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    I've been following this thread for some time now, really excited to see this in action!
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    Well, every day a new issue pops up
    Those 5 big issues I mentioned are implemented.
    Right now the main things I'm working on is finishing all the Hero images, but also making the site a bit more secure (which is a bigger amount of work than I had anticipated).
    Not that we are messing around with sensitive data here, but with the current implementation it wouldn't have been that hard to mess up other peoples campaigns if you knew what you were doing.
    I'm trying to block all that stuff off at the moment, while also working on a better implementation for all the forms on the site.
    That is a thing that needs to be thoroughly tested (since its a big change) by the small test group I have, before I let the public loose on it.
    I'm going to give an optimistic estimate for the 'public beta', and say that I hope it will be either next weekend (18th) or the weekend after that (25th).
    (I'm also waiting for my domain to be registered)
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