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  1. Is Anyone Creating a Jakku board

    At Legion scale, an Imperial Star Destroyer would be roughly 110' feet long, so, I would guess you could probably have the battle on one single turret, or maybe using a death star terrain mat to simulate hull plating.
  2. Imperial Terrain Desert Theme Bundle Review

    Imperial Terrain has some cool new stuff coming out soon
  3. Friday Night X-wing: New post!

    Thanks, man -- looks you're going to have start up a sister blog -- Wednesday Night X-wing! Hehe
  4. Friday Night X-wing: New post!

    A new installment of our blog about the casual side of the Force... ahem, X-wing play. In this one, we dive a bit into some great sources for scaled proxies and compatible spaceships and ground units, as well as some useful resources for hunting them out. Enjoy!
  5. Width of the segmented movement template?

    Mind msging me a link? I can't find it. Edit: Found it! Thank you!
  6. Hey, folks -- working on some custom pieces, and wanted to make my own bases for them. Does anyone know the width of the slots in the bases for the movement template?
  7. New Blog! Friday Night X-wing

    Thanks, man! Agreed, I just wanna have fun. I have to scroll past a lotttttt of posts about the meta to find the content I like, here, so we made a spot where it's all the content we like!
  8. New Blog! Friday Night X-wing

    Message sent!
  9. New Blog! Friday Night X-wing

    Hey folks! A few of us are working on a new blog devoted to casual and scenario-based gameplay. Come check it out, we're just getting started! https://fridaynightxwing.wordpress.com
  10. [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    Please, don't summon the 'ring composition' demon, an abomination who babbles nonsense and devours time.
  11. Resistance Bomber is wrong size

    The size is fine! I was a staunch defender of your scale calculations from the beginning, mate! The details are a disaster, though. Every panel line is wrong, 3/4 of the cockpit windows are missing, the 'fin' on the bottom is too narrow, too short, and too tapered, the 'tube' seems to have a too-small diameter, it's missing wingtip laser cannons, missing an entire turret on the top, missing most of the sensors, antenna, and other greebles, the nose section doesn't jut forward enough, the under the nose cannons are way wrong and just... tube.
  12. Resistance Bomber is wrong size

    Fair, I was the one being hyperbolic there. Strike that last bit, but the rest stands.
  13. Resistance Bomber is wrong size

    You either didn't read or didn't understand. Hutchings is the source. Edit: To clarify, Script --> Clyne --> Ellis/Hutchings --> Clyne --> Hutchings --> LFL CG modelers And, that model is damned detailed. FFG's has about the same level of detail as the Hot Wheels toy, which is 5 dollars.
  14. Resistance Bomber is wrong size

    Not scientific, but also not even close.
  15. Resistance Bomber is wrong size

    Okay, so this is where you're getting hyperbolic. The expo bomber model is not a mock-up. It's an intentional display model based on the film resources done by an extraordinarily talented modeler named Alex Hutchings. Since you're going to be pretentious about getting facts straight, it's time for a little info dump on something you seem to know nothing about: the art direction process. Concepts obviously start with script needs, and then progress to their concept artists. James Clyne (my personal fave, and the one responsible for this design) and his coworkers then work up a bunch of concept sketches. When a direction gets approved, a first pass concept model is mocked up (by either Neil Ellis or Alex Hutchings), which then returns to be fleshed out in detailed 2D studies (if again, approved) and then proceeds to a final model. This last, in this case, was done by Alex Hutchings. When he's done, this physical plastic and chemiwood model is handed to the 3D modelers to make a digital version. And it can be categorically stated that the expo model is more accurate than FFG's because A) every comparison of proportion and detail just shows this, whether it's from Incredible Cross Sections, the Visual Dictionary, the Bomber Command book, the perfect side view from the trailer released 8 months ago, the image you yourself posted (and a fairly cursory glance by a trained eye would tell you this); B) it's literally the source material for what the bomber looks like; C) FFG did in fact make many mistakes - they do it very frequently - and LFL literally cannot make any barring internal non-rationalized discrepancies, because they define what this craft looks like. I think most people, yourself included, don't realize how hard it is to translate 2D imagery to an accurate, proportional, scaled 3D model. It's hard, and I don't want to understate that it requires a ton of effort. I know, because art direction and 3D modeling is my profession, and I've been doing it for fifteen years,along with scratchbuilding physical models. It's as simple as this: FFG rushed the model out without proper source material. Having a ton of concept art for this ship in hand, I can also tell you that the FFG model does not match earlier concepts for this ship, either. Cool.