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  1. It should certainly not have a systems slot. I'm VERY dubious about the 2 evade as well. That makes it more maneuverable than the Y-Wing (which it should absolutely not be). Still front and rear arc 3 seems about right, as does 4 hull and 3 shields.
  2. Yeah, I think that the "Predator Swarm" idea distracted people from the real value of the Black Squadron + Predator combination. The example of combining a pair of "Black Predators" (as I'm dubbing them, unless they have another title already in which case I'll defer) with two Bounty Hunters, rather than the usual triplet of Bounty Hunters, is exactly the kind of positive change which I think this option will allow. It's as a supplement to other lists that this option really comes into its own.
  3. Typically. It feels like a good way to take a three-ship Imperial build up to a four-ship build while retaining the individual effectiveness of the ships. Though you ARE going to want to keep these two together.
  4. One of the things I've been thinking about now that I've got my hands on some Wave 4 is the potential for a pair of Black Squadron Pilots (TIE Fighter PS4 with Elite Pilot Talent) with Predator. Now I know people have been thinking about entire lists based around this match (notwithstanding the issues of getting enough copies of Predator when it only comes with the TIE Defender) but I'm thinking more about just a pair. Why a pair? One on it's own just seems too vulnerable due to a lack of firepower, but a pair should be able to go toe to toe with most anything. Coming in at 34 points it seems like it might be a solid option to support some of the Defender/Interceptor/Phantom lists which people are throwing around.
  5. Chewie with a Gunner helps keep damage output high AND is tough as nails to boot! He goes well with a pair of Ion-Turret armed Y-Wings. Not to mention they are the DEATH of all those fancy new Imperial ships.
  6. I'm thinking that the Hull Upgrade is the best option. Though Ion Cannons would work well against other 3-ship lists. Ion them, flip in behind them, Ion them again if you can't get to range 1 and then cut in close behind and blast one into atoms before turning tight out. Well... In theory.
  7. I'm wondering if Predator is going to make Rhymer a better pick. Still, once you add ordinance he is an EXPENSIVE pick.
  8. Airen Cracken plus Squad Leader is going to make one hell of a Rebel support ship. That alongside being able to fill out lists is enough to make me think it's a worthwhile addition to the Rebels.
  9. I can't believe I didn't think of that! It's actually a pretty solid option for just about any list.
  10. Some options: Black Squadron Pilot - TIE Fighter + Predator - 4 pts to spend elsewhere Howlrunner - TIE Fighter + Stealth Device (or Hull Upgrade) Mauler Mithel - TIE Fighter + Shield Upgrade Alpha Squadron Pilot - TIE Interceptor + Stealth Device (or Hull Upgrade) Saber Squadron Pilot - TIE Interceptor Omicron Group Pilot - Lambda Class Shuttle Tempest Squadron Pilot - TIE Advanced... if you REALLY want to! (I guess it might be ok if you already have a massive alpha strike and need something for the end game?) It all depends on what you are matching it with.
  11. I got to give the original list a pretty good run, and I'm feeling fairly confident that with some practice I'm going to be able to make it pretty deadly. The one thing that it was really missing was some "control". The combination of Ion and stress delivery seems like the way to do that, and given we have a Cannon carrier and a Bomber on hand the game has recently offered the opportunity to put that combination onto the table. Twin Gun Fun v2 Delta Squadron Pilot - TIE Defender + Heavy Laser Cannon 37 pts Delta Squadron Pilot - TIE Defender + Ion Cannon 33 pts Captain Jonus - TIE Bomber + Flechette Torpedoes + Flechette Torpedoes + Predator 29 pts = 99 pts Jonus becomes more dangerous with Predator, and the combination of an Ion Cannon with Flechette Torpedoes seems to be made in heaven to cripple a target. At the same time the double HLC proved as deadly as I expected and I'm a little reluctant to give it up.
  12. I'm running a "Two Gun Fun" list which teams Jonus up with a pair of Defenders carrying Heavy Laser Cannons. It seems to be running ok so far, but it's only had one club night of serious play... so I'll let you all know how it goes. I'm considering replacing one of the Defenders with a Bounty Hunter carrying an Ion Cannon, or just replacing the HLC on one of the Defenders with an Ion Cannon. The idea of putting Predator on Jonus seems like a good one too, it might make him a good carrier for Frag Torps (which seems like it might just be the perfect last piece for this particular list).
  13. I've run it in two store champs and Attack on Imdaar Alpha and never managed better than a 3rd, but never finished in the bottom half of the pack either. I'm aware of the crits "problem" but am generally not too concerned, the overwhelming majority of critical hits doing nothing of consequence (except where they increase damage). Now, having a missile for range and another for in close has helped a lot. I wouldn't go out without something for range and something for close range, Assault Missiles and Seismic Charges cover the same tactical situations though and I'm less than impressed by the other long range Missile or Torp options. Now, another matchup I'm considering is Frag Trops and Ion Pulse Missiles. You hit a ship with both of those and they are FRACKED. So a pair of Bombers, carrying one of each is going to give you two+ turns of one REALLY screwed target (though you'll need something else, perhaps an Interceptor or a Phantom, to take advantage of the opening). Alternatively a Bomber with a couple of Frag Torps could pair with a Defender or a Firespray with an Ion Cannon. Jonus is the key though, without him I agree that one-shot ordinance is mostly trash. Well... him or just use Bombs. Between B-Wings, E-Wings and Headhunters I think that there might be a LOT of fun to be had with Proton Bombs in the "Wave 4 Meta".
  14. You may be not be using Biggs as well as you could if you think you are sending him out there to die. Much like the Vader crew card he is most useful if you DON'T use his ability all the time. The real strength of Biggs isn't in providing a hit point buffer for Wedge, or some other powerful pilot (though he is good at that), it is in taking your opponents choices away from them and breaking up focus fire. And this game is ALL about focus fire. It's far better to fly Biggs a bit behind your main force make 20-50% of your opponents ships take poor range 3 shots (behind an asteroid of possible) than to ever let Biggs take 100% of the shots. And throughout the rest of the game you can try to force them to again take single, poor shots instead of focus firing. Which is why Biggs works so well with regenerating shields, because he can just KEEP taking those shots. And if your opponent actually goes after him and tries to focus fire him down, they will have opened themselves up to your more offensively focused ships. No, you shouldn't be sending Biggs out there to die. You are sending him out there to pull attention. You want him to stay alive as long as possible preferably until the end of the game, constantly making your enemies choices for them (or threatening to, which is almost as good). He shouldn't be flying right into the fray, but dancing on the outside edge of it, just barely within range of part of the enemies force, but never in range of their entire force. Exactly. And that's why I quite like the Hull Upgrade on him. Hell, it's surprised me (as a mostly Imperial player) when trying to vape the annoying Rebel bastard!
  15. I've not found that to be the case. I've been running a list with a pair of Scimitar Squadron Pilots equipped with both Assault Missiles and Cluster Missiles alongside Jonus and a flanking Interceptor. Long story short I've rarely (in the 6 months I've run the list) not had the opportunity to get both shots off with both Scimitars. People constantly underestimate the tankiness of the Bomber.
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