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  1. I'm hopeful to see a JM5K nerf in the near future that actually fixes the problem with it. It simply has too many tools in its kit, and it doesn't have enough weaknesses to compensate. Nerfing it would mean either knocking an icon off it's upgrade bar, its action bar, or adjusting the price of each pilot. Or maybe knocking a point of agility off the ship. Any of those options would be something FFG is loath to do, so I understand why they're resistant to the idea. I totally agree with you about Guns for Hire, and the H-Wing. They bring some interesting tools to the game, and I can't wait to get them on the table.
  2. Was about to say this, and glad someone got there before me. From what I can tell, Boba Fett has 1 card for every 2 minutes of screen time in the OT, though his prequel and Clone Wars appearances dilute that a bit. Speaking of main characters: Padme: 0 Doctor Aphra: 0 Thrawn: 0 Mon Mothma: 0 And how does Ahsoka have only 1 card?!
  3. Oh Mep. You are missing out. The Darth Vader series is phenomenal. And the whole thing is done, so you can find it in graphic novel form. Highly recommend.
  4. Even in the video games, no one actually liked the assault gunboat.
  5. Make it purple, tho.
  6. The announcement article from FFG doesn't show a blue line on the C-ROC. It not having one makes the ship interestingly different from the Gozanti. I'm not sure if it's a mistake, but I'm glad of it either way.
  7. Ironically, given your thoughts about the Minstrel and the correct point about not needing to release a small ship with an Epic ship, the Minstrel would be a great opportunity for FFG to refresh the Z-95. The Z-95 isn't in a bad space, per se. Certainly no worse than any other 2 attack ship. But it was released in Wave 4, and hasn't had any new toys since then. I mean, yes, it did get new pilots in the Most Wanted pack, but the actual frame itself has the same options that the Z-95 had at launch. If they wanted to update the ship, this would be an opportunity. The other Interesting thing that could be done with a Minstrel would be a kind of upgrade that would allow Huge ships to spend energy to repair/rearm friendly small ships. If FFG is saying 150m is their upper limit, however, I think the Minstrel is a touch too big. But I do like the way it looks, so I won't be upset to be wrong.
  8. Large ship deckoak would be terrifying.
  9. And the PS1 Protectorate is over costed at 20 points. It needed to be ~18 (arguably 17 points). The PS3 should have been ~20 points. Literally every other pilot is properly costed. Heck! The progression from Fen Rau at PS9* + EPT _should_ have been 28 points - 1 point per PS - 1 point for the EPT slot = 19 . The PS1 Fang will not see competitive play without FFG deciding to buff them without touching any other Fang. Any comparison to the cost of a PS1 Star Viper should take that into account. *An arc dodger should (I think) pay 4 points to move from PS 7 to PS9.
  10. There's a few different parts to what you're saying. I don't think you're _wrong_, but I think it's not as bad as you think it is. Currently the K-Fighter (like the X-Wing) is a pure jouster. It needs to be priced aggressively in order to make up for the fact that it can only go forward and turn around. It's simply not as capable of keeping enemies in their sights as an arc dodger or turreted ship. This means that points spent on Jousters need to do more work than points spent on ships with other things to offer. So that brings us to the reason for the discount: there simply aren't any upgrades currently that are worth the points to put them on a Kihraxz Fighter. Vectored Thrusters was probably designed with the Kihraxz in mind. And it's not really _worth_ it at 2 points. But probably will be at 1 point. Slicer Tools? That's one action on a ship that can only take 1 action... And has no offensive or defensive multipliers other than it's action bar. Slicer Tools might be worth it for free, but using it leaves you a sitting duck. Taking it at 1 point is a risk that there will never be a time to use it. But free? That's not risking anything. The Royal Guard Title tries to solve a different problem, and so is a different tool. The two look very similar, but because the ships are so different, the cards behave very differently. They would even if you gave the Vaksai title to the TIE Interceptor. Honestly, I think in 2017, they'd probably use something else entirely for the Squint. But the Royal Guard Title was the first time they tried to design a "fix" for a ship. They were still figuring out how to do things. The Squint needs to be able to boost or BR at a high PS. That means that Fel or Jax will basically always be the pilots used. A good Squint fix would address this. Looking back at the Vaksai Title, however, I have a small concern along the lines you have. It's possible that some combination of 3 upgrades will change the roll of the K-Fighter from Jouster to Arc Dodger. If that happens, the point reduction could become a problem. I just don't think it's there currently.
  11. Most of the problem that Imperials see is the lack of ability of 2 dice ships being able to do much. I'd love to see that change without causing more red dice creep.
  12. Eh. Anything that gives the T-65 more manuverabilty or offensive punch won't do a whole lot for Biggs.
  13. Wedge in an A-Wing at PS9 with Outmaneuver and PTL. Wedge in an ARC-170 with Outmaneuver and Tail Gunner.
  14. Etahn A'baht in an ARC 170. Two arcs to proc his ability, and a 5 point reduction to help squeeze in extra ships. Blount in anything that can take TLT, or carry multiple missiles. Or have a cannon. I dunno about "broken", but Lando would be awesome on basically anything that could take an R2. Or has lots of good Greens. Rey in a TIE/D would be interesting. Rerolls and double taps... Tycho in a YT-2400. The only thing he wouldn't be able to do is turn around- and he would rarely need to. Poe in any ship that has a crew slot. Red Ace in a Defender would be impossible to kill. Captain Kagi, any ship, if he could take Expert Handling or the Black One title. Yorr in a TIE F/O or S/F. F/O has the great dial. The S/F doesn't care all that much about stress- if you build it correctly. Strom in a Fang would be hilarious. Lieutenant Colzet is interesting in that he can already take FCS, which would make his ability kind of nasty, but he really ought not take FCS in his current ship. Put him in an S/F, though, and it gets scary... Double Edge in a BTL-A4 Y-Wing could triple tap- assuming she misses the first attack. Major Rhymer also works with the BTL-A4 title. But sadly not with the TIE/D title. At least, not interestingly. I'm not sure how the timing works out with Vessery and Advanced Targeting Computer. He is interesting in a TAP, though. Probably not broken. Howl Runner in anything tanky. Wampa in anything that can take a cannon. Omega Leader in a TIE Advanced. Omega Ace in a Phantom might be terrifying. Epsilon Leader seems like a better version of Yorr. Epsilon Ace in a Phantom would reignite the PS wars. Backdraft in a Firespray is something I'd be worried about. But Scum Kath isn't often seen, so it may not be an issue. Rear Admiral Chiraneau with any double tap ability. IG-88C in any ship with a tech slot. Dengar's ability synergizes pretty well with the Fang title. The way Tel's ability is worded, it works well with any ship that has +5 hull. Easy loophole to close, but hilarious to think about on a Decimator. All the Kihraxz pilots want to be in Fang fighters. Genesis Red would abuse the System slot and/or the Tech slot. Inaldra needs to be kept as far from easy shield regen, and/or ships with lots of shields, as possible. Sunny Bounder in a G1-A is basically rolling 1 evade and getting 2 evade results. Sunny in a HWK would be turning 1 attack into 2 results as well. Not bad. Kad Solus in any ship with a lot of red. A G1-A comes to mind. Sarco Plank in a Defender. Or any ship with lots of high speed maneuvers. Kavil in any ship with a PWT. Especially if it's 3 or more. N'Dru Suhlak in a StarViper might make me worry. And that's what I've got.
  15. The more 3 agility ships there are, the more you _need_ 3 dice attacks to punch through them.