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  1. With Targeting Astromech, and Primed Thrusters, he can K-Turn or T-Roll and get a focus + Target Lock. Free.
  2. I was thinking "this is ok at 2 points as an any faction card. But I kinda want it as a 1 point Imperial only card."
  3. I'm a little worried now about Poe being able to get an evade token and store it with Comm Relay. Not saying it _is_ a problem. Just that it is something to keep an eye on.
  4. Eh. Good dial means missile boat. Bad dial means turret boat. It's one more point than a HWK-290, has one more point of offense, and has the barrel roll action. While HWKs are not tearing up the meta, they've certainly got a place. I think even if the Aggressor has an identical dial to the HWK, it will still do ok.
  5. For about half a second, I was thinking "This + Mindlink will be broken. Then I actually thought about it and realized that it would be so broken it was already illegal.
  6. A PS9 Star Viper with 4 EPTs and 4 mods would be freaking amazing.
  7. Do you have a source for that? Because FFG has kept _every_ Large and Small ship at the 1:270 scale since Wave 1. Anything that's "wrong" is wrong in the canon, with the official numbers given by Lucasfilm. It's not that you couldn't shrink it down enough to fit it on the table. It's that a single Star Destroyer ought to be able to take out 300 points of anything on its own. Not to mention bringing over a hundred TIEs along with it. X-Wing is a skirmish game, and a Star Destroyer is _not_ a skirmish unit.
  8. I'm not going to say it, because Doctors don't want you to know it...
  9. When I fly Vader, I drop EU for Engine Mark 2. Let's me take a K-Turn and clear stress.
  10. You certainly _can_ proxy cards when playing any casual match. And if you don't have the cards, you're more than welcome to proxy them in any match I play with you. However! The cards take a _whole lot of time and effort_ to develop. So FFG should be compensated for that. And the Gozanti is a fun ship.
  11. The Gozanti is basically the "fix" ship for all of Epic. Ordinance Tubes, Optimized Generators, and Automated Protocols are all integral parts of Huge ship list building. Getting one now makes any future Epic ships an even better deal.
  12. Exactly! Toys!
  13. Disney Infinity folded. And part of the reason why was weird licensing issues.
  14. There might need to be a clause like "if the Defender has agility of 3 or more, they may not modify their dice durring this attack".
  15. I've thought about this a lot. Maybe attack 2, repeated once for every point of agility the defender has. That would tend to minimize the damage against low agility ships, (B-Wings would only face 2 of those attacks, and Decimators would only face the initial attack) but would hopefully let you get some work done against Squints or Fangs- they would face 3 or 4 attacks of 2 dive each. Should be good to- at least! strip a few tokens.