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  1. Thanks Julia for your clarification and especially for reminding me about the page 9 graphic.
  2. Can you use the Jump Pack or Spring Whip to move backward, i.e., as means to speed an operative's exit from the building? Both cards say "Move forward..." but that seems like a significant restriction on how useful either of these item cards could be, especially late in the game when going forward makes no sense. Hugo Cash was deep in the second floor, continuing to download as everyone else ran for the exit, expecting that his Spring Whip would be the key to exiting with a serious haul of DF tokens. When Cash played his Spring Whip to leap back to the other operative nearest the exit, another player called me on this, saying I could only use the Spring Whip to move forward. Cash was still deep in the building when the mercs arrived--the stuff of legend, perhaps, but not victory. Thanks for any help with my query.
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