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  1. What Clone War stuff are you looking forward to?
  2. I only watched the first 4 minutes. Do we have a better source that a YouTube video quoting an email from a source that wasn't named in the first 4 minutes?
  3. I had this exact feeling. And weirdly, I have started to dislike Mara Jade. And when I started to put it into words, I was like "this is what people are saying about Rey..."
  4. To be honest, the only thing I've ever tried to use the official app for is pulling up cards and seeing what their abilities are. I haven't tried to use it very often, but every time I do I get lost in the dang thing and I just _stop_ and see what YASB2 has instead. The UI is a mess. Pretty, though.
  5. So you're saying I have room for a pocket ace?
  6. I'm thinking 1 crew _or_ a gunner- neither the G1A nor the Firespray have the gunner slot. I know it's supposed to be an older ship, "pre Empire", but I'd like to see it with Tech and illicit. It's a hero ship, which argues for 3 red, but I'd like to see it with 2 red just for variety.
  7. The other thing to think about: It's entirely plausible that older ships still kicking around in 30 years after RotJ would have gotten a refit that would allow for a tech slot. Which, honestly? I wouldn't mind if they slapped the slot onto the Resistance Falcon. Which they can do with the 2.0 app. Would be interesting to see...
  8. This is the part that makes me curious. The show takes place only a couple years after the Battle of Jakuu- so roughly when the T-70 is starting to replace all the T-65 X-Wings. So it the Razor Crest _could_ have the tech slot if it is a brand new, state of the art, ship. This would be similar to why the Ghost as a Sensor slot. And yes: I'd love to see Scum get a second Tech ship. But I'd also like to see illicits that are worth paying a 1 point tax on the hull for...
  9. Given how incredibly similar the two ships are supposed to be, maybe just a unique ship ability.
  10. Between the Torrent and the N1, there really doesn't seem to be much of a niche for the Republic Z-95 to squeeze into. But! I still want 4. Like. Some version of the Handmaid's ability, or passive sensors would be awesome! Or make it a cheap blocker! Or. I dunno. Maybe give it a reload? That would make it different enough from both N1s and Torrents to be worth taking. Maybe a slight discount on missiles, but an equal tax on the hull? Maybe 24 points at i1, with a -1 to an equipped missile (for extra fun: same deal in the Scum Z, but -1 on illicits). This would also help make all 3 Z95s very similar, but also different enough to know why we're using that faction.
  11. 23 point Alphas with a talent slot would be. Well. I'm using it as an example because it would be way too good. I _do_ think there's a price point where Alphas get good enough to use. If they do, they're probably simply overshadowing everything else on the table, and that's not good. I wonder where the sweet spot is where it's worth it to have 1-2 Alphas but not 8?
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