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  1. It's interesting. Generally, I don't care about spoilers. But every now and then... For instance: the fact that Hulk is in the most recent Thor movie was spoiled long before the movie came out. Buy the commercials. However! I think I would have enjoyed that reveal quite a bit more had I not known it going in.
  2. I wish they'd used the "spend" wording, ex: "you may spend [set of tokens] to remove [number of] Jam Token[s?]. You may not spend [set of tokens] for any other effect".
  3. Keeping in mind that the speech was literally a recreation of one given by Hitler, and the audience was literally a recreation of the one that listened to that speech... I'm not saying you were involved with Charlottesville, but you probably want to stay off Reddit for a while.
  4. Literally using shot for shot remakes of Triumph of the Will.
  5. This would be worse than the Jumpmaster. By a lot. The JM5K, at its worst, was tossing 4 dice from the front and 2 dice out the side. You're saying it should be able to do that, but _also_ make multiple attacks per activation?! That's. That's a lot. I don't recommend it this.
  6. Have you considered changing the way ionization works? Specifically, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to make ionization more of a "soft CC" than a "hard CC"?
  7. I've been thinking about the V1 title for a while, and it's great on a missile ship, but... Less good on a ship with a 2 die primary that rarely takes munitions. Just imagine the V1 on a TIE Bomber! I might change the title to something like "After you acquire a target lock, you may perform either a free evade action or a free reload action". This would allow for a second use of the equipped missile, but at the cost of- for a turn- not having the evade token and having a weapon disabled token.
  8. Sold!
  9. Why not just literally make the Imcom title a single sided card with language identical to the TFA Falcon title?
  10. A fully decked out Soontir is the same price as a non upgraded Kylo. I think you're getting what you pay for with both of them, but Soontir is having all kinds of problems with bombs that Kylo won't have to the same extent.
  11. Not if the whole back of it is engines and guns...
  12. Generally, you can think of a Troll as a K-Turn + Barrel Roll, and a Sloop as a K-Turn + boost. The sloop tends to change your position options vs K-Turns quite a bit more than Trolls do.
  13. I'm wondering how this might be used on a blocker? Say a PS1 Epsilon TIE F/O. It moves TLs, gets bumped, denies an action, then BRs into a spot where it can shoot, but can't _be_ shot. I'm not sure it would work, but I'd be interested in trying.
  14. This! The only way that dial realistically could be better would be if it had Sloops instead of the Trolls. That dial is just freaking amazing, and I'm excited to field the Silencer as soon as I can!