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  1. We had a tournament today, it was small with only 7 players. 1st Place had 15 pts The next two players had 10 points, with an MoV of 464, and identical strength of schedule -- 2 out of 3 opponents were the same and the different ones were both 5/150 as they both had byes. We didn't have time for a tie breaker game for 2nd place so we diced off like this: 3 red dice - blanks are worth 0 points - focus are worth 1 point - hits are worth 2 points - crits are worth 3 points It was a really weird situation.
  2. If you have the maneuver tool on your order then MM isn't going to ship. That is still listed as "at the printer".
  3. It was supposed to be Wave 1. I'm having the same issue.
  4. I have a friend who I can't beat in a tournament playing X-wing. The dice always turned on me against him. I could do this....
  5. The core rules are pretty clear. "Instead, they must plan their maneuvers by estimating their ships’ movement in their heads." In your head doesn't include hands, toes, templates, laser rangefinders, etc.
  6. X-wing should get more interesting come the end of the year with the release of Episode 7 and any ships that come with that.
  7. I'm not in your area but talk to the store managers and see if you can leave sheets/cards your contact info at the register or with the product.
  8. Good, thank you. I hadn't had a chance to go through the kit yet. Should have gotten the booklet from the store when I was there today.
  9. A local player who has been doing really well in tournaments posed a question I can't find an answer to so I was hoping all of you could help. This player has already won a store championship. He is planning on playing in the one I'm TO for this weekend. In tournaments for other games I have run if someone already had won a tournament, then won a another one the slot for Regionals was given to the second place (and so on until you got to someone who didn't have a slot). The question is, how does FFG do it? If he wins does the Regionals bye go to 2nd place or just disappears?
  10. Forgottenlore that's exactly what we do (most of our group). Then you only worry about keeping track of the red target locks.
  11. I've found it easiest to put the blue target lock in the rear slot for the number on the ship base.
  12. With the winter storm that moved in some people couldn't make it. Even though the road were bad we still had 10 players, plus a TO and a couple of people just watching.
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