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  1. Punning Pundit

    Power and Profit - Preview the Separatist Alliance Upgrade Cards

    I am _very_ much hoping that an upgrade card allows a player to "vent gas" and drop one of those new gas tokens behind them.
  2. Punning Pundit

    Bad Luck Insurance Should not be Faction Locked

    For monthly payments of just US$9.99 per month, I'll let you put Heroic on any faction you'd like. For an additional payment of a mere US$4.99 a month, I'll let you waive the Talent Slot requirement of Heroic!
  3. Punning Pundit

    PSA App Update Shenanigans!

    2019 is going to be the year of Linux on the desktop.
  4. Punning Pundit

    All Movie Ships Deserve the T-70 Treatment

    Nah. She, like Darth Plagus the Wise, are a legend.
  5. Punning Pundit

    Clone Wars faction EPTs: "DEVOTED" and "TREACHEROUS"

    I, for one, am delighted that we have the man himself checking this conversation!
  6. Punning Pundit

    Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)

    The way the gods intended!
  7. Punning Pundit

    Points are up

    Autothrusters was only a forced card because it corrected a problem that ships like the Squint had since Wave 2.1. And once it existed, it narrowed the design space for ships with Autothrusters. So far, yeah. It looks like FFG is learning how to do this a bit better.
  8. Punning Pundit

    Points are up

    There is, quite simply, an enormous difference between saying "when you do X-Wing 2.0, you need to include the Force, as that's a key component of Star Wars" and saying "make sure the stuff from the new movies is significantly better than the stuff from the original movies." I think you're underestimating several things. Firstly: Disney _loves_ that they have decades worth of Star Wars nostalgia to draw from. _Loves_ it. That's why the Rogue One and Solo movies got greenlit in the first place. Secondly: the current faces of Star Wars, from Disney's POV, are Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger. Those shows are _minting_ money for Disney. Thirdly: Disney very, _very_ rarely gets involved with their subsidiary companies outside of marketing. Anytime these decisions are being made, they're coming from Lucasfilm, not Disney. (Disney marketing is shocked at how popular Rey is, and not not popular Kylo Ren is). To go along with point 3: when does Disney get involved with a decision? It has to be the sort of monumental mess-up on the scale of Battlefront 2's disastrous microtransactions. Which gets us to the final point: you've conflated "support the IP it's licensing; keeping it relevant and in the public eye" with the sequels, rather than the property as a whole. Disney is literally making as much money from selling any book under the Legends umbrella as they are from selling a book in the new canon. There's a _reason_ you can still buy literally every book under the Legends branding. Heck! They're even as available on Marvel Unlimited as the canon comics are. They make as much money from selling a toy of Darth Vader from Empire Strikes Back as they do from selling a toy of Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. Their whole purpose of licencing toys and games and such is to remind you that Star Wars as a whole _exists_. That's what your quote means. Disney views toys and games as marketing for the brand. Which is why they don't want any more of the crud that Lucas licensed out. They want _good_ games and _quality_ toys. They want people to be happy playing with Star Wars toys. And they trust their licensor partners to deal with the actual mechanics of game making, given the broad themes Disney would like to see touched on. They're simply not going to meddle with point values. That's so far beyond what they know or care about that they don't even know it exists. (Side note: Pablo Hildago knows all about the point values. He has strong opinions. And he's pissed that the E-Wing isn't in better shape. Because he's a player)
  9. Punning Pundit

    Points are up

    Yeah. Disney definitely told FFG what points to use for the Resistance A-Wing. Disney definitely knows exactly what the model should be, and told FFG to shave points off it in order to give people happy memories of the new trilogy. That's how that works. 200%.
  10. Punning Pundit

    Points are up

    Could be cheap because they're planning to drop the cost of the Rebel version, or the Resistance version gets expensive with all the upgrades, or both.
  11. Punning Pundit

    Ships you feel should have a Ship Ability or Configuration

    The problem with low accuracy/high damage is that there is always _something_ that makes it hit more often. Some combo of abilities that stack in a way that it becomes higher accuracy than it was ever intended for. And then you've got a high accuracy/high damage weapon that starts to chase away everything that's got lower survivablity. That's how the arms race starts. And it ends with X-Wing 3.0.
  12. Punning Pundit

    Ships you feel should have a Ship Ability or Configuration

    Frustratingly, this line is _much_ better in the novelization of Ep 3, where we actually see the Jedi being jerks to Anikan for no better reason than that they don't think they need to treat him well. Meanwhile Palpatine is goading the Jedi into being dumber and dumber towards him. I'd also posit that the events of Dark Disciple (canon novel!) are a clue as to why Anikan might have been feeling that the Jedi and the Sith really aren't any better than one another. I'm not saying that Ambaryerno is wrong! Just that it's bad writing/directing/editing, rather than the totally left field line that it seems like in the movie.
  13. Punning Pundit

    Ships you feel should have a Ship Ability or Configuration

    I like this, and it's interesting. Alas poor Barons of the Empire, however.
  14. Punning Pundit

    Mining Guild TIE

    My gut says the dial is worse enough to offset the ability, and so they _should_ be roughly even. But that FFG will be a bit conservative with the pricing, so we'll see it 1 point more. I wouldn't be surprised by 2 points more, though.
  15. Punning Pundit

    Mining Guild TIE

    Does anyone have a picture of the Mining Guild Tie dial?