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  1. Thank you so much! New spaceship eyecandy!!!
  2. Would someone mind just posting the new vehicles here? I'm trying to avoid the trailer/stay spoiler free. I'd really appreciate it!
  3. I'd still love to see this as an energy-having Epic only Large ship.
  4. Badass! There's a bunch of cool ground combat stuff on Shapeways as well.
  5. There's actually a few pages in the TFA art book pretty much devoted to this exact question, along with the question of how one gets out of a landed TIE (the answer decided on was you buy the biggest ladder you can and throw it out the back).
  6. In TFA we saw them landed on their wings.
  7. ...It takes a special kind of person to take a moment out of his day just to come tell other people that he hopes their little Star Wars dream doesn't come true.
  8. Like this. ...Buehuehuehue
  9. Geez. These are basic ratios and math using an establish reference point (the length of a T-70). Setting aside a small ±5% bit of variance for pixel width, human error, etc., his calcs are incontrovertible. Things like the K-wing which have no film reference point and the much debated length of an A-wing have no place here. I also thought the B/SF-17 was too small, but Green Dragoon's post brooks no further debate. Thanks for taking the time to do the work, dude. (Btw, based on my own independent little mock-up, I got 97mm excluding gun barrels based on the render.)
  10. Did someone say 'brrrrrrrrrt'?
  11. I have one of those! I call her the Carrion Spike.
  12. The Scyk is a backwards Protectorate. Or backwards ETA.
  13. Alternately, for those who want the gods to bless their winter sports, the Ski-Pray.
  14. I think one thing we can all agree on is that the ship we really want is a Rebel-factioned Sabine's Gauntlet Fighter, right? *smirk*
  15. Well, I think at this point we have to thank Rebels for reintroducting the Interdictor, but the Victory is pure old school EU/WEG.