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  1. So, is the Decimator officially more powerful than the Falcon? It sure seems like it to me...
  2. Not quite the combo you are looking for but put him on the Falcon, give the Falcon Nien Numb and push the limit and you are performing all three of your actions in your action bar. Use with Lando for even more action economy and on Chewie so this thing will just never die.
  3. Great report. Each one of yours seems to be getting better and better. Would you ever be at all interested in doing a video BatRep? I feel that a swarm, especially a z-swarm like this, is one of the other real options to countering the pain train that are the phantoms. It's also kinda ironic how the X-wings replaced the Z95 in universe but here, at least with unnamed ships, it seems to be the exact opposite.
  4. Think you got the wrong thread here buddy...
  5. People keep bringing up JUST having Higher Pilot Skill but I just haven't seen that being the case with a lot of ship. Yes, Wedge WOULD get to shoot before Echo, but the problem I come across is just having the darned thing even in arc because of how maneuverable they are. And I find this to be the case with a lot of the ships already released. Even a level 3 phantom would be giving a high skill level ship something of a 50% chance of guess which way it is going to jive coupled with a whole plethora of other variables.
  6. Nien Numb and PTL should go on Lando. Your list gets more out of Lando going green. Han then gets two actions in a turn as does Lando. Plus Han already has a built in mini-target lock.
  7. How IS X-Wing on Vassal? Can you usually find people to play with?
  8. It has a Green 2-Bank. Ships that have a Green 2-Bank: A-Wing, E-Wing, TIE, TIE Interceptor, TIE Phantom Ships that do not have a Green 2-Bank: Everything else. It's looking to have a strong dial if you ask me...
  9. Comparing the Decimator to the Falcon, the Decimator has 3 more total life than the falcon and cost the same for the highest skilled pilot but has one less defense die. The B-Wing has 3 more shields than the X-wing but has one less defense die and is one point more than the X-wing. The B-Wing as a stand alone ship is considered one of the best things in the game and generally people would rather take a B over and X. There is nothing to worry about, if anything the Decimator is going to be more powerful than the Falcon.
  10. With the advent of the Decimator, it's 3 crew, and more hull, is the Falcon no longer the the most dangerous ship in the game?
  11. I want to fly something similar in a standard game which is Han -Determination -C-3P0 -Falcon Title -Luke Always take an evade action because target lock is (mostly) covered by Han and focus is (mostly) covered by Luke.
  12. Han Solo with C-3P0, Luke, and Falcon title could be great. Every turn you take an evade action (target lock is covered by Han and focus is covered by Luke), then you are guaranteed 2 evades every turn.
  13. Anyone have the results from Kublacon?
  14. A-wings are either a yellowish B-wings are orangeish X-Wing and Y-wing are a mix of red and pink HWK is blue as is Falcon and Lambda. All TIEs have the red dots exempt the advance which I have no idea what to do with. Also make sure on the rebel fighters have white centers
  15. You must not have read the EU, Him and Han are flying ships together in the Coreilan (I apologize for the spelling) Uprising/rebellion against the galactic alliance 40ish years after Yavin Just because an EU book does something doesn't make it a good idea or realistic. Especially as most of the EU is quite bad. Fighter pilots need to be in pretty good condition (which goes toward young people) as well as the fact that as time goes on people are going to be promoted out of combat roles into command/administration. If you are not being promoted after a certain amount of time you are let go. So it would be quite unlikely for Wedge to still be a pilot. However he could definato be a mentor figure or even commander of the New Republic fleet or something.
  16. I can see why he would not come back but it still makes me incredibly sad. I wish he would make at least a cameo for the fans.
  17. I think if you were to do something like this it may be best just to throw rules to the wind (at least in terms of points and ship limits) Let Luke and Garvin have proton torpedoes. Put in the 3 Y-Wings. Give everyone droids (named droids if there were in fact those people's droids like R2 was Luke's). Put in Vader, Mauler Mithel, Backstabber, and Dark Curse for the Imperials, calculate points, then fill out the rest with Black Squadron Pilots. It isn't exactly a tournament game but it would be fun as heck.
  18. You don't have much experience with the meta do you...
  19. Take an A-Wing with Opportunist, then take Wes. Wes can pretty much make sure you are rolling and extra attack die while still getting an action. When the Z95 and Rebel Aces comes out this can be even more potent with Wes (or someone else) taking wingman as an EPT and the A-Wing taking PTL and Opportunist so you would have the extra die AND two actions.
  20. Fly a Green Squadron pilot with Opportunist, then fly Wes with the Green pilot. You still get your action, and you are pretty much assured you will be rolling an extra attack die (abet you will get a stress but this is an A-wing, they have ways of getting rid of stress).
  21. No. The meta is hugely in favor of lower pilot skill at the moment. Even if you run into someone like Wedge or Vader, the rest of the list is going to be bellow you.
  22. As shown in the image above, I also feel a Phantom V38 could be very useful in a straight up joust situation. A 1 forward is the SLOWEST any ship can go and no matter what the Phantom would be able to get behind them, possibly even with focus when using advanced sensors and starting from even a bit outside of range three. With an EU this would even increase the range to which this could be done. Higher pilot skill would of course again be required here. I know there is the possibility of this not working as well when there are two ships, one right behind each other but it is just another option in the huge amount of maneuverability the Phantom has as well as another thing that can potentially be shaking up the standard Rebel lists.
  23. You are still throwing more attack dice out than an interceptor. But generally a YT is the counter to interceptors ANYWAY but something like this can run circles around a lot of other ships other ships. It is true though that dice (especially defense dice) can turn on you.
  24. What color did you uses to be covering up the parts of the red stripe on the hull?
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