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  1. adman67

    Smuggled Goods-Broken?

    Thanks for the answers! That does help. I was in no way trying to say that my opponent did anything illegal or tried to pull a fast one. He is actually a friend of mine and we have played many games of x-wing together before although this was the first game of IA, so no concerns there. It was really just the ruling on the movement and the scenario in general; how it could be set up for a potential win like that. I am getting over it. It was more that I was not aware that was how the movement was affected that made me upset, not his play or even the position of the TO. This helps though so thanks and lesson learned!
  2. Over the weekend I attended our Regional Championship and went 3-1 in the opening rounds of play. Made top 4. My issue is that I then played the scenario Smuggled Goods and basically lost by the end of turn 1 and there was absolutely nothing I could have done about it. There was no issue of tactical play, no combat, nothing. My opponent had 30 points sealed before I was even finished moving all my units. I played a rebel list and he had imperials. He was able to move his RG with officers and then during thier activation, move, pick up a crate and then finish thier full movement. Even though the card states a model carrying the crate has reduced -2 speed when carrying the crate. At least that is what I believed and argued for but to TO said that was not the case, that it kicked in when a model carrying the crate starts it's activation while carrying. What, does the crate get heavier as time goes on? The modifier should take place immediately. Anyway, I find no fault with my opponent. He had a great list and he payed the scenario to his advantage and played to win. My issue is how FFG can create a scenario that one player can basically win by the end of turn 2 in a premiere event such as a Regional Tournament. I have been playing the game since it was released in December and concsider myself a decent player but that was just a silly situation. I never complain and was able to circle the wagons but it was purely a defensive situation in trying to prevent him from killing ten points worth of units. I was able to get jyn over to the third crate and back but lost a unit trying to screen her. It was only a matter of time. I am hoping that there has been similar feedback and FFG listens or at least acknowledges that there is a need to make some changes to that scenario. Even making the crates worth less, like 10 points each, would at least guarantee some sort of play between opponents.
  3. Is there a limit to how many cards that state they can be played at the "Start of Trurn" may be played?
  4. Was wndering when exactly the Reinforcements card has to be played. It says at the start of the round. Is that before or after drawing command cards? I would think it is after drawing the command cards but before activations start?
  5. adman67

    Luke's Ability

    Can you use Luke's reroll ability when using the Grenadier Command Card?
  6. Going down to visit family for New Years and will be in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Would love to get a few games in and test my lists for the upcoming Store Championships in January.
  7. I will try and post some pictures of the third installment tomorrow. That was a funny game.
  8. Photos posted are the same as what I have, just from the other side of the table. It should be noted that Tetran ran off the table after being ionized, which helped. Toxicwisdom has ungodly dice rolls but that has little effect on how good of a player he is. Regardless of what the game is it is always a fun challenge to play him. The Rebels noted the order of the beacons and tried to keep the shuttle weaving between them but it moves like a pregnant bantha. Corran Horn started too far off to the right and was late in bringing his guns to action. In hindsight, keeping the ships closer to the transport makes a big difference and also, remembering the reinforce action would have helped tremendously! I learned a lot running the transport these three games.
  9. LOL, I am the Rebel player in this all-day endeavor. I will have to post images tomorrow however since, like my Transport in the final game, I left in a rush and left my charger and usb cable at the store. My first list looked like this... GR-75 Transport - Saboteur - Torynn Farr - Frequency Jammer - EM Emitter - Comms Booster Wedge Antilles - Opportunist - R2 Astromech Wes Janson - Veteran Instincts - R3-A2 Jan Ors - Veteran Instincts - Blaster Turret - Recon Specialist The scenario started well with, like Toxicwisdom mentioned, good attacks from the rebel ships. Trying to prevent reinforcements from arriving the rebels concentrated fire on the lower pilot skilled ships, leaving Capt. Jonus alone. The triple threat of antilles, janson, and ors brought the quick demise of a tie-advanced in one round of fire. Having lost his shields in a great range 3 volley from a lone advanced the previous turn, wedge got blasted deader than a wombat with return fire and left the game. The imperials were able to ionize everything except the GR-75, and seeing escape within it's grasp, ran right over poor janson and the y-wing. All to no avail, the Imperials did regain control of a mine and with a great cast, rolled 4 hits which destroyed the remaining hull and ended the scenario. Great game Toxicwisdom!
  10. adman67

    Assault Missiles Question

    Thanks! I just wanted to make sure before getting into the store championship games tomorrow.
  11. I have a question about assault missiles. The card reads that any other ship, including mine, that are within 1 of the target; after being hit, these ships suffer 1 damage. So, does that 1 damage translate into hull points or shields?