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  1. Nyxen

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

  2. Nyxen

    How long have you played X-Wing?

    Before the dark times, before the scum.
  3. Nyxen

    Faction identities

    Empire: Ship ability faction.
  4. Nyxen

    Showcase: A-wing

    Here's my most recent ship, my take on Black 2
  5. Nyxen

    Bullseye Talents

    You should work on it Soontir rather than later, if you play hyperspace Captain Seevor is getting popular in my meta at least.
  6. Nyxen

    Bullseye Talents

    Marksmanship: stapled to Seyn, Maaaybe on Maarek, probably useless elsewhere
  7. Nyxen

    Hanger Bay rules this year.

  8. Nyxen

    Terrifying Technology: Vulture preview

    I mean, the consortium was just massively op in both theaters of combat relative to both other factions, of course they tore them up.
  9. Nyxen

    What are people running on Ello?

    Don't you mean Eroic B Stromech Ntegrated -Foils Errosphere Aint Ardpoint: Annon Eavy aser annon
  10. Nyxen

    ICv2 Fall 2018

    For pre-painted minis they are amazing. With just a bit of touch up they can look professionally done.
  11. Nyxen

    Showcase: A-wing

    Start black? Wouldn't it take a bunch of coats to get the yellow to cover it? (I have no idea what I'm talking about)
  12. Nyxen

    Showcase: A-wing

    Thanks, I've only got one paint job that I feel is "ruined" and that's only because I had a better idea on how to achieve what I wanted after finishing it. That said; I've managed to clean up my lines since this but I still haven't figured out how people manage to make their ships look... Right? Like every time I paint something I can tell its a painted miniature, whereas other jobs on here look like they could be production models from a movie. My one recommendation for your A's and B's is do the yellow first, the black will be much easier to clean up with.
  13. Nyxen

    Showcase: A-wing

    The lines may be ugly, but you've still gotta love your first paint job; here's the Wasp
  14. Zari's low enough init. That you can predict their move and force the block.
  15. Nyxen

    Community help needed - Empire/TIE X1

    As someone working feverishly to get Maarek to work competitively, the Reaper (more coordinate in general but I do hyperspace soo...) is your friend.