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  1. I think part of the problem of the anti-mathwing crowd is that they don't quite know what goes into the calculations. Here's an example: When Wave 7 was spoiled, MJ did some calculations based around what had been announced, and assigned a value of 2 points to Guri's ability, predicting "expect it to see quite a bit of use." So what happened? It turns out that it's easier to prevent a PS 5 ship from getting into Range 1 than it is to get a PS 5 ship into Range 1. I mean. It can happen. But. It's not nearly as likely as you need it to be in order to get the full value out of the pilot. (Obviously this might change in a couple weeks.) And _that_ is the thing that makes the game interesting. In an ideal game, both sides show up with a game plan that gets their lists to 100 points of efficiency. And whoever executes their game plan the best- with the requisite bit of luck- is the winner. As it currently stands, there aren't all that many ships or lists that can get the required efficiency. Part of that is a lack of math as the starting point. And the other part of it is that they're not playtesting their "table feel" enough. That's a bit frustrating.
  2. That's kind of monstrous. Literally the first thing I think whenever I see a new Rebel range 1 ability is "how does this combo with Biggs?"
  3. Oops! Er, him too.
  4. Maybe give it a celling of PS9? That would get Echo in the game without creating a PS11 Chiraneau. Or, frankly, a PS10 Backdraft. Come to think of it, I do kind of like the idea if setting PS9 as the universal maximum, with Roark Garnet being the only card that allows a ship to break this rule.
  5. The proper title for this ship is "TIE Advanced Bomber". Obviously.
  6. I mean. From a fluff perspective, _yes_. But purely mechanically, that Luke build is _solid_. Highly defensive, action independent, and.... It can't earn back its points. That's a big problem.
  7. I tend to agree with all of your points, which means this TIE F/O Bomber should probably be redesigned to fill a unique niche, rather than simply be an upgrade of an existing ship.
  8. I had thoughts about all of that, however! At 19 points with it's current configuration, it is stepping _very much_ on the toes of the TIE Bomber. Any cheaper and it would be strictly better.
  9. To go along with this: I'd love, say, a Hero's of Scarif pack that _also_ had an Iron Squadron title for the YT-2400, as well as a bunch of pilots and crew for it. But no plastic for that ship. And maybe a couple new Z-95 pilots or a title or something.
  10. With the Tech slot, you're going to have that upgrade that lets you store a focus token. Add long range scanners to that, and you can basically launch torpedoes on turn 2. Granted: that makes your attacks slightly less effective than if you had Guidance Chimps. This could be a very effective little bomber. I'd be interested in seeing it on the table.
  11. I'd like to see the Z-95 be OP. It has perfectly average stats and a perfectly average dial. If it were (just slightly) OP, it would be healthy for the game. Thematically, I'd like the Raider or CR-90 be (again: just slightly) OP. It would make the Epic game more interesting if the Huge ships were more than capable of earning their points when up against snub fighters. Also: this build should be at least as common as Biggs in Rebel lists. The fact that it's not is a problem with the game. Luke Skywalker (28) Predator (3) R5-P9 (3) Integrated Astromech (0) Total: 34 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  12. Alex Davies has said directly that X-Wing is why Armada is at 300 points. But everyone else is also correct that they're not always getting to within 1% of correct, and thus changing the point scale wouldn't necessarily help.
  13. R2 is weird in that it should be on a) a ship that's action dependant b) has a lot of red on the dial c) there isn't a synergy with another pilot ability or droid. Imagine if Blackmoon squadron pilot had an EPT. R2 would _definitely_ be worth a point to pair it with PTL (effectively adding a lot of red to the dial). Though Blackmoon might still be over costed by ~3-4 points. If the T-65 had the B-Wing dial, I could see putting either R2 or Targeting Astromech (TA) on it. All of which is my way of saying: the R2 mech is appropriately costed for what it does. It simply isn't needed on any current ships. Speaking of TA: the Y-Wing would _love_ Targeting Astromech... If it ever saw play outside of a platform for TLTs. And the Targeting Astromech/Synched Turret combo is just as expensive as a TLT by itself. I do like your TA fix. It would make Hobbie into a maniac, which I kinda like. In my mind, the fix to R3 is to cancel the primary weapon requirement. Though that might make ships with TLTs too good. I did once experiment with the R3/Accuracy Corrector/Juke combo. It wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. That may simply be because the E-Wing is too expensive overall. But R3 is best on ships that shoot higher in the turn order, and basically _all_ of those would prefer regen. Which is the biggest problem with R3: it is not quite as good as regen, and also hurts your offensive output. I'm not sure how to square all of that without utterly rewriting it. Your R2-F2 fix is good (the card always sucked), but it does have the downside of potentially making Biggs better. Anyway. Those are some of my thoughts.
  14. Having said all that: the Imperial faction is in rough shape. Even if the Silencer is OP, I don't expect it to win a bunch of competitions, unless it also synergizes amazingly well with other strong Imperial ships.
  15. The Defender and the Silencer have the same basic stat line (3 attack, 3 defense, 6 health.) They have the same action bar, but the silencer has the boost action as well. The two ships have very different upgrade bars, and Defenders rarely use theirs. I'm going to assume the Silencer has at least as good a dial as the Defender, though I think it will be "as good" in a very different way. So. For all that we can see the two ships are, naked, very similar, let's compare costs. We don't have a PS1 Silencer, but the general rule of thumb is to take the highest PS ship, subtract 1 point per PS, 1 point for an EPT slot, and 1 point if there's a pilot ability. PS1 Delta Squadron Pilot: 30 points. PS1 (Adjusted) Silencer (35-8-1-1): 25 points. At release, the Delta Defender was considered to be 2-3 points overcosted. A theoretical PS1 Silencer will be _5 points cheaper_ than the Delta Defender without a title for or upgrade. I'm not saying this ship will be OP. Heck! I'm not even saying it's going to be competitive. But I think it's way too early to call this ship underpowered or overcosted.