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  1. Is there any room in R2 where an enemy would be outside a bullseye arc _and_ outside the left/right arc? As I typed this question I realized that the Nantex doesn't have a bowtie arc, and so it's possible that the turret is pointed in the wrong way for a shot you want to take. But I'm leaving my question up because it's interesting to think about anyway.
  2. They look to me like Torrents with 3 guns- but that are much harder to fly well. I like that a lot.
  3. Punning Pundit


    As I recall from when they announced the Raider, it is supposed to be roughly the same size as- and is scaled roughly the same as- the CR-90. Neither of those ships, nor the GR-75, are at the same 1/270 scale as the rest of the ships in the game. Which means you have it flipped: the Gozanti and the C-Roc are supposed to be on 1/270 scale and the Raider is not.
  4. Depending on the crit, it might well start with Damage Over Time.
  5. Have we seen the dial for this? Do we think it will move _that_ differently from 1e?
  6. I'm reading it as shields regen even if there's hull damage. Do we have any reason to think otherwise?
  7. Sabine's Raider. They also got a mention in one of the Thrawn novels.
  8. TBF, the fireball is basically a scum ship that joined the Resistance.
  9. That looks much more like a hanger to me.
  10. Good news! This is basically the way it works! Disney is still printing and selling the Legends books. They're simply saying that Disney sponsored writers won't have to adhere to Legends stories if they want to contradict Legends stories. This was basically the way George Lucas operated with respect to Legends, so I don't consider it a huge change.
  11. mazel tov! (I mean, the list does sound incredibly stressful! But these two things are awesome and I'm gonna take a moment to celebrate them.)
  12. For every cannon you have equipped, you may increase agility by 1.
  13. I'm going to throw my hat in the ring that the first new Scum ship that gets announced will be something from the Resistance show. Just look at this glorious mess and tell me you don't want to play with it:
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