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  1. Hedgehobbit

    The Next LCG

    I was hoping for a Fallout LCG based on the Arkham one but with the addition of usable loot. (Similar to how Maximum Apocalypse does it.) At certain locations or after killing bad guys, you can draw Loot cards into your hand as you would draw a card normally. Then after the game, you can keep a certain number of loot cards as part of your deck for the next scenario. Sort of combining an LCG with a deckbuilding game.
  2. Hedgehobbit

    The vocal minority is an issue

    Of course not. I do, however, believe that the way many social media platforms are constructed encourages harassment (probably intentionally). If a system is designed to measure success by the reaction to a post; whether it's Likes, ReTweets, or # of Comments, then users will be rewarded for pushing the bounds of decent behavior just to get noticed. When I say, "if you use social media, expect to be harassed", I'm often accused of victim blaming or supporting harassment. But my intention is to condemn how social media platforms are designed to reward bad behavior. Just like how Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segments encourage people to send nasty tweets to celebrities in order to get their tweets read on the show.
  3. Hedgehobbit

    The vocal minority is an issue

    If KMT wasn't given access to a social team and actually saw all the hateful comments directed at her, then that is a pretty stunning condemnation of Disney and their failure to protect their actors. If, on the other hand, KMT's Instagram was being run by a team at Disney, then it's easy to imagine this entire incident is a publicity stunt. NOBODY is claiming that KMT was intentionally harassed by Disney. Also, please don't blame the alt-right for this harassment. We are huge Tico fans (#Ticopath), and would never do anything to KMT. How can we not love her??????!!!!!!
  4. Hedgehobbit

    The vocal minority is an issue

    There is something really fishy about this whole situation. Firstly, and most importantly, why wasn't KMT given a social media manager by Disney to filter the crappy comments? Especially after what happened to Daisy Ridley. She's a major actor in one of their biggest franchises, yet Disney can't fork over a couple grand for an assistant to handle stuff like this? Secondly, Rian Johnson goes on Twitter just hours after the announcement but doesn't offer words of support or encouragement to KMT. Instead he immediately attacks the fans. Things were so bad for KMT that she had to quit Instagram yet Johnson, her director, never even mentioned her. Finally, while she left a cryptic comment, KMT never actually stated the reason why she deleted her Instagram. But this harassment narrative is accepted as fact. This looks to me like some fans are using KMT as a weapon to attack other fans. And that's just as bad as the original harassment IMO.
  5. Hedgehobbit

    2.0 Design Spaces

    On thing I was hoping to see was an improved setup system like they have in SW Legion. With different cards dealt randomly and the ability for players to veto some of them. The cards in Legion are of three types: deployment zones, victory conditions, and special environment rules. You end up with one of each. While it might not be fair for tournaments, it would be great for casual games.
  6. Hedgehobbit

    X-Wing 2.0 - batteries required.

    Will the Quick Build cards be in the conversion kit? I heard that they weren't and they didn't show any in the unboxing. However, in the unboxing Alex said pretty clearly that there's no need to buy any of the 2.0 version of the ship packs unless you want the improved models.
  7. Hedgehobbit

    EA abandoning battlefront 2

    I watched the video but I'm still unclear on how what's happening with SW Battlefront 2 any different from what already happened to SW Battlefront 1. I'm assuming that they are stopping work on SWBF2 in order to start work on SW Battlefront 3.
  8. Hedgehobbit

    Chained actions and difficulty decreasing upgrades

    The rules aren't going to clarify this as the restriction is from the App. If a ship has a red linked action and the App doesn't let you equip this card, then it doesn't matter how the card works in this situation. IOW, any ship with a Focus->Red Boost will already have a white boost and, thus, be unable to equip Engine Upgrade. For there to be a confusion, you would need a ship that has a red boost/barrel roll and also have a linked action into a red boost/barrel roll. I don't think any ships will have this setup.
  9. Hedgehobbit

    Stop the sadness ;)

    I'm not gonna let you bring me down. My logic is impeccable. I haven't been this excited for Armada since the ISDs first came out. Just a few more weeks ......
  10. Hedgehobbit

    Stop the sadness ;)

    The Hyperspace Report was the best thing to ever happen to Armada. Here's why ... -The Hyperspace Report introduced X-Wing 2.0 -X-Wing 2.0 added Force tokens and Calculate tokens to support Jedi and Droid pilots. -Jedi and Droid pilots were big in the Clone Wars -X-Wing 2.0 is getting Clone Wars ships! -Armada is getting Clone Wars ships! Two new factions with a huge variety of possible ships. FFG can't announce these ships for Armada simply because they want to announce it for both games at the same time (as announcing one would spoil the other).
  11. I find this a strange notion since the most successful Star Wars campaign I ever ran started with the players in command of a capital ship. I had run a decent campaign of the old Star Trek RPG so it was easy for me to make the transition. But seeing how the low end of capital ships is much more fleshed out now, with ships such as the Gozanti, C-ROC, and Imp Raider, it's easier than ever to run a cap ship centric Star Wars campaign.
  12. Hedgehobbit

    Does height matter for determining cover?

    Let me clarify. Because of the height of the AT-ST, there will be a large amount of terrain that can provide cover to vehicles (by virtue of it's ability to block 50%+ of the model), yet still be short enough for the AT-ST to shoot over. I guess the big problem is using the top if a miniature for LOS cover checks when the weapons that are actually shooting are located 2" below the top. If you used the same spot for both LOS checks then it wouldn't be an issue.
  13. Hedgehobbit

    Does height matter for determining cover?

    I have to say that I'm not really a fan of that rules change. With the rules as currently written, vehicles will have cover less often than troopers because certain terrain types might not provide cover for vehicles but will provide it for troopers. This seems fair at the moment. However, drawing a LOS line from the top of the vehicle to the base of a trooper target will mean that vehicles will often ignore nearby cover, such as buildings, yet, when the troopers return fire, that same building will now block the line from the top of the trooper to the vehicle's BASE, meaning the vehicle will receive cover.
  14. Hedgehobbit

    Suppression, recover.

    Didn't realize that I responded to a double post. Feel free to delete as the question was answered in the other thread.
  15. Hedgehobbit

    Suppression, recover.

    From page 21: After the “Rally” step of a trooper unit’s activation, if that unit has a number of suppression tokens assigned to it that is equal to or greater than that trooper’s courage value, that unit is suppressed. A suppressed unit performs one fewer action during its activation. The check for suppression only happens immediately after the Rally step. So a unit is suppressed for the duration of it's activation regardless of whether it gains or loses suppression tokens or if its Courage value changes (such as by moving closer to a commander).