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  1. I'm in Canton. Ya , 7 miles away from the football Hall of Fame. I hate football.
  2. Thanks guys. I did get one cool present. An attorney. Turns out this whole eviction thing may not be legal.
  3. Today is my birthday. Yay me.!! I get to play x-wing with my daughter. Or..... At least I thought I was. Ex called and told me that the child is sick and can't come. Bailiff showed up an hour ago on my porch and served eviction papers. God, I've only been awake for two hours. Is it time to eat poisoned cake yet ?
  4. Me. No job, no money. Lack of time to play. Court proceedings dragging on thru the summer. This **** company seems to have more star wars games latley than any thing else. I'm not even sure whats supposed to come out first. Aces I think. Of course by the time we all get our hands on it It will seem like old news cause everyone is looking for the next wave etc.
  5. t7thunders

    No forum mods?

    The religion mini discussion that took place in the sex wing thread kind of got touchy. I'm kind of glad that thread got blasted. @ wonderwaaagh. I have named the new magic set "Turds of Tarkhir" for some reason I'm just not feeling it. I haven't even touched on x-wing in over a month. Been playing dragons dogma. (**** stupid game is addictive).
  6. The "T" in my screen name is the first letter in my actual name (Tadd) 7 Thunders comes from the dokken song.
  7. I would like to see an expansion, or even a new wave for that matter, That doesn't make people complain.
  8. Phantoms dont even last that long in my games. I just take a plastic wiffle bat and send it across the room Man, I'm sick of those things. As for the decimator, I'm kind of looking forward to getting one, I don't play imperials all that much, but I kind of like that "RAM IT" TILL IT DIES playstyle.
  9. Kicking a dead horse gif. That would be real useful. Or how about an empty wine bottle and some cheese for all of the complainers. Exploding death star for all of the "rate my list"threads.
  10. So the big "GW" is finally gonna show some interest in their own products well being, by advancing the story for the warhammer world, !!?? Well big deal. About 20 years too late if ask me. Oh well!, I just got rid of my tomb Kings army.....I couldn't be happier. After they screw the pooch on this little turd storm, anything that could be remotely usable, or considered a success Will go straight to 40k and then both games will be nice and screwed up.
  11. t7thunders

    Thank You...

    I haven't played since 2nd edition. I downloaded the free rules, but I'm confused as hell. I just don't get the d20 system, I want my t.h.a.c.o back. I have a crap ton of the conan rpg just going to waste on my book shelf. Never even played the **** thing.
  12. The warstore. I do all of my shopping there. Neil is great and I've never had a problem. Plus they answer their **** phone.
  13. Thank you for this. I like those yellow ones, definitely different.
  14. I'm inclined to say "yes". I bought an interceptor a month ago just to repaint it red to match the one in my Imperial aces.
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