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  1. Against Shadows you need to pace yourself, alternate between rolling in key money and building up a board state. If you choose to go to 20 key money or whatever, that has to be a calculated risk on your part that they don't have Bait and Switch or Too Much To Protect, in which case just accept the result.
  2. But like... why are people over-earning so much to go to 18 key money? If you are playing against Shadow and don't know whether they have bait and switch, surely you aim to end turns on like 8ish to enable forging, but safeguard against horrifying swings?
  3. I think it's dynamic, engaging, and (mostly) clear, and enjoy the fun-loving aspect of it. I think with more serious artwork it could get very dark very quickly, so prefer it this way.
  4. Looks like a cheap non-union knock off of Guildkeeper of Doomwind?
  5. One thing gotta be a bit careful on when evaluating decks is that just because Deck A beats Deck B more often than not doesn't mean Deck A is stronger. Deck B might have a much better matchup against Decks C and D, and so potentially be a more viable tournament option. Due to the nature of the game a lot is likely to be missed due to play at the moment only happening with a couple of decks.
  6. This game is gonna fill a need for a lot of people - plenty of folks want to stay in touch with card games but don’t have the time to keep a collection organised, deck build, etc. It also gives a genuine alternative to Friday Night Magic drafts - get a few people together, pay a tennerish, 5-10 minutes to get a grasp of the deck you get, then all sweet sweet gameplay. Maybe the winner gets another deck or whatever. But for people to get into this initially, the game has to launch right. FFG have a bizarre fetish for launch events that only happen in a few locations with the majority of the player base just getting to buy product at their local retailer, with no sense of occasion or grandeur to bring into into awareness of the people other than those who already decided to try it. Please let this game have a proper global launch event. Something to draw people in to try it, from where the gameplay will hopefully sell itself. Something that FFG can make available to every local game store. And for goodness sake, don’t let this one run into FFG-style availability issues at launch. With all the might of Asmodee behind them now, and with a name like Garfield behind the game there can’t be a reason not to commit to this one fully.
  7. I am from Ireland, not the UK. But.... yeah the US vs Europe thing seems tragic in this game, where the Continentals got actively de-scoped to not include Europe, and generally there seem to be few events around. For Nationals, it seems that the UK ones will be at the ICC on August 24-26th, but I have not seen a specific date yet.
  8. That's a lot of kitchen table prophecies of doom. Community has been gathering results from the Regionals Championships over the last month, and thus far Space Marines are equal on wins with Dark Eldar, which is likely to suggest they are the second strongest faction, if one were to account for the discrepancies in faction popularity between the two. Eldar are only one win behind: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21613-road-to-worlds-2015/ Yes, balance could be better with AM having no wins at all, and Orks having a rather controversial one, having happened at a 3-man tournament, but the game seems very much at a point where player skill trumps faction power. For people quitting over the Predator, that is particularly baffling, and, I would dare suggest, demonstrative of a limited grasp of the flow of the game. 7 resources is more than a full turn's worth, unless you are winning *all* command struggles (in which case the question becomes, how do you do that, when you are playing 7-drops, and the 7-drop is likely unnecessary at that point anyway). This is 7 resources that gets tied up in a single unit that can be killed in a single activation by most armies with an Ion Rifle, dismissed by an Archon's Terror, mauled by a swarm of rock-bottom priced cultists, etc. The game is currently unkind to large units, as many of the best targeted effects affect any size army equally.
  9. Aha! Any volunteers for a ninja shopper role? Watched the video pretty much frame by frame now, relentlessly pausing it to look at the various cards. Seems an incredibly matured card game with crisp delineation of traits, abilities, and just really clear presentation of card info. I like the alliance cards forcing you to include a minimum number of cards from a given faction, shows how alliances in New Barathea, or whatever the world is called, will mean that the house seriously sticks their nose (and therefore their people/actions) into your business, and not accept a role with just a token representative of two.
  10. This looks seriously slick. No release time frame though? :-( Also: how many LCGs is too many to keep up with?
  11. Pft! Wave 2... I heard Wave 4 is legal for the Somalian Regionals next week.
  12. I don't understand this demand that squadrons lose firepower as their hit points drop. This game is made on a movie franchise, and movies have very clear rules about fighter squadrons that the more get shot down the awesomer the remaining few, the proud become. Fighter pilots are like ninjas.
  13. Accessibility has to factor into the decision-making process. You could have one of the finest venues in terms of running competitions, but if it's in the back of nowhere, causing difficulties for players to gather, the potential wonders that await there are moot. I play in Ireland, which is lumped with another country for its tournament season. We have 0 Konquest Regionals scheduled in our country, and 0 Regionals scheduled between ourselves and the country we are bundled with by FFG and associates with in a city with an airport. Easiest one to get to is in some tiny town close to 5hrs drive each way, that last year held a Netrunner Regionals with a lower attendance than some of the local store championships because of the remote location (even for people relatively close, requiring to take multiple buses, etc). I have a great appreciation for a venue that is good at running tournaments - having enough space, an efficient team, considerate toilet facilities, etc. can make a wonderful difference, in focusing the event on the game playing, rather than just some endurance marathon. However if we look at the UK and Eire Netrunner and Konquest Regionals - there is 0 crossover in venues, which doesn't make it look like the venue itself is a factor in the decision. Looks to me like the tournaments are being given out as boons to favoured customers, with little consideration for the player base, or simply feeding an existing player base, no matter how remote, while reducing the ability of the broader populace to get into the Regional (not store-specific) events.
  14. Is the Games Workshop license too expensive or something? FFG seem to be dumping Konquest Regionals in the UK and Ireland in seemingly deliberately out-of-the-way places, as though trying to actively shrink the player base. Between the 6 venues, the average population of the town they are being held in is 95,829. US venues also don't seem to have too many places featured on the Ticket To Ride USA - Big Cities. So.... In the eternal words of the Four Non-Blondes "I say hey! What's going on?" Is it some championing of small towns from a company that lists itself as a Local Business on Facespace, callous ignorance as to where distributors are willing to gift Regionals to, or a willingness to have a game saddled with an expensive license fail without looking like they give up on it? If it is just an accident, may be time to push, as a community, for a maximum zoom level on Google Maps that a venue hosting Regionals should still be visible at.
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