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  1. did you decide on this map for Phantom? @imartin91
  2. anymore Carcosa maps coming? the last ones for the start of Carcosa was PERFECT!
  3. We print them on european A3, split on 4 papers and tape them together This time around we will print them on A1 on better paper, this is MUCH obliged...thx man!
  4. Is the FFG playmat big enough?
  5. Lost in time and space for real then...sounds about right Though I feel that the game elevates with those great maps that Imartin91 brought to us and was hoping the community could point me in the right direction for the ones we are missing...(except the last one though)
  6. User Imartin91 created some great maps a while ago, we've been using them alot. I'm missing the three last scenario maps for Dunwich, anyone knows where they can be downloaded?
  7. is there such a thing? hint to what to search for? thx community!
  8. I'm waiting for WonderW to come in here and rip this guy a new one...*getting popcorn bowl ready*
  9. Thx guys! So when the Decimator hits the meta the same applies? 1 asteriod and 1 Decimator still yields 1 extra green die?
  10. Hi! If there are 2 asteriods in the line of sight when shooting, does the defender roll 2 additional green dice?
  11. Toppis

    Rebel Transport

    Sorry, should've mentioned that I'm Swedish. We are all out of Transports But if they are on the boat, then we should be fine "soon"™
  12. Toppis

    Rebel Transport

    When are FFG restocking Transports, anyone got a headsup?
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