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  1. Correct, as Bombs are not secondary weapons, the 'Discard Secondary Weapons' element of the old 'Munitions Failure' critical does not affect them.
  2. Taking The Sith - 100pt X-Wing tournament at The Northwest Gaming Centre https://www.facebook.com/events/398931643638418/ Sunday 6th Sept 9.30 Registration - 1st Game starts 10am 100 points 5 games of 75 minutes each £15 FFG Summer 2015 Tournament pack support Great prize support from Element Games - Wargaming Webstore & Cog'O'Two Tickets available here - http://elementgames.co.uk/event-tickets Perfect timing to try the new Wave 7 goodness, very friendly atmosphere and casual flying.
  3. Did they hand out enough damage CowboyJesus? I looked at a similar list, but I went for B rather than C in an effort to keep the damage output high.
  4. The Adv Sens/Exp Handling combo is appealing, will definitely try that too. I do like the 'Immune to Stress' nature of your list Seanamal, not certain about the 2 cannons but I see the use.
  5. I'm moving onto B&D, and I'll try FCS and Exp Handling initially; still getting used to BRing with the big ships.
  6. I've been flying B&C, both with: Exp Handling Fire Control Sys Autothrusters Heavy Laser Cannon Inertial Dampeners IG Title Absolutely love the options that Exp Handling gives, PtL is a big miss but with B's re-roll ability it mitigates the lack of dice modifiers. Been playing a lot of swarms recently it seems, so Adv Sensors would have been great (due to all the bumps) but Fire Control is awesome. For me the toss up is between PtL/Adv Sensors and Exp Handling/FCS, those are the two builds I've had the most fun and success with.
  7. I played against pretty much this build (slight differences: Han + C3PO + Gunner + Shield Upgrade, Etahn-Abaht + VI + R2D2 + Shield Upgrade) last night and it was brutal against my 'Echo' (VI + Intel Agent + ACD), Sigma Phantom (Stygium), Avenger Inter. and Dark Curse. No hiding places and Han always getting first shot was solid, combined with Etahn hanging back and giving Crits out meant my Phantoms soon melted. Took Etahn out with Echo and the Avenger but Han ruined the Sigma Phantom and Dark Curse, then it was a case of attrition and the Falcon out-lasted the Ties. Wasn't much I could have done, maybe gone for Han with everything first but that's hindsight; and to be honest a good counter for any seemingly obvious squad (Phantoms with ACD eg) is probably a good thing, I'd hate to see the game lose the 'openness' it seems to have in squad design atm.
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