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  1. Arnbjorn

    Vehicle Book?

    I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Arnbjorn

    Vehicle Book?

    I would love it as I'm going to be running a campaign soon that is inspired by Mad Max.
  3. I'm about a quarter of the way through the whole story. This is a fantastic read and it's given me a lot of great ideas. Thanks for writing it all down and posting it.
  4. My last session was based on a war against a heresy of my own devising. The players were part of a battlegroup assigned to a minor world to cut off the heretic's promethium supply. The session starts after the players have spent three months raiding the enemy (guerrilla regiment with covert strike gear) and have returned to their lines. They celebrate their successful raids with a party and their friendly lieutenant comes to chat with them. As they chat, largely about moving a player-favourite comrade behind the lines for her safety, they see a meteor shower. The next night the meteor shower is revealed to be ork roks as Kommandos infiltrate the lines. The first three trench lines fall and the players hold the line at their (final) trench line thanks to a countercharge that kills their lieutenant. The captain talks to each player in turn, bribing or threatening them to support his taking credit for the countercharge and therefore winning the Winged Skull. They agree. A commissar who heads the awards commission comes and interviews them and one of the group breaks. The captain is on thin ice and to protect himself before a more thorough investigatin can take place, assigns the players to a forward observation post and 'forgets' to inform them of orders to retreat to the spaceport. The players then encounter several scenes along the way such as a bridge guarded by a squad of enemies, ork deffkoptas that try to run them down, a burned out village where they have the chance to help the locals (they ignore them) and a caravan of retreating soldiers burned with civilians and a damaged truck. The players spend a very tense 20 minutes real time carefully sounding out the other party trying to determine if they are loyalists or heretics. Both sides are extremely careful in not giving away their true loyalties until the opposed party is revealed to be heretics and a brutal shootout ensures. The players salvage the enemy vehicles and add them to their scavanged sentinels, but are short of fuel. The only hope to get everyone to the spaceport before they're left behind is a promethium refinery held by members of a regiment that the player regiment is involved in a feud with who have volunteered to stay behind and blow the refinery when the orks arrive. Some fast talking, some stun grenades, and four of the rival regiment are stripped, tied up, and the players have the fuel necessary to take them to the car chase where they are assaulted by warbikes, buggies, a trukk full of boyz, and other fun things. If we had more time, they would have had to break through the ork lines and then get fired upon by their own captain and/or the rival regiment. Best session we've run so far.
  5. Weapons or effects that make machines malfunction could have devastating effects on a character with Machine, or too many cybernetics in general. I had a psyker fry his own eyes through a perils test that made all machinery in the area malfunction. Beyond that, there could be all sorts of penalties to do with social interaction. While cybernetics are common and accepted in the Imperium, they're expensive and rare. Perhaps the expense and rarity of the procedures mark the player as a rich, easy mark, or as an important target for enemies or rivals from other regiments. In their downtime, think about the social consequences of the slow loss of humanity. How many individuals of the opposite gender, for instance, would be turned off, even terrified of a guardsmen who looks more like a servitor than the propaganda ideal? It can also lead to creative plot twists on and off the field of battle. For example, in my campaign the players are currently hunting for a noble who was kidnapped while slumming it in the worst part of the capital so that he could be rendered down for parts by a mob doctor/chop shop. If they're not careful, then the two heavily modified guardsmen run the risk of the same thing happening to them.
  6. My campaign is organized as a series of three-session mini-campaigns each set on a different world. Between each mini-campaign they return to their staging area and have a session to rest and get into trouble exploring a friendly city. So far we’ve played two full mini-campaigns and one rest session. By far the best session we’ve had was the resting one. I unleashed them on a city based on Seoul with several plot hooks. They managed to trash an expatriate bar, hook up with women from another regiment, party at a cutesy café that turns into a fetish nightclub after dark, connect with the local underground for ‘second hand’ cybernetics, and finally ‘borrow’ a high ranking officers medals in order to bluff their way into the stormtrooper giving a special lecture at a local educational institution while the rest of the party breaks into the chemical storage in order to steal what they need for the medic to make a huge batch of drugs. I’m going to have a lot of fun dealing with the ramifications of their actions next session as the people they beat up in the bar fight are eager for revenge, and one of the girls they hooked up with has a surprise (hint: it’s been about a year since they last saw each other). The bit I’m most interested to do is an optional mission to track down the son of an important noble. Last time the party was here, they made a special order for some bionics. The two are connected in a suitably grimdark fashion.
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