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  1. Punning Pundit

    Wave 3 Card Availability

    Not in the same way that unpiloted fighters are droid fighters.
  2. Punning Pundit

    Wave 3 Card Availability

    My question is: why do they use droid fighters, but not droid _tanks_?
  3. In case you don't remember the scene, it's above. So today's challenge: Build scenario for 2 players that most closely mimics the scene above. Jango isn't a pilot, so instead use any existing Firespray pilot (other than Boba!) and set them to i5 and 86 points. Clearly a lot of the Wave 3 upgrades were inspired by this scene, so lets see how close we can get.
  4. Punning Pundit

    This can’t be right...

    If you compare the i2 Gold Trooper with the i2 Tala squadron, they're the same 25 points. And yeah, the V-19 has a better action bar, but that dial is _way_ trickier to use. I do feel like both the Z-95 and the V-19 fill the same niche as being cheap missile carriers. Once the Z-95 comes to the Republic, I am wondering what will make them different enough to cause me to choose one over the other. (My dream is an Epic match where I have 6 Torrents and 6 Headhunters with 2 ARCs protecting a Republic gunship. FFG, make this happen plz.)
  5. Punning Pundit

    This can’t be right...

    I keep thinking that the V-19 feels about 2 points high. But it's priced the same as a Z-95. And I don't think it's worse than the Z-95. So I'm not sure what. Apparently my brain just wants the V-19 to be super cheap and snipey.
  6. Punning Pundit

    Ship Sizes

    Mars _is_ next. It's just taking longer to get there than we would like.
  7. Punning Pundit

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    Ok, but what if... they give us the Z-96* instead?! *Apparently this was a real ship in use just after the clone wars. It was mentioned in an episode of Resistance.
  8. Punning Pundit

    Dial question for Tournaments?

    I would _not_ want to be the TO who has to try and remember which dials are the same between 1.0 and 2.0, and which dials are not the same. Especially if they're _very_ similar. 😕
  9. Punning Pundit

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    Sorry. I was making a Roller Derby joke. In Derby, points are scored when the jammer gets past the opposing blockers.
  10. Punning Pundit

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    TIE Striker doesn't have the Jam action to get past the opposing Blockers, though. /Derby Humor
  11. Punning Pundit

    Where’s Aayla Secura??

    From the official Star Wars Databank:
  12. Punning Pundit

    "limited edition" ships?

    Still not random, tho. What you see in the package is what you get.
  13. Punning Pundit

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    And my axe.
  14. Punning Pundit

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    Taking a self wound in order to make a 2 die attack can't be... well. That's going to be situational.
  15. Punning Pundit

    Star Wars: Outer Rim

    It's 1-4 players. Which has me excited!