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    Collection for Sale

    Hmm, shipping to the Netherlands would probably cost too much so as to not make it interesting for me Otherwise I'd be interested in all the Large ships and the Tantive, plus maybe the shield tokens...
  2. I ordered from Amazon.co.uk, bol.com, spellenrijk.nl, gamefreak.nl or gismogames.nl (whichever was cheapest/had stock at the time I had the urge); can you guess which corner of the globe I'm at?
  3. Trading is not a very likely option, the cards you are after, or almost definitely the same cards other players consider must-haves. Even if you can buy cards seperately, shipping costs will add up to where the price difference with a Slave-1 *with* awesome model is small enough for you to be able to justify buying the ship to yourself Though, cards almost always are re-released with other ships in a later wave, so maybe the next ship will be to your liking? And there's always the option of just printing a proxy (if your answer is that you would like to play tournaments, then consider that you can't play in a sportstournament without buying proper gear either).
  4. What tool did you use to cut away part of the Firespray? I'm afraid I'll injure myself badly Also, the HWK-290 turret just screamed "make me rotatable!": As you can see, I did not glue the ringmagnet on the spot where the peg originally was, but instead further back towards the center of gravity of the model. This leaves room for the rotating turret.
  5. Well I magnetized the YT-1300 and Lambda-class Shuttle, and both initially were unstable (when tilted too far they would slide all the way to the bottom of the ballbearing). But after sanding the nickel ball, they now stay in every position I tilt them in.
  6. Ah drat, bannersonthecheap doesn't ship to Europe Anyone know a good alternative for vinyl banners for us Europeans (the sites I can find don't offer 3' x 3' for size)?
  7. I opted to leave out the curved peg: Also, Osoroshii, seeing as you customized all your models (also awesome paintjobs): You should consider rotating B-wing cockpits as above in my picture
  8. Heh, I live in the Netherlands... I'll buy you a few beers once you do come over to show it though I have no clue what you meant with your second sentence, is that a saying specific to the Ohio-region?
  9. Hmm, you're making me a bit anxious about doing it to the YT-1300; I wouldn't know how to test it beforehand :S
  10. Ah cool, thanks for the close-up. I expect my countersunk magnetrings within two weeks, then I won't have to stress about the pegs on my large ships anymore
  11. Oh btw Osoroshii, have you had the chance to add magnets to the TIE Defender and Phantom? I've done it with one Phantom, but am not convinced it adds much lookwise (the completely symmetrical design of both these ships makes it hard to notice the model is tilted at all - not to mention that the peg limits the angle in which the Defender can pivot in the first place)... EDIT: Right, I decided to go a different route with my Defender: I snapped off the clear peg and cut away any leftover plastics with a small knife, then painted it black (I don't have proper modelpaint, so grey was not an option without going to a hobbystore). I fitted a small magnet into the engine of the Defender and also painted it black: Then I attached the familiar ringmagnet (it is *not* glued on): Finally I attached it to a peg/stand:
  12. Heh, funny how I noticed Osoroshii's Firespray on magnets. I just sent him a message on how he got the bigger countersunk ringmagnet to fit - even though I got him started on this whole ordeal I've also made my Lambda shuttle dismantable so it fits in my stanley storage container: used tiny magnets to attach the wings and cockpit to the hull.
  13. I'll see about that in the weekend! 1. The ring magnets I used are the following: http://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=R421 The balls are: https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=NSB3 I used regular superglue (even managed to almost glue my fingers together because there was glue on the little bottle ). 2. I tried yesterday on the TIE Advanced, but its sphere is indeed not easy to get the magnet to stick to. I decided to try again this weekend with a fresh mind and some more tools I still need to borrow from my dad I'm curious why you feel it is better, enlighten me/us with some arguments!
  14. No, that's just a steel ball, the ring underneath the model is the actual magnet. It's not my original idea either (saw it being mentioned on boardgamegeek - but without photo's)! The magnet is strong enough to cause enough friction to not rotate unless you want it to.
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