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  1. I disagree. With munitions now fixed and useful, there is a market for a turret that can cover a torpedos blind spots- range 1 and out of arc. Autobladter turret is weak and easy for arcdodging to avoid- dorsal is stronger where you need it and zan threaten out furthur. There is no indication that they actually fixed. People have been saying 'this will fix munitions and make them useful' from since wave 4. The cheapest munition and a dorsal turret is only one point less than tlt which is much more consistently effective.
  2. It won't. It isn't TLT. TLT has killed any kind of variety you could hope for with turreted weapons.
  3. Card that removes the torpedo slot for -1 point, "Lightened Payload" or something, and gives it a barrel roll action. X-wings are supposed to be just as maneuverable as the base standard TIE fighter. This then really helps with one of the X-wings too biggest problems which is the fact that it can't re-position after movement for both low and high level pilots.
  4. I have heard word of a droid that steel shield tokens. There is a reason it comes with so many card board shield tokens.
  5. Either you go full retard or you don't do it at all. Pity that right now only TLT users don't have to go full retard... TLT is even super easy to use. I have set complete noobs up with it and they do fine because it is so easy to use.
  6. Really, I wish that everything that came in the punisher just came instead in an aces pack for TIE Bombers. They could have used the same pilots and upgrades and everything.
  7. The biggest things Swarms suffer from is just people not playing them/not wanting to play them. They are harder to fly than a 2 ship build and it also requires a bit more put into buying all the ships needed but a TIE swarm is still probably one of the most effective lists in the game. They EAT turreted ships alive.
  8. As someone who has tried Opportunist A-wings with marginal success...there is a reason Opportunist never caught on. First, you need ways to guarantee the opponent doesn't have tokens so that means spending points on Wes (or similar). As soon as that one **** dies the rest of the list really starts to suffer. Opportunist is also expensive at 4 points and does leave you stressed at the end of it all. Outmaneuver though is a card people should look more at, especially one something like brobots.
  9. I keep seeing these fun little emoticons...where are people getting them from?
  10. You can have game balance and still respect the fluff. The game would be just as balanced if Dengar and Cobra where 8s instead of 9s.
  11. I didn't find a quick answer to this on Google... When did Alex Davy take over development on X-Wing? I've only been playing since fall 2014. Alex Davy and Frank Brooks have been on X wing since the development of Wave 4. I'd certainly agree there were more weird decisions before them, and some things are still a bit odd from their work (like the defender cost). This will be the fifth consecutive wave they have been overseeing, though. And they haven't messed it up yet. What!? Wave 1,2,3 where by far the most balanced and normal of all the waves. It was wave 4 and 5 that really made the meta about fat turrets.
  12. The only real downside to that is he isn't high PS and has that bubble. Dengar though even improves on that as he gets an action for doing a green (K4) then can boost/barrel roll at PS9 (or even 11) and possible even have a ton more greens with unhinged astromech.
  13. And again... and again... and again! Maybe that is because people are actually worried about power creep and (while not given necessarily in this thread) there are some good reasons for that?
  14. Either way, TCW wasn't Disney. George Lucas was putting a ton of his own money into the show, was pretty heavily involved in the creative process and even had them release the first 3 episodes in theaters as a feature film. This is completely off topic though so lets all stop.
  15. TCW is definitively canon. There is no tertiary vs. movie canon now. Cad Bane is going to be in Rogue One. In fact, everything talking about Dengar being cybernetically enhanced and beaten by Han Solo is now non-canon.
  16. Cobra then is priced exactly right in comparison, so no premium payed. And Dengar is priced exactly the same as Dash with Outrider and Mangler, 45. He looses one shield and missile slot but gains 2 PS, a salvaged mech, 2 torpedo, and an illicit slot. He can thus be made even more super (and slippery by say using a Unhinged Astomech) than Dash for the same price. No premium payed there either.
  17. But Luke Skywalker was supposed to be a piloting god...the reason that Wedge became know as the best pilot was Luke stopped piloting as much to do Jedi stuff. Agreed. There is no pilot in the game who screams "scrub" as much as Talonbane. I think they said more that Scum pays a premium for it. To me, that means they have access to high PS but at a relatively higher cost, leading to most ships being slightly lower in general. They haven't even stayed true to that. The scum PS9s are cheaper than their Rebel or Imperial counterparts.
  18. Really find the title to be over-rated. Even against Decis or Falcons they still have to catch them and with a big ship boost at a higher pilot skill that gets a lot harder.
  19. I do feel the Scyk list really does deserve a shout out (Serissu with VI, Hull, Mangle and then the Cartel Spacers with Hull and Mangle) as it was probably the most unique list there and was fighting its last game to try and get into top 8 and just barely missed top 16 (17th).
  20. I know the Decimator list was RAC (VI, Jejerrod, Reble Captive) and Oicunn (Vader, Mara Jade). The Fel/TIEs has Fel with PtL, AT, HU and all the fighters where Obsidians.
  21. Please, tell me more. Tell me how I can get this wonderful long range VSD1.
  22. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson IS Soontir Fel.
  23. I would debate that as Boba especially worked with the Empire quite often.
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