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  1. So this is what happened in the actual encounter: The sniper in question was part of an Inquisitor's "triumvirate." The fallen Jedi in question (a Gungan because, hey, why not?) had recruited a large Dowoutin brawler to back him up on melee and the sniper to cause chaos from above. He also had a team of deathtroopers along with dozens of stormtroopers. The encounter took place in the palace of Ord Radama, which I described as having a dozen different balconies for the sniper to hide in. The Imperial governor was also present but wouldn't be a combatant. When the players made it there and the fight started, I had already rolled initiative for all of the NPCs (because there were a lot of them and I wanted to save time). I slotted in an extra spot for the main Inquisitor and another one for the sniper. I didn't reveal the full turn order to the players (which tipped them off that something was going to happen, but they were on edge anyway due to the sheer number of enemies). I had the sniper fire relatively early in the encounter so they knew she was there. My players are heavily combat oriented, so they took out the Dowoutin brawler in the first two rounds. One of them used an ascension gun to get up to an empty balcony so he could try to spot the sniper, but since he's also the Jedi-in-training in the group, the main Inquisitor went after him as well. Here's where things got crazy. The Stormtrooper minion teams were able to do a fair amount of damage, but the individual deathtroopers were awful. So many bad rolls, so many missed shots. It was pathetic. And it got worse. One of the players convinced the governor that the Inquisitors were a threat to him also, so the governor withdrew from combat and ordered the regular stormtroopers to go with him. Once it was down to the useless deathtroopers, the main Inquisitor, and the sniper, the Inquisitor called for a "strategic withdrawal" from the battle. So the Inquisitor is still out there with his sniper friend.
  2. Okay, so here’s the scenario: during the next session, my group will be going up against a rather large team of Stormtroopers, Deathtroopers, and an Imperial Inquisitor (and I’m thinking the Imperials might be outgunned; my players species heavily for combat). One of the surprises I have in store for them is a hidden sniper. my question is this: what’s the best way to have a hidden combatant join the fray? I was thinking I’d secretly roll for initiative for her and then slip her into the order, revealing her when she takes a shot and hopefully hitting someone? Or is there a better way? thanks!
  3. So I'm thinking about getting a Christmas gift for my group, and I was thinking it'd be fun to get a "group photo" of their characters hanging out. Has anyone here ever commissioned someone to do character art for them? Anybody you guys can recommend? Thanks!
  4. Not trying to necro-thread too badly, but I was curious if any of the folks who have had their groups go up against Krayts had any new thoughts on the stats. I've been looking through what you guys have here, but wanted to see if anyone had any new thoughts on stats/abilities/attacks/whatever. Last night, my group discovered the stats for a krayt dragon pearl and decided a trip to Tatooine was in their future, so I figured I'd better get myself ready for the potential fight.
  5. Is there a place where NPC-specific talents are listed? I know that in several of the published adventures, there are talents and abilities that only NPCs have (with names like Imperial Authority and stuff like that). I’m having to gin up some Imperial types for our next session, and having a list would be helpful. Any ideas?
  6. So my group has been doing the Arda I campaign and, as we started up Act III, two of them revealed that they had been doing some brainstorming between sessions. They had come up with a plan to trick the Imperials into sending troops to the Rebel base and then ambushing them. When they learned of the Interdictor cruiser that patrols the area around Ord Radama, their eyes lit up and they decided they wanted to draw the Interdictor into the trap as well, perhaps even ultimately kicking off an open rebellion on Ord Radama. They were super excited about their idea and at the end of our last session, I asked if they want to pursue their plan. They were all on board with the idea, but now I'm kind of stuck on a question: Do I, as GM, draw up the battle plan and allow them to tweak the plan and help execute it? Or do I leave it open to them to figure out and then try to throw together the encounter on the fly? Has anyone done this sort of thing before? I was almost thinking of doing a three act sort of thing: Act I - The Planning Phase. The players would be presented with Rebel command's idea for the battle and they'd be allowed to tweak it and make it their own. The players would be tasked with securing items needed for the battle as well as laying the groundwork for the battle ahead. Act II - The Battle for Resolute Base. The players would set the trap and see if they can reel in the Imperials so they can ambush them and wipe them out. There'd be a big mass combat sort of thing going on, with plenty of fighting for the players (something that my group seems to love). Act III - Liberating Ord Radama - With the Rebels (hopefully) successful in destroying a significant chunk of the Imperial forces in the region, they take the fight to the Imperial stronghold of Ord Radama and work with the native Devlikk population and Rebel cells present on planet to free the planet from the Imperial's grip. So does that sound workable? Or is there something I'm missing? Any help or insight would be appreciated.
  7. Well, now I just feel stupid. Thank you.
  8. So one of my players this afternoon brought up dual wielding (after looking at the Gunslinger talent tree for Smugglers). Are there existing rules for how to do that? Am I missing something?
  9. I’ve been giving it some more thought. I think I’m going to go with Hinklemar’s suggestion. I’ve been sowing seeds for an upcoming adventure for the past month or so, and I think “the big bad” from that adventure will be the one who moved their ship. But the signs will point to Arend, so they’ll have to untangle that web to find their ship. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it!
  10. My thought wan’t that they would have the credits on hand to buy a new ship on Bespin. Act 3 would be about dealing with Arend’s double cross and finding a way off the planet (either by selling the gem to Kaltho in exchange for passage or going to Lando or...). Buying a new ship would come after that.
  11. I think it would fit. According to the FFG source book, Arend would try to kill the players with a bomb planted in the vehicle that he was sending to pick them up. This was to mask his own involvement. But given that I’m pretty sure my players won’t board any vehicle sent by him, I figured that Arend would have a back-up plan in place. I was also thinking of having him plant evidence that would make it look like the players are part of the Rebellion and on a mission to Bespin to blow something up (so that when the players survive the ship’s destruction, they can be labeled as terrorists). The fact that half the players are formally part of the Rebellion would make the whole situation that much trickier to navigate, especially since there’s an undercover ISB agent in the city. tl;dr...I think narratively, blowing up their ship fits, I more concerned about being a jerky GM.
  12. My group is just a few months ABY, although with the release of “Dawn of Rebellion,” I kind of wish we could rewind a little to incorporate some of the stuff in there (I.e. the Spectres and Director Krennic and Tarkin and...)
  13. So my group is playing through “The Jewel of Yavin” right now. In the first act, they teamed up with Aris Shen immediately and are planning on double-crossing her father, keeping the heist money (minimum 200k credits) and the jewel for themselves, plus 30k credits from the Grand Prix. Even if they give the gem to someone else, that still leaves them with a lot of money to split between them (at least 40k per player and most likely more). I’d rather that they not have that much money to spend since that would mean lots of high-powered weapons and armor. Plus, as of right now, their plan is to swipe the jewel and run from Bespin as soon as the heist is over. And I’d kind of like to have them stick around to face the folks that they’ve ripped off. So this was my thought: at the end of Act 2, after they’ve gotten the gem, Aris would try to get them to bring him the gem. They’ll refuse (while giving some sort of excuse). So when they get to their ship to escape, it would blow up in front of them, thus stranding them on Bepsin to face the wrath of Aris Shen, Maria Grayson, and the Wing Guard. Act 3 would become a story of finding their way off the planet. But then they could be encouraged to use their ill-gotten gains to buy a new ship, thus cutting down on their available cash. My question is this: is destroying the players’ ship like this dirty pool? Having it destroyed in a space battle is one thing, but would this be okay? I should probably note that they have their ship in the first place because they stole it from a bounty hunter (who they killed). So there’s no Obligation debt in play at all right now. Thoughts?
  14. And that's a valid question. My answer would be this (and maybe I didn't make it clear in my notes): The Rebels aren't just using our player group to look for a base. There would be dozens of cells looking throughout the galaxy for the location of a new main base. Theoretically, none of them would know if their location was ultimately chosen or not. The bit with General Dodonna at the end of my adventure is mostly just for a meta nod to the players who would be "in the know" about it. As for the smuggler, one of the things I would stress for the players would be that they keep their reason for wanting the base to themselves. If they violate that, maybe it would create some complications for them down the road that they'd need to deal with.
  15. So I've been GMing a few sessions now and I think I'm getting the hang of it. We've gone through the beginner game (both the basic and the Long Arm of the Hutt expansion) and we're almost through the Beyond the Rim prepubbed adventure. My intention is to move on to The Jewel of Yavin adventure, but rather than just send my players from Raxus Prime to Bespin, I thought I'd give them something to do on the way. So I threw together an adventure for them. Small problem: I've never done this sort of thing before, so I'm hoping some of you with more experience might take a peek at things and tell me if I missed anything or if I botched something. A few words up front: * Our game is set between Episodes IV and V, but I decided to nail down the time frame a bit better. * X-7D7 is a character I made up and I may decide to explore his backstory more at a later date. Here's the pdf of my notes. Thanks!
  16. Thank you, everyone, for the feedback. I kind of suspected my help wasn’t a good idea. No Hutt Killer for my players. They’ll have to sink or swim without it.
  17. My group has been working through the Long Arm of the Hutt and this Sunday, we'll be coming up on the final showdown with Teemo (I think). Based on what I've seen of my group, I suspect that they will go for the most violent option possible and try to fight the Hutt head on. According to the adventure, I'm supposed to use the Hutt Crime Lord profile for the fight, and that terrifies me. My players are all pretty new and thus don't have the skills or weapons to take on someone with 10 soak and a wound threshold of 30. So I'm planning on trying to make things just a little bit easier so it doesn't turn into a party-wipe. Since Teemo is a younger Hutt, I'm thinking his soak would be more like 7 (to reflect that he doesn't have as much fat on him) and lowering his wound threshold to more like 20 or so. I'm also going to limit him to just using a blaster rather than allowing for melee attacks with a 6 Brawn. But as I was thinking about it, I thought that maybe I would also make a special "Hutt Killer" weapon for my players to find in the palace. The story reason for this is that Teemo is developing the weapon to take out Jabba (thus giving my players more proof that they can offer to Jabba if they decide to go for a more peaceful resolution). This is what I'm doing: finding the prototype Hutt Killer in the workshop will require a Hard Perception check (unless they learn of its existence from the guy who developed and built the weapon). Once they find the hidden safe its in, it will take a Hard Skulduggery check to open the safe. If they don't know what it is, they'll have to pass an Average Ranged (Heavy) check to figure out what it's good for, then pass a Hard Mechanics check to get the weapon up and running. Here are the stats that I came up with: Skill: Ranged (Heavy) Damage: 7 Crit: 3 Range: Medium Encumbrance: 1 Hard Points: 1 Special: Prepare 1, Slow-firing 2, Pierce 4, Burn 2*, Blast 3**, Limited Ammo 3, Vicious 2 The Hutt Killer fires explosive harpoons at its target, the idea being that the harpoons are designed to penetrate the Hutt's fat layers. Thus the burn would ignore Soak on a successful hit. The blast would be triggered in the next round after a hit (or miss). If the players generate two Victories, the harpoon basically pins the target to the ground or wall, immobilizing them for two rounds. But this also means that Burn and Blast would be reduced by Soak that time. After the encounter, the Hutt Killer would permanently break. So have I gone too far? I don't want this to be an impossible battle, but I don't want this to be an easy out either.
  18. So I ran the Beginner's Game yesterday for EotE the first act of the Long Arm of the Hutt expansion. My players decided to steal the R5 unit from Vorn's shop on Tatooine and, at the New Meen mine, decided to steal the construction equipment from the Aqualish thugs and use it to pancake some of the bad guy's buildings to send a message to them. It was pretty chaotic and everyone had a blast doing it. Thank you everyone for your advice!
  19. Thank you, everyone, for the advice! I’m really looking forward to the game and you’ve all set my mind at ease.
  20. So in about a week, I’ll be GMing my first EotE game and I’m a little nervous. I’ve been looking over the material obsessively for the past month or so. Part if my nerves are coming from the fact that I’ve never GMed before. I played one session of EotE years ago and really enjoyed it. And I bring a whole bunch of SW lore and passion to the table. We’ll be doing the Beginner Game at first, but I suspect my friends will want to branch out with their own characters sooner rather than later. So what advice can you give an absolute n00b?
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