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    Handler reacted to Darth Meanie in Do away with cards?   
    C'mon, it's not really that hard to create a game state which makes both players happy.
    If your (reasonable) opponent went home sad/pissed/crushed because of the list you brought, it's possible you brought a list that wasn't nice.
    It doesn't matter that the list made you happy.
    Playing the broken combos in 1.0 "until FFG makes them balanced and forces me to quit" is playing not-nice.  Bringing triple jumps to casual night is not-nice. 
    I mean, I really don't think the purported "fly casual" ethos is all that tough to adhere to, even if it is subjective.
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    Handler reacted to SabineKey in Do away with cards?   
    Dude, come on. I’m not a fan of Von, but this kind of insults is neither productive or worthwhile. You could have pointed out that you don’t think he has proof for his claims in way more constructive ways than just name calling.
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    Handler reacted to Cubanboy in Happy Friday - Everything is good   
    Hello friends of the internet’s,
    I am alive and the family survived the hurricane. We are extremely lucky to have nothing bad to have happened at all. 
    This week i have gotten to play with Shuttles, a Decimator and a bomber which was stupid fun.
    What are you enjoying flying and what is surprising?
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    Handler reacted to Cuz05 in What is “Dark Side”   
    Are you thinking that she could pilot herself?
    Looking forward to the Leia expac. Comes with a diddy Leia model and a new 'tiny' base.
    No attack dice but can spend 1 force to cause First Order ships at range 1/2 to have second thoughts about firing missiles.
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    Handler reacted to LordFajubi in Upcoming Rules Reference   
    The way I’m reading it is that you can only fail a target lock if absolutely nothing is in range. So yes your scenario is correct but it doesn’t state that enemy ships are a requirement it just says objects so asteroids and friendly ships would also count. In other words it’s near impossible to fail a lock unless you happen to be in some range 3 dead zone.
    I could be wrong but it also seems to omit the changed my mind tactic for range finding. If you take a TL action and something, anything, is in range you are committed to locking something.
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    Handler reacted to ThinkingB in VCX100 ship stand and turret marker   
    I like how FFG made the Ghost's stand a tripod because hey that's a stable design for holding up heavy objects. And then they went and took that trilod and PUT IT UPSIDE DOWN! So you have these nice supports basically doing almost nothing while there is a single point on the base where it constantly falls off because they put the flippin thing upside down. It's just utterly hilarious; such an FFG thing to do.
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    Handler reacted to Icelom in List of Conversion Kit annoyances   
    But would have sucked on the table

    It's very nice to see what ships are what and what their initiative is without cross-referencing back to the ship cards every single time.

    I am very glad they did not go with that system, would have made gameplay worse.

    That being said i am sad they did not include enough generics for some ships.
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    Handler reacted to Chumbalaya in 2.0 - all who are leaving   
    If only that were true ?
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    Handler reacted to ayedubbleyoo in 2.0 - all who are leaving   
    If the internet goes away we’ve got bigger problems than knowing the points of Wedge Antilles. 
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    Handler reacted to GizmotronX5000 in Cleaning up Devices   
    This has been a bit of an annoyance forever, but I'm surprised it wasn't addressed in 2.0. Nowhere on the device upgrade card does it tell you what the device does. Instead, it provides the rules for dropping the device, which are nearly standardized across devices. The player is expected to remember the effects of the devices, or carry the rulebook around.
    2.0 now has the Mine and Bomb keywords, which can (and should) entirely replace the text that we currently see on the upgrade cards, leaving room for the rules about detonation.
    My proposed mine/bomb cards would look like this:
    This leaves us with 2 simple rules that most people probably already know:
    Mines are a Device Upgrade. During the System Phase, you may spend 1 charge to drop a Mine using the 1-straight template. After a ship overlaps or moves through a Mine, it detonates. Mine Device Upgrades cannot recover charges.
    Bombs are a Device Upgrade. During the System Phase, you may spend 1 charge to drop a Bomb using the 1-straight template. At the end of the Activation Phase Bombs detonate.
    As you can see, there is even extra space left on the device card for additional effects, conditions, rules, etc. that can be unique to each device. This change standardizes devices and makes it easier to understand the effects, especially since we no longer have bomb reference cards.
    The effect of the device detonation should be on the card, and we already have the framework to do it.
    Thinking about it more, devices are just weird. Imagine if other upgrades didn't have the effect printed on them.
    Crack Shot, if it was worded like a Device.

    Every upgrade now comes with a rule in the rulebook to reference the effect.
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    Handler reacted to McTavish in Printing lists....   
    "Share list" -> "Create PDF" -> open created pdf elsewhere -> print
    Horribly annoying, time consuming and inefficient, but it does exist.
    I'm at least somewhat grateful that it wasn't: show list -> print screen -> scroll -> print screen -> scroll -> print screen -> scroll -> print screen -> scroll -> print screen -> scroll -> photoshop -> print
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    Handler reacted to Larky Bobble in FFG I'm a staunch defender when people say you're only in it for the $$   
    Oh, and by the way FFG, the best thing, other than the game mechanics and painted ships, is...
    This forum.
    Thanks for keeping it free and open, letting us express ourselves. Honestly, I don't think people are acidic here, only nervous that the game they love is in trouble. And it's Star Wars.
    That's why the oldies keep coming back.
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    Handler reacted to IndyPendant in List of Conversion Kit annoyances   
    I decided to go through the Conversion Kits in detail, and while I think they're very good value overall, and FFG has generally done a pretty good job with them, there are some decisions that seem...well, frankly baffling to me.  (And no, this isn't another post about shield tokens; I can see both sides of the argument there. ; )
    About the only reason I can think of for some of these is "keeping the costs down", but there's also a bit of the repellent taste of deliberately misleading advertising here.  The kits were heavily implied, if not actually explicitly stated, to provide everything needed to run at least two of every ship released for 1.0, and 3 or even 4 of some ships.  But for some ships--particularly the medium and large bases--there have been artificial limitations in ship selection due to token and card distribution.  My mild, non-clinical OCD is very annoyed with this:
    Fang Fighter:
    3 dials, 3 Zealous Recruits, but only 2 Skull Squadron Pilots (both card and token)
    Particularly annoying: the Joy Rekkoff token included as an 'extra' for the Fang Fighter Expansion could have had a Skull Squadron printed on the opposite side.  Add a Skull Squadron card, and problem -easily- resolved.

    M3-A Interceptor:
    4 dials, 4 Cartel Spacers cards and tokens, 4 Tansarii Point Veteran cards, but only 2 Tansarii Point Veteran tokens
    Particularly annoying: Only two Veteran ship tokens?  Really, FFG?  Provide one more ship token with a Spacer/Veteran, and change an existing Spacer to a Veteran, and boom.  Problem would have been solved.

    YV-666 Light Freighter:
    2 dials, 1 Trandoshan Slaver
    Particularly annoying: can't play with Bossk and Latts Razzi at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token.

    Jumpmaster 5000:
    2 dials, 1 Contracted Scout
    Particularly annoying: can't play with Dengar and Tel Trevura at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token.

    Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft:
    2 dials, 1 Shadowport Hunter
    Particulary annoying: can't play with Asajj Ventriss and Ketsu Onyo at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token.   (Seems FFG went particularly cheap on the medium/large ship tokens.  It's a theme as we continue.)

    TIE/SK Striker:
    3 dials, 3 Black Squadron Scout cards, 2 Black Squadron Scout ship tokens Particularly annoying: nothing much to add here, for once.  Needed one more token, or one less unique pilot card.  Or maybe one more token and unique pilot, I don't know.

    Lambda-Class T-4A Shuttle:
    2 dials, 1 Omicron Group Pilot
    Particularly annoying: can't play with Captain Kagi and Colonel Jendon at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token.

    RZ-1 A-Wing: (Edit: missed this one, my first run through.) 3 dials, 2 Green Squadron Pilots; 2 Phoenix Squadron Pilots Particularly annoying: Uhm, seriously?  Wtf, FFG?  An extra Green/Phoenix token and two more cards, and this wouldn't even have been an issue!   UT-60D U-Wing:
    2 dials, 1 Blue Squadron Scout
    Particularly annoying: can't play with Bodhi Rook and Heff Tobber at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token.

    Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter:
    2 dials, 1 Outer Rim Smuggler
    Particularly annoying: can't play with Han Solo and Chewbacca at the same time, since they're opposite sides of the same ship token.   I built this list since I'm considering filling out my ship collection to match what the kits provide, since "everything for 2 of every ship", while -mostly- accurate, is still blatantly false.  I don't see myself wanting to fly two of many of the larger ships at once, so at least I have zero temptation to buy a second YV-666, Lancer, Lambda, or U-Wing.  I -might- fill in some of the other ships I'm missing, just in case, but I am -absolutely- limiting myself in the ships listed above.  If FFG is going to pull this **** move, I for one will show my disapproval with my wallet.
    (That having been said, I am overall rather happy with the Conversion Kits.  Which makes these obvious, apparently easily avoidable issues all the more frustrating for me!)
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    Handler reacted to drail14me in It’s a perfect day to announce Wave 2!   
    That’s what I’m thinking as well. Hoping the B-Wing has either folding wings or rotating cockpit/body. 
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    Handler reacted to Darthfish in I would like an apology and explanation please   
    This is more than a little hitch.  This is a a teribbly flawed product that is not usable in its present state, and oh by the way, you can’t really play the full game without it.  There really is no excuse for how bad it is.  They should have let the fans build it.  However, I’m excited about 2.0 overall.  But a spade is still a spade, and the squad builder sucks.
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    Handler got a reaction from Rexler Brath in FFG I'm a staunch defender when people say you're only in it for the $$   
    Weren't there supposed to be prizes at launch parties for anyone who could make a squad with the app? When they announced that it sounded like money for jam...
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    Handler got a reaction from Ignithas in FFG I'm a staunch defender when people say you're only in it for the $$   
    Weren't there supposed to be prizes at launch parties for anyone who could make a squad with the app? When they announced that it sounded like money for jam...
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    Handler got a reaction from skotothalamos in No app. Ignore this thread.   
    Did they say what time on the 13th? For FFG, Q3 never means the first day of Q3, so why would the 13th mean 12.01am?
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    Handler reacted to gasgraham in Compulsively checking the App Store....   
    Like every 2 mins or so! How am I supposed to work today??
    8 hours till my 2.0 pre orders are in my eager hands.... going to be a long day! 
    Anyone else struggling? ?
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    Handler reacted to Effenhoog in Freightful Four. It's for real.   
    We just need one more falcon model and they can all have unique models
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    Handler reacted to Tam Palso in Yo FFG! Where’s the app at?!   
    I find your lack of app disturbing.
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    Handler got a reaction from ViscerothSWG in New Article: flying in formation   
    Classic LFL approvals process
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    Handler reacted to HammerGibbens in New Article: flying in formation   
    Just wait until they release next week's "Introducing Bombs!" article.
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    Handler reacted to Squark in Is the game still healthy?   
    *penantic twitch* defibrillators don't work that way *pendantic twitch*
    I mean, I get what you mean, and it's actually a decent analogy. But Defibrillation doesn't restart the heart, it stops it (Because the heart is beating irregularly a.k.a. fibrilating, and that is really, really bad). The body's natural regulation of the heartbeat, usually with the help of CPR, is what starts the heart up again.
    Sorry to go all pendantic, but I always worry when people misrepresent how Defibrillators work, because they're an important piece of lifesaving technology that could also seriously hurt somebody if used the wrong way, and most popular media portrays them in completely the wrong way. Of course, most of the ones you see these days are automated and will walk the user through the process, so it's not that big of a deal, I guess. Still bugs me, though.
    And stopping an erratic heart beat and then administering CPR isn't actually a bad analogy for an edition change.
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    Handler reacted to Darth Meanie in Is the game still healthy?   
    Yes.  I tried it when it dropped at Gen Con.  It. . .didn't hit the mark.
    Armada is too strategic (plan 3 turns ahead), and 100/6 is too small.
    Epic gets it right for me--tactical and immediate, but on a grander scale.
    It's a great version of the game, and IMHO, needs way more love from FFG.
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