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  1. Hello everyone, I must warn you that English is not my firt language. So please, be indulgent with me :-). I'm new to Star Wars Edge of the Empire. I know... I'm so late about this marvelous game. There is so much to read and learn. I have decided to play the game in an Era that does not exist...yet.... Like if we it was episode X and more. We are 15 years after epidoe IX. My players ask me to do that. NOw, I want to use a brain-wave projector. I have read that such a device exist in the LEGEND unvierse. Now, my question is this : is there a kind of brain-wave device that can not lony read toughts but also record it and project it like an hologram of on a computer screen? The way I understand the brain-wave projetor, it is a mind control device only... not a mind probe recorder. I need you encyclopedic knowledge because I'M such a padawan in Star wars... compare to you all 🙂 Thank you for taking the time ... for answering me.
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