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  1. Are these people doing stupid things while armed with lethal weaponry and frequently engaging in armed conflict with foes also carrying such firepower? If the answer to that one is 'yes' and these people go on living, I'd be very surprised. Ever charge a squad of Storm Troopers on a Death Star? Good times... Good times...
  2. I wanted to first and foremost thank all who have worked on this Sheet. It is amazing, one of the best for any game I've seen. I did run into a problem and thought I should check if it was somehow on my end, or if I picked up an older copy. I have ver. 1.10a, and 1.05 (the older just for researching this). I plugged away at making a few test characters, but when I got to the Character sheet portion, the ranks column has a "#REF!" in all the cells. Also looks like all the math directs to P84, which is Brawn (it is this way in all the fields, even for Int skills and such). I am using Excel 2007 I do see your last post about it being a work in progress, so please don't think I'm trying to give you grief in any way. Again, you're doing us all a great service. *** Just grabbed ver 1.09a, no issue, so I'll work with that for now. Thank you. ***
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