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  1. Agreed on that. I actually really wanted it to have energy like an epic ship, given that it was supposed to have a massively powerful reactor.
  2. Kiiiiiiind of true, but it's a bit more nuanced. It's a patrol craft/picket ship, so its role (whether or not this can be reflected in-game) is that of a small independent craft, comparable to a Coast Guard cutter. Since space warfare borrows elements from both air forces and naval forces in its inspiration, I think it's fair to say that the blastboat, while only a bit above fighter sized, fills a more quintessentially naval niche.
  3. I'm guessing by your name that you're a 'warrior who's constantly looking down on us big-headed aerojocks, so clearly your input isn't any more relevant than his. ( I jest, I jest.)
  4. If you quote canon numbers and math (based on studio models, of course -- nothing else really much matters), people will tell you it doesn't feel right. If you show physical limitations of a space and studio models, they'll quote canon stats instead. Ain't no winnin' with this crowd, mate. I've spent 5 years arguing with people over the size of an AT-AT and boy is that getting tiresome.
  5. I think it'd suit a medium base quite nicely, to boot!
  6. Please, don't say things that make sense. Your sentiment has no place here. Also, so help me, well-balanced and functional designs are wasted on you lot. As a nice little litmus test If you think this is an awesome sick design: and this is ugly and boring: ...you probably don't have a good grasp of aesthetic principles. I'm so baffled by the fact that every two-bit critic thinks they have a better grasp on this stuff than the professional artists and designers who make it.
  7. This. ^ I don't know where this forum came up with this insane 'the Mouse makes them do it; Disney evil, FFG good' notion. FFG is timing their releases for maximum sales, rather than maximum accuracy. This is basic stuff.
  8. The former. None planned, not no more. Andrew Navarro was cryptic about most future stuff (including more for this wave), but he seemed legitimately confused by the fact that anyone might expect more Scum Epic, so I'd write this one off for the next year or two.
  9. From GAMA -- figured I'd rip that bandaid off for all of us right now. My Crusader... ;_;
  10. Fingers crossed you're delivering droids full of plans for new ships, then!
  11. Any of these Bothans livestreaming from Scarif, or is the shield gate still operational?
  12. Is now too late to mention that there's finally an Imperial Patrol Transport up on a certain printing site?
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