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  1. There is Nationals / Continentals tournament at GenCon. Last I checked there was over 100 tickets left to buy into if you want to play. That said, if you make it up to Indy, in the north side there is a store with a small group that plays SW LCG at Family Time Games, myself included. I live across the street from the store, so I'd be more than willing to come play with you if you happen to come some weekend, as long as I'm not out of town for some other event. Here is the GenCon Event
  2. I'm occasionally in Fort Wayne. Next time I'm up that way, I'll post here to let people know? Love to get a game in up that way.
  3. Totengraber, same thing here as I replied to you in the AGoT forums. I'm a huge SW LCG fan, never get to play enough of this game. If there is a time on the weekends we can get together, I'd love to meet more players in the Indy area!
  4. I can usually do weekends, not much problem. I'm actually there every Sunday morning from 11-3 playing D&D campaign. Most of the time stay there until dark to get more gaming in. Most Saturdays are open for me as well, and sometimes I end up at Family Time anyway, playing something.
  5. Looking for consistent day to play some Star Wars. New FLGS opened up 86th & Michigan area, that's where I'll be every Tuesday (try out this day at least). Any are welcome to play. I'll be there after 6pm.
  6. New FLGS Opened up 86th & Michigan called Family Time Games. I'll be there playing some Thrones probably every Thursday (would be open to changing if needed) if anyone is in the area. Probably be a few of us playing. Hoping to build a community. A consistent day of the week would be a good start I think!
  7. I have two friends that joined me in picking up a few cores to play. We are looking for some players as well. Looks like we might join along if you make it a consistent thing!
  8. This is what I meant to say with my description of "Unique." Thank you for clearing up my mess.
  9. I believe the "Limited" keyword means you can only play one "Limited" card per turn, and not so much as only one out in play at a time. As for characters, you can only have one "Unique" character out at a time, usually marked by a small symbol by the respective name of that character.
  10. AGoT: Second Edition is supposed to come out in mid-October per this article.
  11. Me and a friend are both looking for some players. We live in Northside and Broadripple area in Indy. Be happy to meet some other players in the area.
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