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  1. Make the text of Extra Munitions a rule that applies to the Extra Munitions token. Then add "place one munition token on this card" to the text of ATP. You'd still be paying 6 points for it, but getting a second use out of the card would make folks much more likely to equip it in the first place.
  2. I'm not sure why anyone slept on the SF. I mean: it happened, but seemed dumb at the time and seems really silly now. The SF is a T-70 at T-65 prices. With a better dial. And a rear arc. Granted: it took Heroes of the Resistance for it to get the upgrades it needs to really shine. Pattern Analyzer or Primed Thrusters add a whole lot of versatility to the ship. And Mark 2 Engine was key (until we got Light weight frame). But the potential was simply always there for this ship to be amazing. It just took people seeing it on its own terms to get there.
  3. The first time I saw Mindlink in play it was a Quad Mango Scyk list. Pre errata, so they didn't have the extra hull. That list did a _lot_ of work!
  4. As others have noted: you are 100% correct about QD's ability, and how Baffles work with her. However! I don't think it's a good idea. As a PS9 pilot, QD isn't going to get as much use out of attacking l during the activation phase as I might. Think about comparing QD's ability and Snap Shot (2 points)*. Snap Shot gives you one fewer die, but doesn't cost you a damage. Would you put it on QD? I think there are better things to fill that slot with. At PS9, most of the ships you'd be attacking have already tokened up. Even other PS9 ships would have a 50/50 chance of moving first. If QD were, say, PS2, you might want to intentionally trigger the ability, as you would be much more likely to get good value from it. The other way to think about it: QD has 6 health. With Baffles and PTL, she's 33 points. That's 5.5 points per health. If you do self damage, how likely are you to get that much value in return? If you're attacking, say, a 33 point Contracted Scout, you'd have to do at least 2 damage to it. The ratio is obviously better against more expensive ships, or ones with less health. The other, _other_ way to think about it: what are you giving up? Taking Electronic Baffles means you're not taking Fire Control System (2 points) **. A TIE S/F has 3 actions on their bar. With FCS, you're effectively getting 1/3 of your total possible actions free every round. That's not bad. With Primed Thrusters*** (1 point) you'd get the ability to Barrel Roll every turn you're not super stressed. Which isn't a bad idea. It's tempting to add Expertise****, but I find that Primed Thrusters and Expertise tend to work at cross purposes. Something I've seen Quick Draw players have a lot of success with is Draw Their Fire (1 point) ∆. This has a similar function to Baffles, as it lets QD decide to attack when she otherwise wouldn't be able to. A crucial difference is that it doesn't add to the total amount of damage your list has suffered, it merely moves the damage from one ship to another. QD can keep, say, Darth Vader healthy, while also doing a double tap- probably with a Target Lock that FCS granted her from a previous attack. One other thought: I've tried to make Outmaneuver∆∆ (3 points) work on her. She's got 2 firing arcs, and so the odds are you should be able to catch _someone_ out. Plus, 2 attack goes a lot further when you're able to reduce your opponent's agility a bit. Finally: Trick Shot∆∆∆ (0 points). You can hide behind dust clouds for a defensive bonus, and negate your opponent's ability to get that same bonus. Ultimately, I love QD as a pilot, and think her ability is very strong. I think it's an ability to be built around, but not forced- your opponents will be doing their best to kill you without your help. The TIE S/f is a nice bundle of tools, with some great upgrade slots. *Snap Shot (Attack 2) Range 1 After an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may perform this attack against that ship. Attack: Attack 1 ship. You cannot modify your attack dice and cannot attack again this phase. **Fire-Control System B-Wing Expansion Pack, TIE Phantom Expansion Pack After you perform an attack, you may acquire a target lock on the defender. ***Primed Thrusters Stress tokens do not prevent you from performing boost or barrel roll actions unless you have 3 or more stress tokens. ****Expertise When attacking, if you are not stressed, you may change all of your (eyeball) results (hit) to results. ∆ Draw Their Fire When friendly ship at Range 1 is hit by an attack, you may suffer 1 of the uncanceled results instead of the target ship. ∆∆ Outmaneuver When attacking a ship inside your firing arc, if you are not inside that ship's firing arc, reduce its agility value by 1 (to a minimum of 0). ∆∆∆ Trick Shot When attacking, if the attack is obstructed, you may roll 1 additional attack die.
  5. That's a good point, and one I had not thought of. I think an FAQ entry to fix that would be fairly easy, though.
  6. Biggs isn't so good that giving him Fel's Wrath's ability would make him OP.
  7. I've thought about changing my display name to "card 117 is in the investigator deck".
  8. *coughs* I actually do think the Z-95 could use about a point or so of extra value. A bandit and Blount ought to be able to go toe to toe with an X7 Delta. They can't. Maybe something that lets them convert a result to a hit if the defender has a higher agility than the attacker has firepower. Or something.
  9. Arvel wants the snap shot/intimidation combo like whoa.
  10. What ships are made obsolete by TLT Ghost? What questions does it pose that can't be answered by several other ships? It may be "easy mode" (maybe not), but why is that a problem for the game?
  11. Not considering synergy is kind of what I'm getting at. If your ship isn't purely efficient, then it needs to do _something_ to earn back it's points. I think it's healthy for the game for ships that don't need to do anything special to earn back their points to _also_ be pretty bland. Take the "Protectorate Starfighter". If the Zealous Recruit were the most efficient ship in the game, it would shut out anything that can't take or give burst damage, plus anything that can't deal with arc dodging. Plus at PS1 it would be a great blocker, so you'd put a crimp into anything that needs actions. That's _before_ you consider the title, or higher PS ships, etc.
  12. Before the X7 nerf, the most efficient ship in the game was the Delta Defender with the X7 title. I'm not sure if it still is, but I would not be surprised. The Lambda's dial (difficult as it is to quantify) is enough to keep it from being purely "efficient"- for the reasons you state.
  13. Yes, ish. FFG made a concerted effort to kill the TIE Swarm in favor of named ships (CF: Predator). What they didn't do- and where I think the conceptual mistake came from- was not give other ships cool things to do. One of the reasons the Phantom was so dominant was that it was the first ship that could be efficient _without_ being a jouster. This, unfortunately, lead to a few other issues.
  14. There is _always_ going to be some ship that is the most efficient you can get for the points. In a straight up point for point battle, _some_ ship is just going to win. So, what ship ought that be, for the game to be in it's healthiest state? One of the thoughts I've had is that it should be the _blandest_ possible ship at the cheapest price. PS1. No reposition action. Minimal hull. Minimal shields. 2 attack. Maybe _1_ attack! 2 agility, maybe _1_ agility! A super bland dial. Currently, there are 3 ships that come close to filling that niche: The (Rebel) Z-95, the (Imperial) TIE l/n, and the M3-A Interceptor with the Light Scyk title. As I understand it, none of them are currently the most efficient ship in the game, but that's a conversation for another day. If any of those ships (or all of them!) were the most efficient, then we would know that bringing burst damage would _always_ be a useful tool. But we'd know that we wouldn't _have_ to bring burst damage in order to do anything. We'd be able to bring arc dodgers and know that they'd have prey- but we would also be able to bring heavy jousters, because they'd be able to survive the fire of a ship we'd be seeing a lot of. U-Boats would have been far less scary if we were seeing lists with 3 or 4 Z-95s that were capable of earning their points back. Similarly, Xizor gets much better if he had wingmates that were super efficient on their own. And Palpatine is simply not a huge threat when he's up against several good lists with 5 or 6 low value ships. One of the weirder outcomes of this realization is that a naked T-65 X-Wing should _not_ be an efficient ship. That 3rd attack die would push too hard for every list to be able to survive it's weight of fire. Similarly, an ideal-world B-Wing should need to be filling at least 1 or 2 of its slots in order to get maximum effect. And a Knave Squadron with a point reduction sufficient to make it efficient would be _awful_ for the game. For those of us who like to theory craft about game design, we should keep in mind what makes a ship unique, and emphasize its strengths and unique role within a fleet. For most ships, we should _not_ be aiming at "efficiency" without requiring the ship to be played to its uniqueness. For instance: The TIE Striker's Imperial Trainee should not be "efficient- that 3rd Red Die would be problematic. But if it can get 3 points of value out of Adaptive Ailerons, then it's become an interesting and different part of a fleet. So: What makes a ship unique? If you have an idea, what makes your ship "inefficient", and how can it be played to make up for that deficiency?
  15. I guess I don't understand where ammo comes from? Also: how does she get a second chance at a chaos token?