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  1. Years ago I made a comment about wanting a smaller inner arc that would convert eyeballs to hits. That would still be an interesting mechanic, I think.
  2. I didn't catch much of the stream, but I wasn't feeling any energy from the presentation about any of the games. Could simply have been the host and not indicative of anything.
  3. I'd guess 13 points, for the reasons you say. However! I can also see a unique pilot being 12 points, as you couldn't spam it. Also also! The dial could be garbage. Or the pilot ability could be an actual hindrance. Or something along those lines. Assuming the Phantom 2 can use the Phantom title, a 12 or 13 point PS1 pilot would also be a significant savings for a Specter build...
  4. Do we know what the new title does? I've heard a rumor it might let you use pilot abilities from pilots of attached shuttles. That would make Fen Rau's ability.... Interesting. I also wonder what the cheapest Sheathipede pilot will be. It might be a nice way to get even more Specter builds on the table.
  5. Phantom 2 incoming. Most anticipated ship in the game is coming to Wave 12!
  6. Joke, yes. Because they finally made the Gunboat.
  7. Wave 12 is the last wave, confirmed.
  8. I love Prophet in a single player game. Against an opponent, that ability is far too frustrating to see table time.
  9. R2 + R2D2 would be hilarious. Especially since it would so radically change the dial.
  10. I'm positive I've said this before, but I wish the TIE S/F had looked like this. It's a recognizably classic Star Wars silhouette, but also looks _different_ enough from the TIE FO, TIE LN, and TIE IN that it's easy to tell apart at a quick look. Ah well. HYPE INTENSIFIED!
  11. Right! Silence is Euron Greyjoy's ship. Because he cuts the tongues out of everyone on his crew.
  12. I'm super excited for this book- and this is the first that I'm hearing about it. Basically anything about the starfighters has me intrigued. Also! When posting pictures from a desktop, browser, you can right click on the image and change the size. I would _really_ appreciate it if you would keep the pictures at roughly where @wurms has the pictures in their post. Now to Google Cobalt Squadron to find out when it's available!
  13. This is clearly peak Mathwing, tho.
  14. I've been saying for a long time that any ship that can equip multiple torpedo upgrades and has the tech slot will be devastating. Consider: Proton Torpedo: Change and eyeball to a crit Guidance Chimp: Change a result to either a hit or crit depending on how many reds your primary has. Weapons Guidance: Spend a focus token to flip a miss to a hit. A concussion missile would be even more interesting, as it would let you flip 3 misses into hits.
  15. Not gonna lie: I'm a bit miffed no one has commented on the flavor text of Crynyd Squadron Pilot.