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  1. Since Regionals is coming soon and the meta has change due to S&V has become legal in tournaments, I have 2 Imperial list that I am considering piloting during Regionals. Which list is better against the current meta around. Here's my list List 1: Soontir Fel + Push the Limit + Autothrusters Carnor Jax + Push the Limit + Autothrusters Echo + Veteran Instincts + Fire-Control System + Advance Cloaking Device Total: 100 pts List 2: Rare Admiral Chiraneau + Veteran Instincts + Ysanne Isard + Gunner + Rebel Captive + Engine Upgrade Soontir Fel + Push the Limit + Royal TIE Guard + Autothrusters + Hull Upgrade Total: 98 pts Need some advice on both list. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  2. i wonder will doom shuttle + whisper + fel any good in the current meta?
  3. Just wondering, in the current meta, full of 2 ships variant build. Can the old build, Doomshuttle with Whisper+Fel build has any chance of winning any tournament in the current meta?
  4. This is my list that I took to my Store Championship which I top 8. Perhaps you could make changes that suit your playstyle Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Expose + Experimental Interface + Ysanne Isard +Rebel Captive "Whisper" + Veteran Instincts + Fire-Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device
  5. Then you are missing out what is quite possibly the funniest pilots in the game right now. Just saying. It's fun to fly in casual matches, but i'd never use him in a tournament, against a 2/3 ships build i find it's too easy to be outmaneuvered to the point you'll use his ability maybe once or twice. I flew Whisper with VI, Gunner, ACD, Recon Specialist and Chiraneau with VI, Isard, EU. Dices were bad on me since i didn't manage to kill a phantom even if i shot at him every single turn, uncloaked. But i found the amount of fire the decimator draws to be simply unmanageable. How am i supposed to deal with 8-9-12 red dices thrown at me? Edit : I was playing with builder and came up with this one : Whisper : VI, ACD Soontir Fel : PTL, Stealth Device Jax : VI, Stealth Device Should be able to outmaneuver and slay swarms, and carry quite a punch even against turrets, but i fear that mostly Jax will be in danger against them (Fel can just take focus + evade + focus from his ability). For your Whisper, I would recommend Fire Control System instead of Recon Specialist. I dont really like Gunner on Whisper, well that's just my preference
  6. I had a lot of success with Chirpy+Whisper at my recent SC and my practice matches. Sometimes is not the Decimator nor the Phantom ship are bad, maybe is just the wrong upgrade cards being used by both ships and the flying techniques. With the right upgrade cards, Both ships are a force to be rekon with, you should be able to handle swarm pretty easily. I know going up against swarm is very hard but its not unwinnable.
  7. I just checked and notice that a player won a recently SC with the list. You guys can read all about it here ... http://dockingbay416.com/the-sentry-box-store-championship-report/
  8. Many players have also advised me to remove Predator for VI on Chirpy and SD for HU on Soontir, I do not see that VI is a must have. The only way if I wanna make those changes is to practice with the current meta, but I guess I will stick with this build for now, if everything did not go my way, at least I've got a backup plan. Now, my main concern is, can this list handle swarm?. I know with the EU, I can just boost away from being boxed in like what happen to me in my previous SC.
  9. I have the same exact list but without Intelligence Agent, making it a 99 points list.
  10. Well, just thought of trying something new for a change. I can always go back to my Chirpy+Whisper build which did well at my last SC
  11. This is another different build that I might take to the Store Championship next month. I decided to try something new from my Fat Chirpy build. If this build is not strong enough, then I would just stick to my other build. Here's my list Rear Admiral Chiraneau (46) + Predator (3) + Rebel Captive (3) + Gunner (5) + Ysanne Isard (4) + Engine Upgrade (4) Soontir Fel (27) + Push the Limit (3) + Royal Guard Tie (0) + Stealth Device (3) + Targeting Computer (2) Total: 100pts This is my first time using Soontir Fel. Many of my friends says he is good, so I decided to give it a shot. Basically my Decimator will go head on and trying to destroy as many ships as possible and then letting Soontir Fel to clean it up. The meta in my area is mostly Rebels, there are a few TIE swarm and Deci+Phantom build here and there. Any advice and suggestions about my list will be great. Thanks and appreciate it. Cheers p/s: Need a cool name for this list too?
  12. Its been awhile since I posted a battle report here. Well, its not really a battle report but more like a summary battle report. Last Sunday was my X-Wing Store Championship. Its been 2 years since I last played a X-Wing tournament. I will try to recall my matches, please forgive me if im unable to remember much. Here’s my Imperial list The French Toast (99 points): Rear-Admiral Chiraneau + Expose + Experimental Interface + Ysanne Isard + Rebel Captive Whisper + Veteran Instincts + Fire Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device Battrep Summary: My first round match was against a mini TIE swarm with 2 Phantom, I believe its Echo and Whisper. This was a very bad match-up for me. He position his TIEs in the middle of the board and both his Phantoms at the corner. My Decimator and Whisper just when straight to the middle and destroyed all his TIEs and after that manages to positions both my ship behind both his Phantom and shot both of them down, secure me the win. 2nd round was against another TIE swamp and this is really a TIE swarm build consist of Howlrunner and Backstabber. This was a quick match and my dice rolls was not on my side. His TIEs took care of Whisper very easily and then he followed up by boxing up my Decimator and I had nowhere else to go. That was the end of my Decimator and ended with a loss. Follow shortly after that was my 3rd round against Rebels 3 Aces build that had Wedge and Luke and a B-Wing. Due to bad maneuvers and bad defence dice rolls. My Whisper went down in like 5 minutes and my Decimator could not take the brutality by the Rebels and went down shortly after. At this moment, i was at 1-2 and its not looking good for me. . Back to going against Imperials in the 4th round. Its was a mirror match-up with slightly different build, he uses Echo instead. This was also a quick match, my opponent did some mistakes and I just went for the kill. Brought down the Decimator and soon enough followed by Echo. He came to close to both my ships and at range 1, rolling 5 attack dice each with all hits, there’s nothing much he could do. Moving on to the final round which is round 5 and yet again I got paired with another Imperial player. The list was very new to me and it was the first time I saw that list being played. If I remember correctly, he was running some TIE Fighters with a couple of Bombers and a Whisper. I can remember this match as I was so tired. But I know I did do some awesome maneuver and destroyed all his leaving hos Bomber and Whisper still around. My Whisper was the first to go and then time was call, it was a very close game as my Decimator was down to 1 hull left. I won the match securing me to top 8 with 3-2 in the swiss rounds. In the top 8, I met the same player in my 2nd round which he played TIE Swarm and I knew I need to come up with a different strategy and not to get boxed in again, but he manages to do it again but this this is on my Whisper. With so many of his TIEs still around, my Decimator tried to out manuever him but his TIEs came closer and closer and in the end taken out the Decimator. That was the end of the road for me. Overall, it was an awesome tournament, meeting new pilots and having a blast and making top 8, I couldn’t be happier. Sorry, If I couldn’t write a better battle report. That’s all folks. Thanks. Keep on playing and May The Force Be With You. Cheers
  13. Ok guys, need some advice on my new list for another Store Championship coming up next month. Here's the list below Rear Admiral Chiraneau (46+14) + Push the Limit (3) + Engine Upgrade (4) + Ysanne Isard (4) + Mara Jade (3) Echo (30+10) + Veteran Instincts (1) + Advanced Cloaking Device (4) + Fire-Control System (2) + Rebel Captive (3) This list is belong to Ed Horne. I heard many players said that this list is hard to fly due to Echo. Since I top 8 in my last Store Championship, I am not sure should I try something new or should I just stick with my previous list. Perhaps you guys can talk some sense into me. LOL Anyway, I like this list, is not to aggressive and the damage out is kinda ok to me. The problem im having is actually flying with this list. Played a game last night and I flew horribly. Can anyone here advice on how to fly this list or any suggestions to this list as well. Many thanks
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