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  1. Well im not the first and certainly not the last.... more pics available here at eBay where it is up for auction!
  2. got this weird old C-3PO Medal from like 15 years ago hahaha
  3. Not at all! DYING to get my hands on them! Hopefully the Imdaar Alpha will be successful! Playing in Vegas anyone going?
  4. Those dark green panels appear to be just a shadow on the card art??
  5. Hope you like it, more pics at my eBay store
  6. Just out of curiosity, whats the harm in sending in a personal ship to be painted?
  7. everybody wants the cloaked phantom! I will have the buy it now available at my ebay store as soon as it comes out!
  8. Havent seen this posted yet? more pics here....
  9. Saw this last week, thought I'd show mine, I can repaint yours too, just go here to my eBay store (more pics there too)
  10. sorry spelled wrong stupid wireless keyboard! STELLAR ENVOY....
  11. Hi, been doing some repainting, any comments? There are more pics available here where I am auctioning it!
  12. Hi, been doing some repainting, comments? There are more pics available here where I am auctioning them!
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