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  1. Punning Pundit

    Most Wanted?

    Not this again.
  2. Punning Pundit

    Thrust Corrector (Saws)

    This feels like a missed opportunity to make an anti-bomb/mine card. Ships like B-Wings and E-Wings are hideously vulnerable to attacks that ignore shields.
  3. Punning Pundit

    2.0 Gonk Unlimited!!

  4. Punning Pundit

    Alex Devy is secretly Top Tier at X wing

    Fast in a system is different from fast between systems. A sports car will get you to a mall pretty quickly. But a bicycle is faster once you're there.
  5. Punning Pundit

    Alex Devy is secretly Top Tier at X wing

    Hummus OP.
  6. Punning Pundit

    The Rebels in 2.0

    I'm gonna fly my Z-95 swarm. I'm gonna! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!
  7. Punning Pundit

    The REAL loser in 2.0 is R5-D8!

    Who doesn't want a range 5 date?
  8. Punning Pundit

    What is a Tie/In?

    I love that the first armored battleship was called the "dreadnought". Just such a foreboding, bada$$ name.
  9. Punning Pundit

    Corran only a 5!!!

    Vader hated Tarkin so much that he was willing to let the Death Star get blown up regardless of how bad it made Vader personally look. The Sith are the masters of aggression in all forms- even passive aggression.
  10. Punning Pundit

    Corran only a 5!!!

    I think the show and the movies are meant for the same age range. This is a franchise for the 8 year old in all of us- regardless of whether we're 6 or 96.
  11. Punning Pundit

    What is a Tie/In?

    Literally "the standard for fleet battles" because that's what the name meant. The "standard" ship would be a frigate- a ship that was below the line.
  12. Punning Pundit

    ISO confirmation: can you spend multiple calculate tokens at once?

    Yeah, it's been said a few times on stream. And that's a nice way to make force users even more different- AFAIK, ion tokens do nothing to force regen. Luke will still be able to get a focus action _and_ a force token.
  13. Punning Pundit

    What is a Tie/In?

    TIE stands for "Twin Ion Engine", and a whole heck of a lot of Imperial fighters have that type of engine. Hence many of them are "TIE (something).
  14. Punning Pundit

    What is a Tie/In?

    I didn't know this about the modern military, and that's kind of funny. In Ye Olde Naval combat (Napoleonic era) "Ship of the line" referred to a ship strong enough to stand in the "line of battle" (Ships used to literally line up across from one another and fire). Because these were the heavier ships, they were definitely _not_ the "standard issue" ships. They were generally reserved for experienced captains or commodores.
  15. Punning Pundit

    Corran only a 5!!!

    That's a fair point, and what the heck happened to _that_ Vader? He didn't seem that scary even at Yavin.