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  1. I just added up and found I'm at 107. Oops.
  2. I'm hoping for: Imperial/fo: ren's shuttle Rebel/resistance: some kind of falcon upgrade pack or new falcon box Scum: who knows? Plenty in the eu to pull from. Inter wave: rebel veterans pack, with t65 and e-wing Epic: star Jewel and Wild kardde.
  3. Darth Vader soap on a rope! (And a gozanti, t70 and tie/fo).
  4. I think the ren arc was probably the weakest part of the film. He starts out as a kick ass evil dude, who seems to actually get weaker as the film progresses. He was doing things like stopping laser bolts in mid air, and zooming folk around with the force, yet got his ass handed to him by someone who had never held a light saber before. Overall pretty happy with the movie, but a couple of misteps too for me.
  5. Got my two. Loving them. I'll be washing the tie/fo solar panels though. Too white for me!
  6. One on uk site at £6.50 (plus 1.50 shipping). I suspect that price will come down as people buy second or third sets.
  7. If you play competitively you do have a desire to own it though. Or don't buy it and don't play tournaments. I don't want to play competitively and i don't want the new ships. I also don't want any kind of spoilers for the new film, even the name of characters and especially the name of what the rebels and the empire have become (presumably, again i don't actually want to know). I think FFG has been incredibly selfish in promoting this so early. Had this released around the time of the film then it would be different. Not everyone is a spoiler junkie. More importantly, i have no interest in the new ships at this time, at all. The damage cards should be sold separately and telling paying customers which is what we all are they have to buy this set is unacceptable IMO. Selfish? Honestly? Wow. FFG released this set the same day that every other license holder released their new toys to tie in with the movie. Because the owner of the I.P. wanted them to. I'll tell you what I think is selfish. Someone expecting multiple corporations and companies to arrange their manufacturing, distribution and corporate strategies around a special snowflake, who wasn't ready for them to release their wares. God forbid a company should make some money to keep all those thousands of employees in work. Your very first sentence states you don't want to play competitively. So why do you even want the new damage deck? You don't need it. Your old one will work the same as it always has. Honestly, if you find it unacceptable, then don't accept it. Play something else. Good luck finding a cheaper miniatures game with tournament support. I am genuinely astounded by the amount of entitled hurt regarding the damage deck.
  8. How did you slag it? A few days ago I spent hours chipping away at a raider and only killed the aft section. All the hardpoints had turbolasers mounted, and I managed to get off two perfect broadsides at range 5 that just melted it. That was 17 red dice each turn. He'd loaded up on quads so couldn't even fight back. Han crew helped make the primary count (along with the extra energy for the extra dice). If you fly at a raider, you'll lose. If you fly across it's path, or parallel to it, the corvette is a beast.
  9. I prefer the corvette. Purely because I turned a raider and decimator to slag in a few turns with it in my last Epic game. Also, pulling off a perfect range 5 broadside with three Turbolasers and a 5 dice primary is damned fun. FIRE ALL THE GUNS! PEWPEWPEW!
  10. Got to be the falcon without a doubt. First job would be to see how fast I can do the kessel run. Am I allowed a fully chromed N1 for weekend fun too?
  11. Hell yes. The game is called X-Wing. There's a new X-Wing on the block. FFG would be insane not to bring it into the game.
  12. I'd really like to see wave 9 bring some much wanted classics to the table, before we are in amongst tfa stuff proper - Skipray blastboat and yt2000 for scum Gunboat for empire (ready for a break from ties) Arc 170 for rebels. I'd say yt2000 is most likely. After that, star jewel and wild karde for epic scum, including a scyk boost. Then I think we'll be tfa stuff for the foreseeable future.
  13. Or maybe they sent just enough to target to meet their contractual obligations, and are holding the rest at their distributor for the gaming stores that really support their game? Just a thought. That's what I'd do if I were in charge.
  14. I have developed almost a ritual for unboxing, edging the cardstock with a sharpie, assembling the ship, sleeving and filing the cards, and bedding the ships in foam. It really shouldn't be so pleasurable, but I suspect I have a very slight dash of OCD in my make up, and new ships scratch that itch.
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