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  1. One of my players owns this charge suit: https://star-wars-rpg-ffg.fandom.com/wiki/Corellian_Arms_%22Storm%22_Charge_Suit Which states the following: "If an attacker using MELEE gets a despair result" He fights a lightsaber combatant, if he gets hit by the lightsaber does the charge suit effect applies? According to my understanding weapon damage sources are taken out from the skill the weapons state is used by. Meaning that although both a vibrosword and a lightsaber can be considered melee weapons cuz you use them on an engaged contact fight; The game and the star wars logic considers both weapons a different kind of damage source, since MELEE is tied to solid contact weapons and Lightsaber to the energy blades. I back that up cuz even in game Categories Melee Weapons and Lightsabers are not the same thing and also cuz other game sources like the description of Parry which says: "When the character suffers a hit from a Brawl, Melee or Lightsaber..." And the description of the Koromondain SVT-300 Stun Cloak which states: "When wearer is hit by a melee or brawl attack" Both state every hit type as a different damage source although all of them are bassically direct contact with weapons. ... According to him, if he gets hit by an attack by the logic of having a dude smacking him with any sort of contact its considered to be melee and the effect of the suit should apply. Which is right in this situation?
  2. Can anyone explain me how agenda deck works? I understand it includes skill cards and quests to bring imperial allies. But I dont quite get it. The quests must be played during the side missions in campaign. But the heroes must also draw from the deck to play a quest, if I play a mission agenda card do I must force the heroes to play it? or they still choose? and if so, what if they refuse my agenda quest, do I automatically get the rewards for them not playing it?
  3. Where did you guys got the templates? I want to make some objective sets for my SWTOR Guildies but cant find any Temp
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