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  1. Handler

    Why is the k-turn all or nothing?

    Maybe not but at least expect a 'confused' emoji
  2. Handler

    Happy Friday,,,,,, thanks Steam Sale.....

    OK I'm stumped. What's the 1427 reference please?
  3. Handler

    So we need errata already

    But Caption Rex won't need errata, right?
  4. Handler

    Best X-Wing podcasts?

    Dee Yun has fifteen legs? I did not know that.
  5. Handler

    Solo movie talk (No spoilers)

    Ignore function is like your own personal desalination plant for the forums
  6. Handler

    Solo Discussion Thread [SPOILERS!]

    Perth too. My cinema was about 75% full and I think there were only 2 or 3 screens showing it at Carousel
  7. It doesn't suck. It's better than the early trailers make out
  8. Handler

    Solo movie talk (No spoilers)

    I was glad that the moment from the trailers I hated most did not appear in the same form in the film
  9. Let's call the goal 'dynamic equilibrium' rather than 'perfect balance' and I think we'll be OK
  10. My guess is that the most efficient way for FFG to distribute these will be so that 1 kit which covers 2 ships will cover a single collection with 2 ships, not two collections of 1 ship. But 2 kits will be able to cover two collections of 2 ships, or a collection of 1 and a collection of 3 (transfer the G1/G2 base, G1 and G2 cards, and dial to the player who needs the extra). So if you've got 1 of everything and so does a mate of yours, you probably won't be able to split a kit down the middle and both have everything you need. But we'll find out for sure soon enough. ..
  11. So can we also agree that converting an entire X-wing collection with 5 factions is equivalent to converting 5 GW armies? Because given the hugely different games, distribution model of minis, rules and game components, not to mention the number of miniatures playable in standard mode, the main thing I have gleaned from this thread is that there is no agreement on a fair metric for comparison
  12. Handler

    Krennic got screwed in 2.0

    Well Krennic kinda got screwed in Rogue One, so that fits
  13. Handler

    NEW ARTICLE!!!!!!1!!!

    Smashed those card game losers though. (Joking... I'm one of them...)
  14. Handler

    Man people are really nasty on here if you arent converting

    Well I'm with the OP: I have a core set and 5 Kimogilas and FFG are forcing me to pay $300 to upgrade my $140 collection!
  15. My main problem will be stopping myself from buying 2nd copies of all the 1.0 ships I currently have only one of, just so I don't have so many leftover components