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  1. Imperial Heavy TIE Fighter

    Yes! Exactly! So good! We get to see that the epilogue of one set of characters is the prologue of another set. And thus the cycle of storytelling continues. I'm trying to image a set of stories that would take place ~25 years after Jedi, with some sort of New Jedi Order running around the galaxy. I think the attempt to keep the same old characters in the foreground would create stories that would be universally panned as some of the worst storytelling Star Wars has ever had.
  2. Re-design any 1 ship of your choosing

    TIE Advanced: I'd give a 1 point drop across the board to everyone but Vader. I'd change the X1 title text to "If you equip a (system) upgrade, its squad point cost is reduced by 4 (to a minimum of -2)." Vader would still cost as much, but you'd be able to put 5 Autocorrector Tempest pilots on the board. B-Wing: I'd like to change the E2 mod to a) add an extra shield and b) let you take another mod up to 2 points. I'd like to create a (free) title that would let you spend 1 shield token to not be assigned a card from the damage deck. This would- as long as they have shields- let them avoid any directly to the hull damage shenanigans.
  3. Re-design any 1 ship of your choosing

    I think it goes outside the rules of this thread, but! If we'd make mobile arc a thing from Wave 2, we should make "gunner" a keyword that lets you move the mobile arc as a free action. And then "gunner" can be added to a bunch of existing crew cards. For instance Crew!Chewie should get that keyword, and it would add a nice bit of decision making to spending him.
  4. Give more stuff reload?

    What makes ships with reload fundamentally different from ships with Extra Munitions is the downtime on the fire cycle. Extra Munitions means you can get 2 shots off in a row- with Reload you have to run away and come back around. These are fairly different playstyles and I'm not sure every ship would be well suited to both. For instance: a Y-Wing can run away- but not really do much with it's down turn. It can't regen (neither of the regen droids pair well with it), it can't boost out of shots, and it has a hard time turning back around. It's much better off with a TLT. K-Wings are in a similar position, but the Slam action would actually pair well with the reload action- letting them get multiple perks to the same weapons disabled token. The B-Wing, though... that's a different sort of thing, I think. It can't easily turn around, nor can it easily run away. It's so fragile that it needs to get maximum use out of fire time before it goes pop. I'm not opposed to the idea (and missile launch racks are the way I'd go about it), but I think it's not enough to get Y-Wings and B-Wings to see more play time.
  5. Hammerhead Frigate

    Excuse me! This is a _family_ forum. That's just too sexy to be here!
  6. Underused upgrade: Weapons Engineer

    If losing R2D6 doesn't make you discard your EPT, I feel like losing your WE should not cause you to discard a TL.
  7. Underused upgrade: Weapons Engineer

    Target locks are a great action. And free actions are the best kinds of actions. This 3 point upgrade is essentially a free TL action. And yet... it almost never sees play. I've never heard anyone say anything _bad_ about it. I've simply never heard much talk about it at all. Why isn't it being taken more often? It seems like it should combo really well with Fire Control System- but I haven't really heard about people doing that, either. Why not? (If the B-Wing/E2 mod added an extra hull, would we see this combo more often?) Lets have some fun this Friday Thursday by doing a bit of theory crafting around this card. What kinds of combinations would make it a bargain at 3 points? Even if it doesn't exist, lets think about what designs might be added to make it Weapons Engineer a fantastic card.
  8. Saving the (Imperial) Swarm

    I remember those days! And I think you're pretty spot-on with your analysis. However! Part of the problem we're now seeing is that 2 dice attacks are barely worth making. Accuracy corrector on a low PS TIE Advanced should be _worth doing_. And it's simply not. The other thing is that having a bunch of ships on the table is _fun_. I play pretty casually, but I don't like to bring a list I think is going to tank. I want to be able to bring- say- a 6 ship list and feel like the list itself is good against any comers (I might not be able to play it well, obviously!). Right now I don't think that option really exists. That's a problem.
  9. Saving the (Imperial) Swarm

    I like the idea, and I've played with it a little bit. I think it has a couple issues, however: Some ships live and die by their agility. Reducing a squint down to 0 or 1 agility is... not awesome. And Phantoms... I mean. We haven't seen them for a while, but this card would keep them off the tables. Instead, I might do something a bit more complicated where instead of modifying dice, you have to instead discard that condition. So if the defender has 4 dice mods (say: Palpatine, Focus, evade, and autothrusters), and 3 of those conditions, every dice mod the defender tried would first get eaten by that condition. This would also make them less overwhelming to ships that have 1 or 2 agility- B-Wings should have _some_ chance against TIEs!
  10. TIE Reaper: Everything We Know

    Inspiring Recruit + Rage on Soontir.
  11. New FAQ

    Yeah, I do wish they had errataed him to getting a small buff, but this ruling is in line with all the previous similar rulings.
  12. Anyway, boba fett just won a regional

    What was the list?
  13. **Asking THE Question.**

    I'm so sorry for this one, but... Ask your mom.
  14. Itching for some wave 14 news

    Speaking of the A-Wing, I _just_ got around to reading the Chewbacca comic series. It seems that just after the battle of Yavin, Chewie was flying an A-Wing. His OT ability wouldn't be great on something with only 2 hull, but... maybe his TFA ability would good on relatively cheap frame...
  15. I am so deeply frustrated that they seem to be bringing some of this stuff back.