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  1. I'd like to see a card pack released that has new starting encounters that are scenario specific. So 8 new cards for each scenario that feature other minor characters and events straight from the original game. As it is right now, the wastleland and settlement encounters are pretty generic and there are so few that you see the same ones every time you play. FFG has done these sort of card packs before.
  2. In version 1.02 it said, "After a ship performs or fails a red action, it gains one stress token." So, this was fixed already. It just don't understand why FFG made the change from gaining a stress after performing the action to before the action is attempted.
  3. There's no reason to clarify that you get a stress token "after the red action fails" since you already have the stress token that you got from when you attempted the action in the first place. I don't know why they changed it since the line that was removed was crystal clear as to what happened and when.
  4. In the recent rules reference, it now says that you gain a stress token when you "attempt" a red action. (pg 3). On page 11, it says that after you fail a red action, you gain a stress. Does this mean that failing a red action gives you two stress tokens, one from attempting the action and one from failing it? If not, where is that explained?
  5. Just a casual here. A few days ago Hairy Nick mentioned card packs for new cards in the 2e expansions. However, he seemed to imply that none of the second edition re-releases, except those from wave 1 which were in the conversion kits, had any new pilots or upgrades included. Is this true?
  6. What if the Nemesis ends up face down in the Shadows. He was previously defeated but the players can't know that he's back in play. Does he count as defeated for victory purposes?
  7. Fallout 76 pretty much killed my love of the Fallout franchise. I decided to skip FFG's New California expansion and I haven't even unboxed my copy of Wasteland Warfare that I pre-ordered. It wasn't just the game being bad, but mostly Bethesda's horrible treatment of their players. OTOH, The Outer Worlds looks pretty cool. Maybe FFG can get that franchise.
  8. Does the New California expansion include replacement cards? Such as for the Agenda card that activates the wrong faction?
  9. You said nothing that requires an apology. Movement rates are an issue for many similar games, and is something that, in this case, has a trivial solution. I've always found it best to consider solutions to potential problems before playing a game if a rule seems problematic. Sometimes it turns out that the rule change isn't needed but that's much better than giving up on a game due to a mechanic that doesn't work. Remember, you're playing the game for your own entertainment. If adjusting the rules makes the game more enjoyable, then the rules should be adjusted. This is especially true in solo or co-op games. Also, keep in mind that game designers have limitations on the rules they write which individual players do not have.
  10. Two locations on the map can be up to 7 spaces apart. Therefore, if a monster that needs to be dealt with spawns, it could spawn so far away that it will take a solo investigator 3-4 turns just to walk over there, in which time another monster has probably spawned. The average distance between spawns and investigators falls dramatically as player count increases. This is why increasing the walking speed of solo investigators is a good idea. To prevent frustration and tedium of wasted turns.
  11. I was thinking something similar. It could be just a case of increasing the move speed for small player counts. Forex, if only one player a move action lets you move four space, if two players a move action lets you move three spaces. Players can get around the board quicker but won't be able to do more things.
  12. I was hoping for a Fallout LCG based on the Arkham one but with the addition of usable loot. (Similar to how Maximum Apocalypse does it.) At certain locations or after killing bad guys, you can draw Loot cards into your hand as you would draw a card normally. Then after the game, you can keep a certain number of loot cards as part of your deck for the next scenario. Sort of combining an LCG with a deckbuilding game.
  13. Of course not. I do, however, believe that the way many social media platforms are constructed encourages harassment (probably intentionally). If a system is designed to measure success by the reaction to a post; whether it's Likes, ReTweets, or # of Comments, then users will be rewarded for pushing the bounds of decent behavior just to get noticed. When I say, "if you use social media, expect to be harassed", I'm often accused of victim blaming or supporting harassment. But my intention is to condemn how social media platforms are designed to reward bad behavior. Just like how Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segments encourage people to send nasty tweets to celebrities in order to get their tweets read on the show.
  14. If KMT wasn't given access to a social team and actually saw all the hateful comments directed at her, then that is a pretty stunning condemnation of Disney and their failure to protect their actors. If, on the other hand, KMT's Instagram was being run by a team at Disney, then it's easy to imagine this entire incident is a publicity stunt. NOBODY is claiming that KMT was intentionally harassed by Disney. Also, please don't blame the alt-right for this harassment. We are huge Tico fans (#Ticopath), and would never do anything to KMT. How can we not love her??????!!!!!!
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