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  1. I've been following this thread for some time now, really excited to see this in action!
  2. This works for our group pretty well. Overlord Adjustments for 5 Heroes Mixing both Basic decks together is optional Overlord receives double Threat and XP per quest Draw 2 cards at start of turn if Overlord has no cards, otherwise, Draw 1 All Monsters are Master’s Add 1 Open Group of specified types spaced equidistant from other monsters Heroes get 1 additional search token evenly spaced Overlord draws 5 cards initially
  3. Playthrough as in a campaign, which is 9 quests, which if you play a quest a week, is 9 weeks. thats a good bit of time to stay with a character. you also get extra XP for winning certain quests, so you can flesh them out pretty good. I would recommend giving this a shot.
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