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  1. So its all in the opportunity where droids are better equipped, makes sense I guess, I wish there were more cybernetics that wouldn't require me to get another expensive book though. Being lower in characteristics and skills isn't the worst thing though makes it easier to improve, plus a lot of the gear in the book that he purchases can simply be attached to him and easily concealed like someone said. You wouldn't relieve an old man of his walking stick or a droid of his arm, and then of oops its a wizard staff and oops it has an integrated blaster. I think I can make this work thanks for the info and being able to be rebuilt is a major boon for this particular player and now I'll have a tank in the group.
  2. I know there's a similar thread but it doesn't quite cover my question and I don't want to change its topic. My question is does it seem like droids are getting jipped at character creation, all there characteristics are one to start with and only get two skills, granted they get the most xp to start with but doing the math they can't even get to the human base line of two points in all characteristics and six skills at one rank all together that's 220 points to reach that base line. Granted with six implant points increasing brawn, agility, and intellect is not a problem but that's only by one point each and is something humans could do with just three brawn. Is there better way to create a droid PC, at this point I'm tempted to just let him spend all six implant points at character creation for free to better balance him compared to the two force sensitives in the group that will inevitably out shine him once they get the xp to increase their force powers. If it helps he wants to be a refurbished separatist droid, were thinking B2 Super Battle Droid model but as I just typed this I remembered the B3 Ultra Battle Droid, now that would be something to see but would be too big and conspicuous for an Edge of The Empire campaign oh well thought gone. If someone could tell me why droids start off with so little or how to design a better but balanced droid at character creation that would be a great help.
  3. I think this all helps I just wasn't sure whether this was a new book consisting of five different force sensitive careers that just pop up. I think for me Tython would be a good pick since I'm a big Old Republic player and know the lore. I think a good one being, the players have been training on the ancient hidden world by a small cadre of surviving Jedi Knights.
  4. I keep rewriting this trying to make it brief but detailed enough the answer I want but its not working grr. Straight to the point Edge of the Empire has Force Sensitive Exile a not quite fully trained Jedi who survived and is now hiding his powers to continue to survive example Kannan from Rebels, and Age of Rebellion has Force Emergent someone who's recently discovered their connection to the force that the rebellion is helping to hide from the Empire and maybe having him learn to use his power to help them, example Ezra from Rebels. My question is how does Force and Destiny fit in, are the players really trained Jedi and if so where are they coming from because the previous installments make it pretty clear that there's no Jedi around. Please no one say prequel or sequel era because I've got a Edge of the Empire running side by side with an Age of Rebellion campaign, were talking cross over NPC's and events, among other fun stuff and having a third installment to add a third group of heroes and plot hooks to the mix would be amazing considering I've already got a force emergent bounty hunter and scoundrel, they said that tree fit their characters better and who was I to argue. I guess the question is where are these Jedi coming from maybe Tython would be a good fit considering its been a Jedi haven in the past to retreat to when things got bad for the Jedi Order.
  5. I have a character that chose addiction, alcoholism, major problem for her character, her motivation, one of them anyway, is to travel space drinking every kind of alcohol out there. It's going to be fun to play with, any time it gets rolled up I'll just make sure her character gets the sudden urge to visit the local cantina and let the fun start from there. Poisoned, drugged, bar fights, I can imagine the fun that will ensue.
  6. Wow this all reminds me of the Isotope-5 Droid boss battle from SWTOR on Makeb, the first time you encounter it as the imps, not the mob version or the golden fury that the pubs fight. If your undecided on the make and model of the droid you could totally make it a refurbished Isotope-5 droid.
  7. Alright that all makes sense changing the system would have messed things up. I don't know what I was thinking really I've rolled attacks against them in D&D, RCR, Saga, its all the same they just need to play a little different in this one. I'll just make sure to explain things such as cover and defensive fighting as they design their characters and play them.
  8. I just got the game and haven't played yet and I'm having trouble with combat from the NPC's perspective, Players add up their pool roll success hits and fail means they miss. My question is what happens when a player is attacked, do I make a pool against the player and roll just like the player would, that seems to be what I understand, but that leaves the player just there to watch the fate of his character as I roll the attack pool. If that's the case could I perhaps change things for a more player controlled encounter. Perhaps when a player attacks he is in turn countered, success the player hits and fail the enemy hits, the player I imagine would hit more often so to balance it out, disadvantages are scraping hits (sorry can't think of a better word right now) dealing a point of damage per one rolled, example the player succeeds but takes three damage from a scraping hit, The problem with this scenario would be advantages and disadvantages would have to not cancel each other out. Oh and triumph would do its thing as normal but despair would mean the enemy hits also. Or maybe the players make defense rolls using vigilance, one roll using the skill and opposing purple and red dice as the enemy's attack roll. This however would mean you'd have to throw range difficulty dice out the window using it only as a max range for the weapon. So could someone either explain how combat works within the rules or comment on which of these would work or if neither does and perhaps make some suggestions.
  9. Thanks for the input, especially regarding the black hole, nice to know I gauged the difficulty accurately despite never playing this system.
  10. I've been thinking on what to run the past week and I came up with Treasure Planet. I figure a star wars retelling of a classic story should start the campaign with a lot of fun and laughs, especially since the crew they join is the romantically apocalyptic crew with the player who actually read the comic playing snippy. Now for the adventure I want five encounters, I've come up with Captain inviting the players and several NPC's to join his quest to find the long lost planet filled with treasure. Although that's hardly an encounter. Next they must find the old astrogation charts from an old starship wreckage on some abandoned moon, in the ship will be automated security droids activated when they turn on the ship to retrieve the charts. Third the players ship ends up in proximity of a black hole and must make an immediate hyper jump to escape which looking up the skill seems to be three purple dice which I will upgrade to two purple and one red, with two black dice. does that seem right please comment about that. Should they fail the ship will still get away from the black hole but be crippled till repaired, success but disadvantage will lead to hull damage, and despair will have a hull breach that sucks out a couple of the NPC's. what do you think of that encounter. Fourth will be a creature feature of gundarks while they explore the planet in search of riches. fifth will after they find the treasure with a mutiny in the treasure temple. Interrupted after a few rounds worth of shooting at pirates. The entire floor of the temple will start to sink into the maw of a giant sarlacc (think the force unleashed), awakened by the blaster fire. The mutinous pirates in the center of the temple will be the first to go sinking into the maw itself while others will be grabbed by tenticals. The players will have to run for the ship or be eaten themselves, what kind of roll is needed to avoid sarlacc tenticals? So what I need is your opinion on this adventure, what I should do with the fifth encounter, and with what little treasure they escape with before most of it sinks into the sarlacc, how much is it worth once traded in for credits.
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