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    Handler got a reaction from Embir82 in Where will point increases and decreases occur with the first “Rebalance”   
    If they do update slots and point costs, how do you think the app will deal with saved squads which are then illegal or have points left over? Not the point of this thread I know, but it follows on.
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    Handler reacted to JJ48 in Where will point increases and decreases occur with the first “Rebalance”   
    Buffing is good, but it has limitations.  For one thing, there is only so far you can reduce a ship's cost before you allow an extra copy of that ship.  A ship may be somewhat lackluster at 41 points, but be a bit too potent at 40, when you have five on the table.
    More importantly, though, is that saying "nerf nothing" ignores even the possibility that a card or combo can be fundamentally flawed.  Trying to power up other ships to counter it results in either those becoming too powerful (necessitating other power-creeps) or those becoming hard-counters.  Both approaches were tried in 1.0, and were not, in my opinion, good options.
    Instead, I think there should be an ideal average.  Not everything will lie on it perfectly, but everything should be close.  If something is far below average, buff it.  If it's far above, nerf it.  If it simply can't work with the system, fix it.
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    Handler reacted to gamblertuba in Where will point increases and decreases occur with the first “Rebalance”   
    Since when has that ever stopped us?
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    Handler reacted to Ccwebb in How many turns ahead do you think while playing X-Wing?​​​​​​​   
    One turn, but not uncommon for me to forget what move I selected on the dial I just placed down.  ??
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    Handler reacted to any2cards in Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)   
    Star Wars fans literally have no idea how to use the word literally correctly.
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    Handler reacted to Herowannabe in Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)   
    And they’re calling it “Alphabet Squadron?” Really? 

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    Handler reacted to GuacCousteau in The Mandalorian [Star Wars TV series]   
    But I thought he was useless?
    Which is it?
    If into the Holiday Special for compelling arguments you go, only pain will you find. 
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    Handler reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in The Mandalorian [Star Wars TV series]   
    So lets look at the 1st official picture.   I want to draw close attention to the most important, but subtle detail from this picture.   Above the left eye is a small dent in the helmet, almost imperceptible, but there.   This is important because Boba Fett’s helmet had a dent in the exact same place.   
    In canon a set of mandalorian armour scoured as if by acid, was purchases by Cobb Vanth from Jawas on tatooine.   Acid tends to burn things away, possible dirt and paint and could leave things shiny as this armour is.   The dent is there for a reason I believe.   
    This official image has me, about 90% sure this armour belonged to Boba Fett, and now is owned by Cobb Vanth.   The story details seem to match up and this art depicts small and subtle clues - the dent.   That this is indeed the story we shall be getting.   
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    Handler reacted to Frostthorn in The Mandalorian [Star Wars TV series]   
    As a Mandalorian (rabid fangirl and cosplayer/costume maker) I just wanted to say I'm ectatic. I'll probably be disappointed but hoping not and  that anyone who dislikes mandos are missing out and  your opinion is wrong :) 
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    Handler reacted to BVRCH in The Mandalorian [Star Wars TV series]   
    This thread is the epitomy of everything I hate about this forum. Well done.
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    Handler reacted to FTS Gecko in Converting   
    But you're still gonna post on the forum, right?  Right?  I honestly don't know what we'd do without hearing you're not upgrading every day...
    edit:  Hi again perpetually confused TIE Defender pilot!
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    Handler reacted to Forgottenlore in The Mandalorian [Star Wars TV series]   
    I’m surprised. 
    There is no way they can possibly satisfy the rabid mandalorian fanboys out there. 
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    Handler reacted to Parakitor in Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview   
    But she doesn't spend a blank to do damage - she spends a blank to get a lock she can use to reroll the remaining dice. Combined with Finn, yeah, it's strong. But outside of that it seems only moderately helpful. I suspect Finn or Rose (or both) will be quite expensive.
    And as for why it goes Rose, remember that she is all about hope and turning a bad situation around. I think it's certainly a thematic win. Rose is cool.
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    Handler reacted to CaptainJaguarShark in Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview   
    That one's garbage.
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    Handler reacted to Hujoe Bigs in wasn't token-stacking a thing of the past?   
    Basically the tl:dr version....
    All of these are situational though.
    Defender:Gotta go fast!
    Phantom:Use those tokens and you aren't cloaking this turn.
    Fel:All reliant on flying
    Lt Sai:Support ship tax
    Palp: See above
    Boba:That's an impossible combo, best you can do is either reinforce OR focus with all that. But with that combo you are running close to half your list, and you have to fly him close to the enemy.
    Two dice attacks are quite scary when you can't negate them completely via reinforce.
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    Handler reacted to Storgar in X-Wing Squad Builder Update   
    It would be good to have the quick build format supported by the app, it could have all the prebuilt ships loaded in for you to just pick from.
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    Handler reacted to BlodVargarna in FFG your app is poor quality   
    Why on earth didn’t you simply buy one of the already functioning 3rd party apps made by the community?
    1) no offline- this is a no brainer make this a priority 
    2) ridiculous issues when saving (see multiple threads on this
    3) can’t copy ships- if I want to make 3 ships with same load out, I have to enter the ship and all it’s upgrades 3 times.
    4) can’t change pilot of a particular ship after it’s been selected, if I change my mind between Wedge or Luke, I have to delete and re-enter an entire new ship  
    5) the app is slow- this is probably related to number 1- make it offline.
    6) no dials 
    7) UI is ugly and frustrating. 
    Your web app developers should be embarrassed by the terrible product they rushed out. You should be embarrassed by the terrible quality of the app and the frustration it is causing your customers. 
    Get your stuff together FFG. 
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    Handler reacted to stuffedskullcat in FFG your app is poor quality   
    Well said; I hate to dog-pile on FFG because I love X-wing and otherwise think 2.0 is amazing, but the app is an embarrassment.
    Such a big miss on such an apparently crucial element.
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    Handler reacted to impspy in Barrage Rockets..so much for not having to make purchases across Factions   
    Also works for academia and government too tbh; my first thought when reading that was: "Jonus is an academic?"
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    Handler reacted to Dabirdisdaword in Barrage Rockets..so much for not having to make purchases across Factions   
    Scimitar pilot:it just seems wasteful ya know?
    Cpt jonus: look if we don't use up the budget by end of year they will reduce it.
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    Handler reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Barrage Rockets..so much for not having to make purchases across Factions   
    Way to read...  ?

    If only I had offered that as one of the three options...
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    Handler reacted to FTS Gecko in Barrage Rockets..so much for not having to make purchases across Factions   
    Insert veruca-salt.gif?
    Edit: oh hey look, it's the perpetually confused ace Defender pilot!  Hi there perpetually confused ace Defender pilot!
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    Handler reacted to Darth Meanie in So, how’s the app working for everyone else?   
    So, while I realize the Orange Guy At the Top has made Twitter a priority for Highly Important Information, not everyone uses that platform.
    Might I recommend an actual full-length NEWS article on these very forums to cover such useful information by FFG.
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    Handler reacted to westiebestie in Enhancement request: Duplicate ship   
    As per title. Be able to copy a (generic) ship build with all its upgrades instead of having to equip it again one time per identical build.
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    Handler reacted to Biophysical in Scum and Villainy 80: Raithos Interview and Scum Breakdown   
    @raithoshas patrician taste.  The old Decipher Star Wars CCG is one of the finest card games ever designed.
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