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    Handler reacted to GuacCousteau in Maj Rhymer shoot at range 0   
    Go and read the rules reference for Attacks (pg 4).
    "If a ship performs an attack, it becomes the attacker then follows these steps:
    1. Declare Target: During this step, the attacking player identifies and names the defender of the attack.
    a. Measure Range: The attacking player measures range from the attacker to any number of enemy ships and determines which enemy ships are in which of its arcs.
    b. Choose Weapon: The attacking player chooses one of the attacker’s primary or special weapons.
    c. Declare Defender: The attacking player chooses an enemy ship to be the defender. The defender must meet the requirements defined by the weapon.
    d. Pay Costs: The attacker must pay any costs for performing the attack."
    "A primary weapon requires the attack range to be range 1–3. A primary weapon has no cost by default.
    • Special weapons have different requirements specified by the source of the attack"
    I've bolded the key parts
    Most important thing here is obviously that, from the outset, you had things the wrong way round. Choosing the weapon happens before declaring the defender. 
    Look at the wording for Measure Range and Declare Defender. There is no hard rule that the defender must be at range 1 for them to be declared as defender. There is no rule that you cannot measure range to a target at range 0.
    Primary attacks are strictly limited to range 1-3, unless specifically overridden by a card effect of course (Arvel, Zeb)
    Special attacks, including missiles and torps do not have any hard ruled range requirements. The only range requirement for their use is what's printed on each of their cards. 
    Rhymer changes the values on these cards, and increases or decreases them by 1. He decreases the range of any ordnance that can fire at range 1 to range 0.
    There are no rules that prevent him firing a special weapon at range 0.
    This honestly couldn't be clearer. People really need to actually read the rules reference. 
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    Handler reacted to KrisSherriff in Rule of 11 - Article   
    When you explain Pythagoras to someone on a limited amount of words, how many of those words do you use to explain who Pythagoras was?
    At no point in the video does Nick lay ownership to the “Rule of 11” he states in the same way that the article did that it exists.
    The Rule of 11 is a fundamental truth about X-Wing that if you understand it helps you to understand how ship movement functions, it is not a super secret strategy that lets you win at jousting.
    The very fact that it goes by so many names should put paid to this rediculusness, Rule of 14, Rule of 10.5, the simple fact that the one straight is one small base length.  People have recognized this from play testing wave one as the game was designed around these laws.
    If you learned about the “Rule of 11” from Nicks channel, awesome.  Just don’t assume that we all did.
    It is a shame that Nick only made 11 videos, he helped a lot of people but a lot of what he speaks about are not original ideas, he is sharing his thoughts on X-Wing fundamentals in the same way FFG is now.
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    Handler reacted to Darth Meanie in Stats in FFG squadron builder app   
    Only if someone new picks up the gauntlet, I suspect.
    I think the old guard is thru providing free service to FFG.
    I will miss @voidstate's builder.
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    Handler reacted to Maui. in Afterburners come in fang pack that cant use it?   
    Boom. At least two different Fang pilots can carry Afterburners.
    inb4 someone brings up "tournament play" without also mentioning that upgrade slots are not set in stone and can be changed via the app
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    Handler reacted to HolySorcerer in Composure and Agile Gunner are $40 upgrades?   
    Bean counters told the designers how many cards they had to work with and they did their best with what they had. 
    Its also looking like the project has been pushed out a bit ahead of schedule, so not being perfect is hardly a surprise. 
    Never attribute to malice what could equally be attributed to incompetence.  
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    Handler reacted to Maui. in YASB vs Dee Yun   
    Are you sure? I could have sworn that sarcasm could be perfectly translated into text
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    Handler reacted to acesandeights in v2 Dial Storage Ideas?   
    Eat cookies, drink milk, use container to store dials? Maybe put flimsy plastic tray in a box to support it. Anyway, off to the grocery store to do more research.?
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    Handler got a reaction from Bad Idea Comics in X-Wing completists: will you buy everything?   
    Never go full rebel
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    Handler reacted to Jeff Wilder in X-Wing completists: will you buy everything?   
    I will continue to buy all seven(!) factions.  I've never understood the "I only play X faction" mentality (aside from pure financial burden).  I switch factions, lists, and focuses very often.  (This season I've attended five Store Championships and flown a different list -- with zero practice -- every time.)
    EDIT: I didn't exactly answer the question, sorry.  I'm a completist, and will continue to be a completist, but I will only buy what I need to be a completist.  I'd like to have to rebuy exactly zero of the ships that I already own (i.e., all of them), and each one that I'm required to rebuy (to remain a completist) will annoy me and push me incrementally closer to dropping the game completely.  On the other hand, I'll buy all the new ships, probably in multiples, as long as I'm in the game.  It's definitely all or nothing for me.
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    Handler reacted to Cgriffith in Points adjustments over Errata? Not a great idea...   
    Can we wait a little, before we prejudge the new philosophy the development team believes in. We literally haven’t even had an official release and already we’re getting these posts. 
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    Handler got a reaction from Herowannabe in Re-release schedule????   
    Haven't they said it would be as aggressive as possible? I wouldn't want to see what FFG could come up with if they went faster than possible.
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    Handler reacted to TBot in "Dark Side" Upgrades...Force Phantom   
    Its tough to balance the force
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    Handler reacted to skotothalamos in Packing Up 1.0 - How are you doing it?   
    My entire Summer has been:
    -chuck stuff randomly in a box while saying "never using that again."
    -have an idea to put together a list i want to try before 1.0 is over
    -dig through that box, cursing past-me for lack of organization
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    Handler reacted to LagJanson in Packing Up 1.0 - How are you doing it?   
    Put them with my Decipher Star Wars CCG cards... at the bottom of the closet... and forget about them for years at a time.
    Though I'll likely pull some commonly used pieces for HotAC and the Death Star scenario.... maybe even just draw the required 2.0 lines on the ship inserts and leave them in the box.
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    Handler reacted to subtrendy2 in Seriously WTF Is Wrong With People   
    I can't help but feel like Hondo is a great poster boy for this kind of thing, at least.
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    Handler reacted to JasonCole in It is 8/22. Why is 2.0 still "in development"?   
    Take your facts and get the **** out. This thread has potential.
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    Handler reacted to cleardave in Hondo Cards up   
    Ah, but then you can't use beast tamer to push it along, so you'd have a hard time getting around it.
    This Hondo Smuggler's Run deal is getting worse all the time...
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    Handler reacted to heychadwick in X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered   
    Look...I've been playing the game since Wave 1!   OK, I didn't start the podcast until later, but hey, cut me some slack!      ?
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    Handler reacted to Darth Meanie in X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered   
    Yeah, better term.
    And I think that squadron feel is best exemplified in Epic.  Which is why I think that format deserves wwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more support as an Alternate Play Mode.
    Fair enough, it's a chip on my shoulder.
    But casual players invest in the game and deserve to be invested in by FFG in equal measure.
    "DIY" is the casual play equivalent of third-party squad builders, listjuggler, and meta-wing.
    And at this point it is pretty obvious that those people are also frustrated in FFGs lack of appreciation for what they do for the game.
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    Handler reacted to JJ48 in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    Or you just print it out once and ignore erratas like you were already doing.
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    Handler reacted to BlodVargarna in Conversion kits don't have shield tokens?   
    I’d much rather get outraged than use a simple fix. 
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    Handler got a reaction from Q10fanatic in XwingV2 jousting values   
    That's not how the force works!
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    Handler got a reaction from MajorJuggler in XwingV2 jousting values   
    That's not how the force works!
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    Handler reacted to sozin in X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement   
    Hey everyone! Wanted to let you know that I'm going to be retiring List Juggler's live tournament meta-tracking for edition 2.0.   It has been an honor serving you over the past 5 years! Since ListJuggler was born in 2014, the community has submitted 4,071 tournaments, 94,909 distinct X-Wing lists, and 123,602 head-to - head matchups! We received tournament results from over 82 countries worldwide! Collecting all of this information has truly been a labor of love -- thanks so much to all the volunteers who have poured themselves into this project.   The reason is largely technical: FFG is not going to be able to provide a list export function, which mean that there will not be a way to get the lists into List Juggler from the official list building app. If FFG is ever able to create a list export function, I'll revisit this decision.
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    Handler reacted to Tvboy in Jabba's Realm now live!   
    So to be fair, the Wampa only appeared in missions where it was part of Jabba's forces, and Jabba did obviously like to collect dangerous creatures. We all think of the Rancor as being a natural fixture in Jabba's Palace because that's the first place most of us saw one, but the Rancor's actually just as out of its element on Tatooine as the Wampa is. 
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