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  1. I only bought the miniatures to use in the rpg, so I'll just need the WAVE XIV... ...and I'm out (unless they're releasing new models...) Why release a second edition of X-Wing Miniatures Game? Money.... duh.
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    This is the system where I'm going to go and remake/reboot a bunch of games friends and I made back in our high school days (late 80s, early 90s) Masamune Shirow's "Appleseed" (where we members of the police force of Olympus) Bubblegum Crisis (members of the American version of the ADPolice - the Heavy Response Police) Aliens (Colonial Space Marines) obviously Superheroes... That's right, FFG... just keep taking my money... (Ooh, just remembered a short-lived TMNT vs. Terminator game we played)
  3. Sounds like your group is going with it better than mine did. We were playing Edge of the Empire and I had the group drop off some cold weather gear as a favor from their boss to the Rebellion. One of them wanted to leave IMMEDIATELY. He is Pro-Empire (the player, not his character) and he was completely metagaming the fact that he knew the attack was coming. What I had planned for them to do was head out during the beginning of the battle to check on one of the outposts. The outpost would be being overrun as they'd arrive. I had 5 minion groups of snowtroopers and a single AT-ST (if that got dropped quickly, I'd reinforce with another). They had access to an E-Web, a minion group of Rebels and one of those Tower infantry cannons as well as a rocket launcher. It would have been a pretty good fight
  4. You're not kidding. When I was in the Navy, we visited Brisbane... I loved everything about Australia (we went to Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane) Anyone need a room mate?
  5. It wouldn't be JJ Abrams without a DAMNED lens flare hiding just behind Daisy's staff...
  6. My sister's group had a YT-1930 named "Crimson Clover" and my last group had a YT-1930 named "Lucky Number"
  7. On the app, there's a section for "Active Dice" - underneath the General Dice, there are two dice to choose from: a d10 (that rolls the 10's, and a d10 that's set up to roll in place of the 1's. Those are the dice to roll on the Critical Injury Chart. There are a few talents and Critical hits that add a +10 to the roll of the location, allowing rolls of 100+. (Someone will probably explain it better than I did)
  8. "The Death Star fires.... ....everybody dies." Roll up new characters!
  9. Here's an example, using what I've written above and using my current main character from our Edge of the Empire campaign.
  10. Based on an example from the old license: Captain's Accredited License Name: Name of character Sex: Sex of character Date of Birth: (this is kind of a tough one, based on whatever time you're playing in) Height: Height of character (feet, inches or meters - Imperial law probably wants it in meters) Homeworld: Where you're from Species: What exactly are you? Captain's Accredited License Number: It appears to go in this order (A=letter, # = number) (AAA - ##### - AA##AA): I've just been randomly rolling: d20 for the Letter and a d10 for the number. Starship Classification: This may be "What kind of craft can you pilot?" Like Class A and Class C licenses. Example: Light Freighters, Medium Freighters, Heavy Transports, Cargo Shuttles Registration with BoSS On: The date your character got this license (again, based on your time line) Visual Identification: A pic of your character's handsome/beautiful face. Ship's Operating License Ship Name: Ship's name Craft: Possibly the type of craft: Example: Stock Light Freighter Type: The craft type; example: YT-1300, YT-1930, VCX-100 Manufacturer: Who built it? Corellian Engineering? Is it Nubian? Starship Registry Number: It appears in this order (A-letter, # - number) (AA## - ###AAA - AA##). Random roll it. d20 for the Letter, and a d10 for the number. Port of Origin: Where did you start your journey from? Current Owner: Possibly you or the person you're piloting this ship for. Captain's Accredited License Number: As above in the Captain's Accredited License. Visual Identification: A picture of your swift, rugged, and/or delapitated vehicle. Arms Load-Out Permit Ship Name: As Above Starship Registry Number: As Above Current Owner: As Above Captain's Accredited License Number: As Above Weapon: What're ya packing in this slot? Position: Where does said weapon face? Reason for Permit: Why are you equipped with 4 quad laser cannons? (Psst.. go with "Self Defense") The 'Current Transponder Code Profile' - just draw some wiggly lines or wave patterns, in red, blue and yellow lines - just to add some flavor.
  11. I'd definitely play a Fantasy and a Super Heroes-based RPG of the Edge of the Empire system. If I had the time, I could rehash old game systems I made for different genres with my friends: Aliens, Appleseed, Bubblegum Crisis and ADPolice Files.
  12. All parts, other than the Battle Mat, are dry erase. The dry erase paper is thin enough that you could put it on some kind of metal backing, as long as it was smooth. I put black crafting duct tape around the borders to keep the edge from peeling up. That's a great idea for the Inspiration area. Thanks, Kaosoe.
  13. ...and I finished (for the most part) this board for d20, particularly D&D 5e. There's an Initiative Tracker, a Condition board, a place for a Wet Marker Battle Mat (this one is two-sided), and also an area called "Scroll": a place for notes and such. I don't really know what to do with the upper right dry erase section. I was thinking maybe just extra notes or maybe an area for maps of the surrounding areas. If you guys have any ideas, I'm all ears (or eyes, for reading...)
  14. If I redid it, I'd make the Destiny section in colors (blue - light side/red - dark side) and a bit smaller. This Sunday, we're getting together for a game, so I'll take a few shots so you guys can see how it looks. I'm working on another one for my 5e D&D group.
  15. I created this for my Edge of the Empire group - a board for the table with Initiative Tracker, Criticals and Conditions, a map section, a Light Side/Dark Side Destiny table and a "Datapad" for jotting down quick notes. I used peel-off Dry Erase paper for the background so everything can be scrubbed. (Ooops, kinda blurry - but you get the idea)
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