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  1. A bit late chiming in. I'm UK based (West Midlands) and would be interested in Roll 20 with Google Hangouts, seems easy enough to work. Busy on a Wednesday evening but otherwise free after 7pm most evenings (Once the kids have gone to bed!). Happy to play either Age of Rebellion or Edge of the Empire. If you're still taking players give me a shout. Chris
  2. When and what time zone? I'm UK based
  3. Cov is nearly an hour's drive from me, but I'd look into joining you via Google hangouts or skype? My busy days at the moment are Wednesday and Thursdays otherwise I'm fairly flexible. I do have two kids though quite often they keep us busy as well. If I fit into your game schedule and can join you guys online count me in.
  4. Thanks for the pointer Doc. Thursdays aren't great for me but I'll see if I can swing it. Still open to any other suggestions
  5. Hi there, I'm very new to RPG's but this game has really grabbed my interest and I'm looking for an Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion group that could use an extra player. I'm just interested in playing to begin with but like the idea of GMing once I'm a bit more familiar with it. I'm based in Halesowen, work in West Brom and will happily travel to Birmingham. And if there a google hangouts way of playing I'm happy to give that a go too. Any body out there?
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