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  1. Saving the (Imperial) Swarm

    I remember those days! And I think you're pretty spot-on with your analysis. However! Part of the problem we're now seeing is that 2 dice attacks are barely worth making. Accuracy corrector on a low PS TIE Advanced should be _worth doing_. And it's simply not. The other thing is that having a bunch of ships on the table is _fun_. I play pretty casually, but I don't like to bring a list I think is going to tank. I want to be able to bring- say- a 6 ship list and feel like the list itself is good against any comers (I might not be able to play it well, obviously!). Right now I don't think that option really exists. That's a problem.
  2. Saving the (Imperial) Swarm

    I like the idea, and I've played with it a little bit. I think it has a couple issues, however: Some ships live and die by their agility. Reducing a squint down to 0 or 1 agility is... not awesome. And Phantoms... I mean. We haven't seen them for a while, but this card would keep them off the tables. Instead, I might do something a bit more complicated where instead of modifying dice, you have to instead discard that condition. So if the defender has 4 dice mods (say: Palpatine, Focus, evade, and autothrusters), and 3 of those conditions, every dice mod the defender tried would first get eaten by that condition. This would also make them less overwhelming to ships that have 1 or 2 agility- B-Wings should have _some_ chance against TIEs!
  3. TIE Reaper: Everything We Know

    Inspiring Recruit + Rage on Soontir.
  4. New FAQ

    Yeah, I do wish they had errataed him to getting a small buff, but this ruling is in line with all the previous similar rulings.
  5. Anyway, boba fett just won a regional

    What was the list?
  6. **Asking THE Question.**

    I'm so sorry for this one, but... Ask your mom.
  7. Itching for some wave 14 news

    Speaking of the A-Wing, I _just_ got around to reading the Chewbacca comic series. It seems that just after the battle of Yavin, Chewie was flying an A-Wing. His OT ability wouldn't be great on something with only 2 hull, but... maybe his TFA ability would good on relatively cheap frame...
  8. I am so deeply frustrated that they seem to be bringing some of this stuff back.
  9. Vulture Droids

    Star Wars fans. Not all of us, but some of us. Similarly: I didn't know anyone who wanted gunboats, but, well... Star Wars fans wanted those. All of us, but some of us.
  10. non-TIE crafts

    Ion Cannon Battery Imperial Raider Expansion Pack If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 critical damage and receives 1 ion token. Then cancel all dice results. Still kinda underwhelming, TBH.
  11. I assume that we don't see hyperspace ramming more often because: a) most battles take place too close to gravity wells to allow for hyperspace jumps at all. Note that we see ships _leaving_ gravity wells when they want to retreat. b) the timing window where a ship is both partly in and partly out of hyperspace while also aimed near a concentration of enemy ships would be prohibitively small for the few times that battles would be deep enough in space to allow for it. I mean. Imagine sacrificing an entire capship and only getting a few fighters in exchange.
  12. Dark Empire Starships

    A couple weeks ago, I re-read Dark Empire, and I found a couple things from that comic that... well (this should be two links, not 1 link. Not sure why this is happening): https://twitter.com/punningpundit/status/947309449013739520 So it seems like the new movies are just taking some _very_ old Star Wars ideas...
  13. Itching for some wave 14 news

  14. You mean the big, beautiful ship form the best of the Star Wars movies.
  15. Dark Empire Starships

    I almost never say this sort of thing, but at least on aesthetic grounds, _no_, that ship is far too ugly to be in this game. And I usually love the ugly ships.