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  1. I have no problem putting up more cash. But the amount of cash is too high and is predatory. Like hey, do you want to play Rebels AND Imperials? 100 bucks for a box of cardboard. Need a few more dials? Well, loyal customer, that is another $50 and the vast majority of that will be stuff you don't need (like 4 HWK dials)! I'm not saying this should be free, but it seems like the product purposefully skips out on things. Seriously, they didn't even include a damage deck. It is like Day 1 DLC. And Lord help you if you want to play all 5 factions.
  2. Because getting price gouged and having to pay around $100 dollars to simply play 4 X-wings again isn't really "entitled."
  3. There is a big difference between being able to do a hard 3 and then make it a talon roll compared to just dialing in a talon. A lot of ships seem to be getting more green and getting talon rolls added.
  4. But all of those new pilots and upgrade cards are stated to come in the conversion kit as well.
  5. Yeah, the conversion kit seems kinda BS to me as someone who started early in the game. I already have 5 X-wings and the price to be able to be able to fly what I already own is over 100 dollars. Add that I have 4 B-wings and 4 Y-wings and I almost have to buy two 50 dollar boxes of cardboard filled mostly with extra material that I don't need. Not to mention my TIE swarm... I'd really like to be exited about 2.0 but this is making it kind of hard.
  6. No, that is good. I was replying to someone else. Generic only is actually a pretty good idea.
  7. Cheapens natural 9s (and even more so natural 8s).
  8. Veteran Instincts is the worst card and has consistently broken it or simply lead to insane pilot skill wars. These instances include: TIE Phantom RAC Early Poe Nym Fenn and later Poe The only point in which VI was NOT really that prevalent was during the rein of the alpha strike scouts and attani mindlink (and even then it started to creep back during the latter). Whole SHIPS are designed without and EPT slot, notably the Ghost and the K-wing, because of the possibility that they could then have taken VI. By this point already PS9 is starting to be almost too LOW to be considered and ace and I can only imagine what will happen when the X-wing (with Wedge, Wes and Luke) come back and Krennick further improves aces like Vader and Quick draw. So VI will only get MORE prominent. The argument against it is always "well you aren't getting another EPT if you take it" but a ton of the pilot abilities paired with everything else a ship can be equipped with more than make up for it. Not to mention most of these are maneuverable enough it that it stops you from getting shot so in many of these cases it is more useful than your 3 or 4 point EPTs like predator or expertise. Pretty much every card game has banned cards, so can we just get rid of Veteran Instinct by this point? Adaptability too.
  9. 0%. Instead FFG is going to give us some other no name because they are to impatient to wait and need to make sure every faction always has exactly the same amount of PS9s.
  10. Yes. They are. Well, the Scyk isn't, but the rest are along with the Jumpmaster and the Punisher.
  11. It didn't though. All the Galaxy ships that have been released are the ugliest things in the game, bar none. So yes, let us cease with the trashy Galaxy ships and in fact cease with the trash ships in general (including that ugly grey mess that is the Assault Gun boat).
  12. No. At least not on his own. At the end of the day he struggles to deal damage, can be blocked and actually has a somewhat limited dial. Higher PS (or just moving second) can also really ruin his day as does TLT. I used to hunt and kill Fel's all the time as Procket Jake. The bit that put him over the edge was Palp. Even then though they are far less on a NPE that so much other stuff. And if you remove autothrusters he then becomes almost pointless. I think the forums provide enough salt as it is.
  13. This. We already have two more factions. And really they should be their own thing once they can support it. You've always had the slightly fanciful "Lando can fly with Porkins" deal even though Porkins died before Lando joined the Rebellion but Palpatine sharing a Decimator ride with Kylo goes a bit too far.
  14. No. But Sabine is more of a problem/something that could potentially be nerfed than Biggs.
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