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  1. No. The Courser cannot be stopped. The only hope the railroad has at this point is to spawn enough Railroad tokens that the Star Faction maker moves down the track and they win the game before the Courser get's to the Railroad HQ.
  2. In the RR pg 9, your Inventory is defined as "Items and companions a survivor possesses but does not have equipped". From that it looks like any item you get (such as purchased or as loot) goes directly into your inventory and the you must discard from your inventory to get down to your inventory limit. That's how I've been playing it.
  3. You only ever take one card at a time out of the library and only the card that matches the number in the "Add XXX" line. For example, if you are told to "Add 111" then you take card 111 from the library and look at it's card back. Then you take a number of cards equal to the players FROM THE MATCHING ENCOUNTER DECK and shuffle those together. Adding the new stack back on top of the encounter deck. You are, in effect, mixing the newly added card with the top starting encounter cards just so you find that card earlier than if you put it on the bottom. So, it doesn't really matter whether the library is face up or face down although I do mine face down split into two piles, 1-100 and 101+
  4. There are really two issues working against each other wrt the faction cards. The game works best, and is the most fun, if there are two groups of players pushing two different factions. So, in the situation where only one faction is advancing the game ends rather quickly which might be a good thing as the game isn't very much fun if everyone is working together. I don't know if extending the game in the least interesting situation would be a good idea. One suggestion I've seen is to limit the faction cards to 3 points each. This means that once a faction is +2 spaces ahead, there isn't much pressure for the winning team to advance it which might give the losing team a chance to get back in the game or allow players to focus on their own personal objectives. The other option is wait to score until the end of the game rather than stopping it abruptly. This might be the easiest but it does make it more likely that the winner will be determined simply by how many of the winning faction cards he or she has. I don't know if the answer can really be found in adjusting the scoring method as what this game really needs is to have some sort of system that encourages the players to be playing on different, hidden, teams. The method I use is to have all the players secretly pick four objectives for the game only two of which can be faction cards (including the same card twice). Each Agenda card you receive in the game activates one of your pre-chosen objectives. By limiting the players to two faction cards, each player on the winning team will score the same number of faction points so the winner will still by up to whomever does the best getting Agenda cards and doing their non-faction objectives.
  5. I don't think a small expansion would work for Nuka World. Ideally, you'd have one tile for each of the parks. There are six parks (Nuka Town, Kiddie Kingdom, the robot one, western one, Animal Kingdom, and the bottling plant) you'd need six new tiles to even do it any kind of justice. That's an entire replacement of the red unexplored tiles. I've only heard second had stuff about Bethesda's relationship with New Vegas. They don't seem to have an issue with still selling the game though.
  6. I would expect at least one small expansion similar in size to the small expansions from Eldritch Horror. Based on the size of the cardboard in those boxes and the size of the hex tiles, I'm also guessing that it will have two scenarios and a bunch of cards to expand the various decks (esp the starting encounter and ruins decks). I want enough cards to get rid of all the Synth-related encounters when not playing in the Commonwealth.
  7. I'm not sure if this is the exact answer but the Component Limitations section of the RR says that there is no limit to the number of faction tokens and to "use a viable substitute".
  8. Additional Errata: One of the 3+ Security Agenda cards activates Stars instead of Shields when every other Security Agenda card activates Shields and the only other Agenda cards that activate Stars are the Freedom ones. Neither of the two companions from the Unique Asset Deck have the companion icon on the card.
  9. There is an item called Addictol that cures addiction. It's one of the shop items IIRC. Having the Addiction status cleared by camping would be too easy. Just don't do drugs!
  10. If you wanted to shop, you can take an Encounter action before or after the Quest action. But, as described above, it's two separate actions.
  11. 1) Yes, you can still kill a monster that attacks you at range. I've been assuming the bonus damage is the damage you take while running up to it to bonk it on the head. 2) You lose all unequipped items only .
  12. That is correct. Various quest cards will be revealed that allow Vault Encounter cards to be used to create a Vault Encounter Deck. Until the deck is made, you can't actually have a Vault encounter. Once you play it, it will make sense.
  13. Based on some of the reaction in the various games, I always assumed that a ghoul's naughty bits were still fully functional .
  14. Male and female supermutants are indistinguishable. But, really, the only difference between male and female characters is the mini and the card. The mini can be changed and the picture on the card isn't actually viewable in-game. Here's a female vault dweller, for instance
  15. I see two things being discussed. One is the actual text on the cards, and the other is the relative value of the non-faction cards considering the difficulty in completing them. I agree 100% that the non-faction Agenda cards are inferior to the Faction related ones. Not only do the Faction cards allow a much higher total, but you gains points just by doing the main quest, which often rewards you each step of the way. The non-faction cards, OTOH, often require you to go out of your way and make sub-optimal game choices to complete. One suggesting I've seen was to rewrite all the faction cards as follows: +1 if your faction wins +1 if your faction is two spaces or more ahead of the other faction Not only would this change encourage players to play the main quest to completion, but it would also limit the value of faction cards and stop encouraging piling on.