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  1. looks gorgeous! Can you say few words how is it working for you, is it worth the buy? Is it possible to download/purchase mods for the expansions, or core set support only?
  2. I am coming back to this great game after a very long period of not playing. The last quests I played were from The Ring Maker cycle and The Black Riders saga. I want to rekindle my love for the game. Which one of the newer quests would you recommend to me? I will play all of them eventually in order some day, but for now I want to hear about your special pick. I play 1-hand solo. Thanks
  3. WTF are you on about? Alt arts are not part of the game experience and missing them does not detract from playing the game. part of the appeal of the LCG model is that you do not have to worry about "chasing rares". Many gamers like to collect cards. We take pleasure in simply having all available cards in our collection. Actually playing the game is just one of many ways to enjoy LotR LCG.
  4. Jungle island? Exotic. Let's hope next cycle will not be adventures in the Wild West.
  5. Huge disappointment for me. Cannot even compare to LOTR movies. The awkward thing is that there are very good moments in the Hobbit. But overall the movies felt cheapened, rushed, dispirited. Still... it was a feast to see Middle-earth again! Such a shame it didn't work out in the end as a whole. What I liked: - Gandalf - perfection. - Bilbo - was very skeptical of Martin Freeman, but he nailed it. He is likable, relatable, and hobbitsy enough. More of him and less of distracting b-s would do these films a lot of good. - Thranduil - that voice ("...Such is the nature of evil"). A very interesting character. Pompous, proud, bad-ass, powerful. And distinct enough from other elf-characters in PJ's movies. - Battle of Azanulbizar. Very grim, emotional. That feel of victory bought very dearly. None of the action scenes later lived up to that fight. - Smaug's scene with Bilbo. - Riddles in the Dark. What I hated: - Kili & She-elf love story - absolutely unbelievable, weird, pointless. It also cheapened the character of Tauriel. She was cool enough on her own, but her role was reduced mainly to a dwarf romance. Oh, and we already have a good elf-dwarf abridging in Gimli and Legolas. Why do the same thing again? - Overuse of CGI - green screens, green screens everywhere. Battles seemed like a cartoon. Dain's dwarfs particularly seemed like one character copy-pasted for infiity. - Idiotic action-sequences: Legolas' antics, go-pro barrel ride, pointless battles and fights ad nauseam. Ridiculous earth-worms and trolls. - Alfrid and his slasptick, cringe-worthy jokes. I have to stop here. Going on makes me angry, and sad. Yet, I will watch it again. There is a fan-edit to be found on-line. The three movies are compressed into one 3-hour flick, apparently cut to be as faithful to original story as possible. Might be good.
  6. Just got through few pages of that thread. Ouch. And that fake account screw-up on top of it, oh my. Altogether it is almost poetic. Well, back to the thread I go.
  7. Oh, I don't think anyone argues for good taste of those memes. But I do get your point. In a way this seems somehow like "Borat" (it is silly enough to compare, I guess). Some see it as ridicule of Kazachstan folk. Others think it is a satire on the perception the Western people have of Eastern Europeans/Slav/Post-Soviet cultures.
  8. I think it is a parody of sexist jokes. It ridicules the reader's automatic expectation of being served some "filth". If anything, I would say it is a statement against sexism.
  9. yeah, that too. These victory display shenanigans, it is just a fad
  10. Am I the only one who is not a fan of Rossiel? I mostly mean in terms of theme. I acknowledge the trend of putting FFG-invented characters into the game. I understand this achieves two things: (i) spreads the pool of canon characters so that designers do not "run out" too soon, (ii) balances the male to female ratio. Well, okay. I learned to live with that But still, what is up with Rossiel? She just feels out of place, more like from... Warcraft perhaps? The skimpy leathery garments, magic glowy whisps dancing around her, etc. Anyway, it is a nice piece of art, a depiction of a physically beautiful character, just IMHO somehow a breach of climate.
  11. This game is the best because it combines two fantastic things: Tolkien and solo boardgaming. When I read Tolkien or play games, I do it mostly to escape other people And also what Trlaius said - when you are alone you can immerse yourself in the theme of the game, spend some time looking at the art, build some narrative in your head. For me with more players it is more a "game" than a Tolkien thingy.
  12. yes, this one. I guess I can proxy it... Still, just for the sake of it, I contacted FFG customer support and asked for help. I would be impressed if they shipped one little card over the ocean, though Believe me, I am sure they will. They shipped Arkenstone (the treasure card from Hobbit box of course, not the real one =P) over the ocean for me. And you are no different. Wow, they actually did. Just got a shipping confirmation. That is quality customer service on FFG's part, I am impressed.
  13. yes, this one. I guess I can proxy it... Still, just for the sake of it, I contacted FFG customer support and asked for help. I would be impressed if they shipped one little card over the ocean, though
  14. No, I can't see anyone. But in Middle-earth no power is eternal. Everything diminishes. So maybe a change would eventually come. Perhaps an intervention from higher powers would be possible or necessary. And in that scenario I would love to think that Gandalf, unlike Saruman or Sauron, could be redirected to goodness again.
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