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  1. Yep, unfortunately you misunderstood the contents of the kits. If you had four tie fighters it doesn’t mean one kit will give you four Howlrunners. That being said they did screw up quite a bit with the number of generics they included for some ships which is a valid complaint.
  2. Yeah I hope the faction I’m buying into has mechanics that have no counterplay too. I’m personally hoping there’s a RR ruling that says if the ship it sticks to is Republic then it does an additional two crits, I mean for balance and all. We just won’t know until it comes out though.
  3. How is that poor sportsmanship? That would be called an overlap in every instance because it’s clearly overlapping by the rules. The only time I wouldn’t enforce that is if it was a teaching game and it was a new player, same way I wouldn’t care if their base edge went off the mat or something.
  4. You accidentally put missiles on Dash! Take those off and you have 5 more points for Luke! Happy day!!?
  5. From everything we’ve seen, in 2.0 you can only do an action once a round, just like in 1.0- So using your example, you can’t coordinate a ship to boost, and then boost that ship again for its own action. About linked actions, I don’t know of any reason why you couldn’t do a linked action from a coordinated action, but without the rules it’s hard to say, there might be a rule that says you can’t!
  6. I really think primed thrusters is better with bb8/intensity. Advanced optics doesn’t synergize as well since you’ll want to spend a token to flip it. Plus primed thrusters let’s you bb8 barrel roll when you’re stressed and lets you also boost after a t-roll and still get a focus.
  7. What about Kylo though? Dash can’t kill the Decimator that easily if he’s blinded for two turns. And in that time he focuses on Dash and there goes your opportunity. So how do you keep Dash from getting Kyloed?
  8. Why waste the mod slot on munitions failsafe when the ship has the reload action? LRS or AdvSlam are too valuable to not equip.
  9. Yesterday at my local 20 person Store Championship, I flew Dash Miranda to a 1-3 finish. In my last game, I was paired up with a guy running Dash and Nien Nunb. I had light Dash (LW, Rey, HLC, Title) and he had a modified heavy Dash (PTL, Cassian, HLC, EU, Title). We both obliterated each other's support ship with HLC and then the Dashes started trading blows. I had the upper hand for dice mods with Rey's focus and the ability to reroll with LW on offense and defense, yet he had the superior mobility with PTL, Cassian crew (guessing my maneuver and able to change his), EU and native barrel roll. And since I had initiative, he moved after me. With thirty minutes left, he had two hull and I had 3. All I had to do was stay at range 2 and HLC him and weather the return shot with Rey's focus and LW reroll. Me: So yeah I guess you could try to stay in range 1 for 30 minutes and not get shot? Him: ...Oh yeah true. But I'm ahead on points so I'll win! Me: Craaap. Cue 30 minutes of me desperately flying left and right, backwards and forwards, trying to shake him. But between his Cassian guess safety net, boost and BR, he could either guarantee R1 or be able to PTL both boost/BR and disengage. And of course all debris made no difference. We made complete circles around the board about 3 times. To add to this madness, there was a set of cluster mines about R1 from the board edge that Miranda had placed before going to her grave. The only chance I had of possibly giving myself some room to shoot was maneuvering behind them so Dash 2 couldn't follow. But I was never able to get the correct approach vector, and I would have risked being in a position where I would either eat cluster mines or have a corner go off the board edge. Finally after one long disengagement, I came in with a 2 bank away and focused, and he miscalculated his maneuver and reposition actions and he was 1/4 inch inside R3. That left him without focus and ripe for killin'. I got my additional Rey focus and killed him with 4 hits. And he proceeded to spend his target lock and roll for 3 hits. Well, I rolled two blanks and my LW reroll also rolled a blank. So we both died. And of course he won in Final Salvo by 1 hit. I wouldn't say it was fun but it sure was funny!
  10. If you need a photoshop-type app I can suggest GIMP, a free image editor with much of the functionality of PS. http://www.gimp.org
  11. I had this question come up last week too and would like to know the answer. It's as simple as Old Teroch at PS 7 running over the left cluster token, and Fenn running over the right one at PS9. I would want to delay the Sabine effect for Fenn.
  12. The F.A.Q. has you covered! Crack Shot This card should read: “When attacking a ship inside your firing arc, at the start of the ‘Compare Results’ step, you may discard this card to cancel 1 of the defender’s evade results.”
  13. I think your best bet is to crowdsource donations from players in your flgs or local facebook group. I'm sure people can spare one or two dials that they don't use. Like who in their right mind is going to use their Kihraxz Scyk Starviper X-Wing dials?
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