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  1. Same goes for me - I'm table_top_gun. We already follow one another 😀
  2. I'd bet onslaught miniatures would have something appropriate, figure wise.
  3. The CGI designs are stylised. The movie-based ships are not.The real pity is that the FFG team isn't allowed to greebly them up to match the 'real ship' aesthetic for fear of diluting the cartoons design. I doubt it's that they're not allowed. Honestly, they just have a sh*tty modeler doing the work. None of the Rebels stuff even matches the production images that Disney puts out to the public, in terms of proportion, or paneling. That's why we keep getting these sh*tty nonsense models where instead of sensible paneling and greebling, we get weird slits and panel scribing that just... ends. In the middle of nowhere. If you want proof that it's FFG's mediocre modeling team, and not the license, look at the terrible paneling job on the Raider. It's like a child scribbled on that thing.
  4. I guess you haven't seen the Bandai models yet.
  5. Pretty sure it got canned last time because of the incessant spam attacks, not because of the behavior of this sub forums members.
  6. That's what we do. We only use templates for big, directional things like AT-ATs and Juggernauts.
  7. Sigh. Model's wrong, which is becoming fairly typical for FFG lately. The front of the engines are supposed to be open, like intakes. See here: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/starwarsrebels/images/7/7d/Blood_Sisters_Concept_Art_07.jpeg/revision/latest?cb=20151119031301 Edit: Hopefully it's just the 3D model that's wrong, not the final sculpt.
  8. The DeAgostini AT-ATs are precisely to scale, to the millimeter.
  9. The Rebels ones could be larger, but those action fleet AT-ATs (if they are supposed to represent a typical AT-AT, not a Rebels one) are 1/188 scale.
  10. Nope, still wrong! But, you do you!
  11. Hey, thanks guys! Now I just need to actually use it in a game...
  12. Not a Scurrg, nor the spiritual successor or predecessor to it. This is a transport, not a bomber, and besides having a dorsal turret (like almost everything in star wars) bears more resemblance to the Defiant or a droid gunship than it does the Scurrg. Blugh. Why do people think this thing is an H-6!?
  13. Yup! With ground combat minis and all. Some of the buildings:
  14. Welcome to the community! A good tip for your next run is to thin those paints a bit - it will give you smoother more even coverage.
  15. The ship in Rebels is not a Scurrg; that's just a weird rumor that got spread because people wanted it too badly to actually look at the shape of the ship.