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    Handler reacted to JJ48 in Clone Wars!   
    In fairness, the movie did come out quite some time ago.  Here's a refresher of the plot if anyone needs it:
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    Handler reacted to BlodVargarna in Clone Wars!   
    See ‘having’ is subjective isn’t it? 
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    Handler reacted to Bakura83 in For those of you who can vote today...   
    ...I’m not usually political but please make time to vote today for your local pro-peace candidate.  A prolonged military build-up only makes the situation more volatile and deepens the fear and resentment the outer planets feel towards the core.
    Its time to stop eroding our historic republican governing institutions and values.
    Say no to a clone army.
    Say no to undemocratic senate reforms.
    Say yes to negotiating a fair compromise with separatists and preserving the peace.
    ...also, petition your local FFG corporate affiliate for more SSD articles. ?
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    Handler reacted to FoulHand in Just the cards I own?   
    Is the squad builder going to add the ability to edit out all of the stuff I don’t own?  What’s the point of building squads I can’t put on the table?
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    Handler reacted to player2072913 in Are some of the oddities in Quick build list errors or on purpose?   
    It's all about Marksmenship now
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    Handler reacted to Old Sarge in How to fix the Scyk; The answers are in the lore.   
    Just like Punishers!
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    Handler reacted to JasonCole in How to fix the Scyk; The answers are in the lore.   
    Son, I am disappoint.
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    Handler reacted to Kehl_Aecea in So if theres an app now. Why do we need cards?   
    Square Wars!
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    Handler reacted to Dax12387 in So if theres an app now. Why do we need cards?   
    Have you seen the app?
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    Handler reacted to Marinealver in Why can't you reinforce to the side?   
    Probably the same reason why you can't orient your turret to the 4 diagonal directions as well as the 4 cardinal directions. I mean you could easily house rule them in so a general errata (which will still be likely) can alter those rulings. But that is only if it is determine to be too much of a problem (or a solution to one).
    Besides the video game series X-wing (and TIE-fighter) you could only adjust your shields front, rear, or equal, which makes me wonder why the Y-wings don't have the reinforce action.  Maybe it could be an astromech. While you have 1 active shields you have the reinforce action. When you exhaust or discard your last active shield token you must discard your reinforce token.
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    Handler reacted to gadwag in Why can't you reinforce to the side?   
    Reinforcing to the side would be extremely powerful, even on non-turreted ships. It's trivial to protect one side with the board edge and the other with reinforce, making it far more powerful than reinforcing front or rear. It's also much more boring, because it leads to fewer meaningful decisions in the game. The decimator and ghost can be improved with points changes.
    Consider the opposite situation: I have a squadron of TIE fighters, all shooting at a first-edition auzituck with reinforce. My TIEs all have focuses and howlrunner is still alive. On each attack, if you roll a single evade result, or I roll a blank, my TIE attack does nothing. Simulating 1.0 reinforce with Norra Wexley, we see that the expected damage at range 2 is only 3.5, which is absurdly low. The old reinforce makes 2-attack ships irrelevant, instead of merely inferior.
    Reinforce is an excellently balanced mechanic now. It still significantly improves the durability of a ship under heavy fire when compared to an un-reinforced ship. It just doesn't ignore 2-attack ships entirely. Consider that evade allows you to block a single hit, while reinforce can block many hits, but still only costs an action.
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    Handler reacted to JJ48 in YV-666 Squad builder vs Quick Build List   
    The Quick Builds do not follow 200-point building restrictions.
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    Handler reacted to JJ48 in New OP article up today + kit contents   
    Interestingly enough, the Battle of Yavin in the movies highly favored the Imperials, too.
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    Handler reacted to Transmogrifier in New OP article up today + kit contents   
    fun fact: you can run whatever format you want with your local group, these are just suggestions
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    Handler reacted to heychadwick in New OP article up today + kit contents   
    How about no? I've played for 6 years and wished for stuff like this.  FFG catered to you for years by only producing boring 100/6 crap events for you.  How about you get less condescending and learn a little patience? Sorry you don't get to practice the same list every week for 3 months before the next big game.
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    Handler reacted to thespaceinvader in Lets Talk about Fortressing and how the tournament rules are falling short.   
    You ask him not to, find a way to attack anyway which is usually possible and interesting to accomplish, or shake hands, say good game,  and go find someone who wants to play your kind of x wing.
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    Handler reacted to XPav in B-wings   
    Whoah whoah the errr NSFW X-Wing forum is over errr...
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    Handler reacted to Quarrel in taking down aces   
    How are people welcoming our new Initiative 5-6 15-pt bid overlords?
    Specifically, what, other than joining them, is beating them?
    What looks unfruitful:
    Blocking. The prevalence of Advanced Sensors, cloaking, coordinate, and Supernatural Reflexes makes blocking much harder in 2e -- possibly harder even if you know their dial than it was in 1e without that knowledge. Stress control. Because it no longer exists. Ion control. Because the solution to being unable to push damage through won't be found in a weapon that needs to push two damage through. Bombs/Mines. These are harder to land with the new timing unless you're the last ship and getting chased -- and dropping a mine in 2e requires giving your opponent an extra round to kill you. Missiles/Torpedoes. If they're dodging your primaries, they're dodging these too. What may have potential:
    Turrets/rear arcs -- to an extent. Only five ships can make a strength 3 attack backward (six, if you count Kavil), though, and they're spread across four factions. A single 2 die rear attack won't scratch a Defender, and aces have too much range control to let you ever get a Range 1 shot on them. 5+ ship lists. Ships that can cover a contiguous 180° arc. Jamming -- but only versus tokening up, which is only half the battle. Tractoring -- but it's hard to leverage. You'll do more scaring than tractoring, and if you can't capitalize on that, you won't win with it. Rigged Cargo Chute.
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    Handler reacted to jftanner in Broken images in 1.0.4?   
    As a software developer... Hey!
    ... Also, yeah, can confirm. 
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    Handler reacted to Icelom in X-Wing Squad Builder Update   
    Still no dials?
    Still no offline mode?
    still no condition cards?
    still a meaningless "collection" system?
    still no plain text list share?
    Any update on if any of  this is even planned?
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    Handler reacted to Kehl_Aecea in X-Wing Squad Builder Update   
    While it might be pointless, it's still a valid upgrade. The app is there to help you make squads, not to stop you from making bad choices
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    Handler reacted to Schu81 in This App is a mess   
    Hello FFG.
    I have been playing XWing for years and I have literally spent thousands of dollars on this game.
    I have brought 4 others players to this game, who have also spent hundreds of dollars each, to buy minatures, devices, add-ons.
    Now you have published an APP for Android, which is necessary to play this game.
    But this App is a total mess. It doesn't work properly on the Android phones of my friends and I am having issues with this, too.
    How is it even possible, that 3rd party Apps, programmed by hobbyists, work much better than yours?
    That's unprofessional and an insult to your costumers.
    You have had plenty of time to get the code of this App done before the release of second edition. Obviously you didn't get things done back then.
    So how about fixing it now? Why aren't there any updates regularly? You SHOULD be updating this thing constantly to improve stability, interface and responsiveness.
    I really didn't want to complain about this App within the first two weeks, because I work in IT myself and I know that most projects don't work properly on day 1.
    But it has been weeks now... and there aren't any updates coming. Why are you so unprofessionally insulting your costumers by showing no reaction to all these bugs and issues?
    You should have a look at this 3rd party Squad Builder: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.launchbaynext
    It works MUCH better than yours and it displays much more relevant info than yours. Why is that? Why don't you just hire this guy? Obviously he knows much more about programming X-Wing Squad Builders than your whole incompent team. Hard words, but true story.
    You should have made quite a few bucks with this game so far, so go ahead and hire someone who knows about programming.
    You pretty much owe that to all the people who have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your game.
    Apart from that: It would be nice to read an official statement about this from time to time... please write news about this. Tell us, what are your future plans about your App? When will there be Updates? Is there a roadmap for this piece of software? Who is responsible? Are you happy with the bad results so far or do you even know how much this sucks?
    Should I be writing a list of bugs now? Maybe I should, but you could very well read the maaaaaany other threads on this board or react to the reviews and ratings on the Google Android - Playstore. Your App has got rating of 2 / 5 Stars there. Are you happy with that? What's wrong with you? You should be fixing this right now.
    Some of these problems are just so basic, that I can hardly believe you're doing this to us.
    Let's talk about the Squad - Points first.
    When you're creating a Squad on an Android Phone, the total costs are not displayd anymore when you're getting higher than 100 points. That's because the letters are too big and the interface just drops these numbers to an invisible sector. There is a workarond: You can just switch your phone to a smaller font size.
    Are you kidding me? You can't fix that for weeks? And you don't tell anybody about this, so we have to find such things out on our own?
    But there is more.
    Some people just can't save their squads at all.
    Some people just can't use the buttons, because they are too big.
    Sometimes older Squads are deleted or overwritten, even when you create a new Squad.
    The App is slow in general.
    Many important information are missing (size of the base, maneuvers)
    I don't want to go on here. It's enough.
    Please fix this. And give us some information.
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    Handler got a reaction from spamdex in Force Upgrade Speculation   
    But didn't Luke use the force to murder thousands of poor souls on the death star?  At the very least, that was a face up damage card which turned into a lucky chain, right?
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    Handler reacted to Derpzilla88 in Kill Han   
    I've heard Kylo Ren is pretty great at killing Han.
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    Handler reacted to Hawkstrike in Help: Bomb Rules sodding impossible to find.   
    Why they did not print what the bombs do on the now-larger-than-ever bomb cards boggles the mind.
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