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  1. Ah, I already found that version on thingiverse, but saw so many differences I assumed it wasn't the files you used I guess I'll keep looking to find another cool capital ship to add to my collection (for now the Gozanti and unfinished Sphyrna-class look cool enough in my cabinet ) Btw, am I seeing it correctly that you used magnets to attach guns to the models?
  2. Pretty awesome, but that humongous Arquitens is definitely not the scale I can get away with (both on the playmat and within eyesight of my wife :P). I am curious about the STL files for the gunship though, can you share them?
  3. Which other ships did you print (I've been searching/scouring thingiverse and etsy for more custom epic ships)? I am actually going to use this Sphyrna-class as a drop-in replacement (so no made up stats that other players could complain about), just because I don't like the CR90 model enough to buy it. I also am less excited about the raider (the bridge design is lackluster, and the colour is bland - especially when you place it next to the awesome gozanti)
  4. My print has completed (it'll be shipped to me soon I hope); the photo's I was provided made me think that I probably will have to sand the models to get a similar result as yours. Did you do any sanding, and if so, do you have tips?
  5. I know this is an older post, but I found the Hammerhead on Thingyverse and I'm seriously considering to print it through Treatstock (I don't have a printer myself; so I'm hoping their default PLA-FDM works correctly). I'm wondering if the model will fit on a 2.0 huge ship base (from the conversion kit), or if I need to modify the STL file Hammerhead-Tabletop2.stl to move the peg forward/backward. Hopefully someone can still help
  6. LeeCHeSSS

    Collection for Sale

    Hmm, shipping to the Netherlands would probably cost too much so as to not make it interesting for me Otherwise I'd be interested in all the Large ships and the Tantive, plus maybe the shield tokens...
  7. I ordered from Amazon.co.uk, bol.com, spellenrijk.nl, gamefreak.nl or gismogames.nl (whichever was cheapest/had stock at the time I had the urge); can you guess which corner of the globe I'm at?
  8. Trading is not a very likely option, the cards you are after, or almost definitely the same cards other players consider must-haves. Even if you can buy cards seperately, shipping costs will add up to where the price difference with a Slave-1 *with* awesome model is small enough for you to be able to justify buying the ship to yourself Though, cards almost always are re-released with other ships in a later wave, so maybe the next ship will be to your liking? And there's always the option of just printing a proxy (if your answer is that you would like to play tournaments, then consider that you can't play in a sportstournament without buying proper gear either).
  9. What tool did you use to cut away part of the Firespray? I'm afraid I'll injure myself badly Also, the HWK-290 turret just screamed "make me rotatable!": As you can see, I did not glue the ringmagnet on the spot where the peg originally was, but instead further back towards the center of gravity of the model. This leaves room for the rotating turret.
  10. Well I magnetized the YT-1300 and Lambda-class Shuttle, and both initially were unstable (when tilted too far they would slide all the way to the bottom of the ballbearing). But after sanding the nickel ball, they now stay in every position I tilt them in.
  11. Ah drat, bannersonthecheap doesn't ship to Europe Anyone know a good alternative for vinyl banners for us Europeans (the sites I can find don't offer 3' x 3' for size)?
  12. I opted to leave out the curved peg: Also, Osoroshii, seeing as you customized all your models (also awesome paintjobs): You should consider rotating B-wing cockpits as above in my picture
  13. Heh, I live in the Netherlands... I'll buy you a few beers once you do come over to show it though I have no clue what you meant with your second sentence, is that a saying specific to the Ohio-region?
  14. Hmm, you're making me a bit anxious about doing it to the YT-1300; I wouldn't know how to test it beforehand :S
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