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  1. Yeah, auto-correct and I'm a Buccaneers fan. Cannons are part of my lexicon.
  2. Stay On Target and Savage Spirits also have a very wide range of creatures to chose from. Vornskyrs were unique to Myrkr and are not cannon...yet.
  3. @cielago, any species stats such as a Dathomiran Human (like Mandos in Friends Like These)? Any chance to tell us what the ships are? Also, any "player specific" rules/stats? Thanks for doing this!
  4. Not sure if it's been mentioned here but GM Dave wrote a one-shot adventure called "Ice Station Zulu." It's an awesome adventure involving a lot of fear checks and a rakghoul infestation. Here's a link to the PDF.
  5. All my FLGSs state their distributors say Oct. 18th as release date. FFG site says US Release Date is Oct 19.
  6. Not necessarily. Kabe and Muftak had extensive storylines in (now) non-canonical books. Also, don't forget about Foul Moudama from Star Wars: Clone Wars. They had about as much screen time as Ithorians and we've seen them printed TWICE. Chadra-Fan are my favorite species write-up. Also seems to work to call that stat block a Jawa, too. I'd love to see what you could do with the Talz. Oh, and while we're at it, go ahead and take a stab at the Amanin. 😋
  7. Care to cite that? I don't see them...
  8. Calling Gigorans "Snow Wookies" is a slap in the face to Talz everywhere...still shocked we haven't seen official Talz stats yet since they've been statted in numerous books as NPCs and there are several pieces of artwork featuring them. But, no, we get Gigorans. The species seen for about 5 seconds in the films. /endrant
  9. I'm in the same boat. Are we in a turned encounter now and need to roll an initiative check? Do we have time to scan the system using our sensors, do we have time to do an "ocular patdown? of the situation? I feel like we need a little more of what's going on (as well as our current formation; I assume it's a wedge shape?). Perhaps we can all make a Warfare check for tactics?
  10. Of course I'd call Astrid out as GG instead of her actual name. Fail. Some "Squadron Leader" I am. LOL
  11. "Gate, good job working those maneuvering thrusters. Looks like she's flying perfectly!" Gate chirps in excitement for being praised as Flea's upper arms adjust the comms controls to ensure he can clearly hear Spade Leader. After he hears their marching orders, he looks out his port pane to see the order of departure. "Looks like we've got Wulf and Camanis in spots 1 and 2. Guess that means we'll be flying tandem, Gigi! You're spot 3 and I'll be 4. Looks like Gaar gets cleanup duty!" Flea announces to the rest of the group. Adjusting comms again slightly, he broadcasts to the entire group including Spade Leader. "Copy that, Spade Leader. This is Spade 4 reporting. Adjusting flight path to align to hyperspace jump and correlating starboard and port vectors to pair with Spade 3." With that, Flea brings his Y-Wing around to flight formation and awaits jump coordinates to send to Gate.
  12. I'm losing my mind. I'll add the error here and adjust the net IC. Net 1 failure to be added.
  13. Jumping into the Y-Wing with a cartwheel like motion of flailing limbs, Flea's arms begin to blitz around the cockpit as pre-flight procedures begin. The engines hum into action as the ignition switch is pushed firmly into place. The atmospheric thrust engines roar loudly as Flea juices them up to ensure a safe flight routine out of the atmosphere. As a pair of arms continues pre-flight routines, the other pair lower Flea's flight goggles firmly into place over his dark eyes which are affixed on the astromech readout display. "Yeah, Gate. You're fine. I can read you loud and clear. Listen, you know that I hate flying these things in atmo, can you give me a hand and make sure the sublight thrusters and maneuvering fins are responding?" With that, Gate whirrs excitedly and begins performing numerous flight pattern tests to ensure Flea's piloting is steady. "Perfect, Gate! I think we're good to go. Mag-on!" With that, Flea pulls up on the centre stick and the Y-Wing begins its ascent into the atmosphere.
  14. RAW is ship-based. Piloting our Y-Wings is always Piloting (Space). I'll wait for Rak to chime in on where he wants the roles, too.
  15. Flea's bulbous head tilts indignantly at Camanis but ultimately he chooses to bite his tongue. After the commander clears up the situation with the nebula, Flea nods in agreement and pats Gate on the dome. The astromech whirrs in excitement and extends his third wheel before pivoting and heading back towards the Y-Wing that was assigned to the crew. Flea agrees with Astrid and says, "Agreed! What're we waiting for?!"