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  1. You know, from a certain point of view the game already has a 4 ship minimum. Two on your side, and two on mine. Yub yub, commander!
  2. To be fair, if there's a really good ace player involved the game usually feels like it has devolved into "I have no right choices" fairly quickly. I'm not saying I agree with the statement, but aces to greater or lesser extent generally feel like the X-Wing equivalent of MTG's Blue, and everyone hates Blue.
  3. Suprising, I wonder how they'll make 5v5 work if the empire just has worse equipment to work with (less sturdy, no torpedoes, no shielding, though faster and more maneuverable we saw how that went irl for the Zero)
  4. I'm going to say it now: those TIE's are all going to have shields for balance's sake and it's going to irk me.
  5. If you drop the auto blasters and the S-foils off braylon you can get an ion cannon turret and a seismic charge for Dutch.
  6. I'm really hoping EA finally proves me wrong with this one
  7. Nyxen

    Rebel ships

    I may have come across a bit argumentative, but I can't think of a better way to spend 36-9 points in the game. He's leaps and bounds better than Dutch for double mod potential, can't fail like Garven can, is almost 20 points cheaper than Kyle, has 3 evade, I4, and that maneuverability over AP5, and in extended can be a real threat with predator and crack shot. Against generic lists he gets to be Soontir fel by double repositioning with focus, and against aces he blocks like a madman, and every shot at him is a shot not going toward your main threats. In conclusion the RZ-1 A-wing may not be the piece you want to close a game with, but it's the most influential piece the rebels have.
  8. Nyxen

    Rebel ships

    You all can fight me, the A-wing just got its role changed to support craft/blocker. I am a firm believer that any rebel list that doesn't include Jake is wrong, and Arvel is terrifying for the points if only for the unique interaction with the Boba+Fenn matchup. I'd say the Y-wing's the weakest of the OG rebel ships, it just lacks the tricks the B-Wing has and the flexibility the A/X have and the turret slot doesn't make up for it imo.
  9. I feel like if they did this, they'd have to increase the points cost of different base chassis by different amounts and then remove the cost of upgrade cards, as even with 23 upgrade cards there's some pretty strong diminishing of returns you get the more slots you're filling usually.
  10. I'd swap Thane for Wedge, I'm never happy with Thane for what you get; whereas at least wedge can occasionally push damage onto a defender/inquisitor. Maybe sense on Luke at that point because initiative's not going to be your friend, and I think the points work out?
  11. That's what I get for not reading the full thread lol I'd still move the ion cannon onto the Y in that case, have your points more evenly distributed and let Ten focus on double modding his attack rather than going for 1 mod over 2 attacks.
  12. The Title on B-wings is generally a trap, yes you get two attacks but you're barely modifying either so you really have to lean into the variance. That combined with the 1 agi means your most expensive piece can get burned down without contributing much, if anything, to your match. You also run into the classic trouble of gaining a lock at low initiative, and then still being pointed at the thing you've locked after they move.
  13. Swap the shield upgrade on quick draw to Deuterium Power Cells, sometimes you get 2 extra shields but you always get that extra trigger, unlike the occasion where you still only get 1 or two triggers off the shield upgrade.
  14. Loaded ywing anakin,clt obiwan, and 2 generic n-1's
  15. I have to say, with very little experience in legion the one part I really enjoy is being forced to bring at least 3 generic mook squads in every squad, I wouldn't hate a modified rule where each faction had to spend X points on A,B, or C ships/upgrades on them.then just update the squad builders to flag which pilots/chassis fit that descriptor and you're good to go.
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