea EVER for this game. Go play hero clix if you want that crap.
  11. Its worth it you get an xwing repaint, and 4 unique xwing pilots, and new droids as well. And the transport. Its chok-full-o- content. Prob more so than the corvette.
  12. Ima buy the crap out of Armada!
  13. Old Adept

    Settle Down

    Funniest thing ever. But really, paying $50US for a codex or army book is like paying for a ball shot. The ball STOMP is for those who pay $48US for a digital copy! GW you suck more than you realize.
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