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  1. Get Started Painting SW: Legion - New Article

    Every single image in that article is (c) and TM Lucasfilm, even the photo of the pot of glue
  2. First full game

    Just get Vader to jump on the foot of your AT-ST and he can ride the chicken into battle
  3. Also from the Rise of the Empire rulebook: 'All starting mission cards... are used during every game'. They start in your hand, so they aren't needed to build your deck. So yes use them!
  4. Game is Officially Dead...

    FFG will never ever remake the Decipher CCG (unless they find a way to introduce at least 8 different types of tokens to it)
  5. The new wave is in stores now!!!!!

    I may be wrong, but wasn't the Raider supposed to be the/an Imperial anti-fighter gunship?
  6. We got an Objective Article?

    That's no debris field, it's Alderaa... ok it's a debris field
  7. Game is Officially Dead...

    I'll answer it - they won't reprint anything: they consider there to be too much unsold product lying around for this game already. I could be wrong though.
  8. Fun times with mariokart.

    We spent about 3 hours playing a game in which nobody quite made it to the third corner. Moral of the story: don't use 2 inch thick gaffer tape for the walls and then try to run 8 ships in such a restricted space.
  9. I play it as: choose side plus orientation. If you can complete a barrel roll that way you have to. If you can't you can choose a new action. It can be the a barrel roll to the same side with the other orientation. This may not be explicit in the rules but otherwise you could select a barrel roll in one direction but end up with a facing 90 degrees off what you wanted.
  10. Dark side of nerfs and rewording!

    And at the current rate of FAQ release, you should only have to do this once every year or two to stay up to date
  11. PS 9 Pilots

    I've seen Disney accused of some horrible atrocities, but that's just low
  12. Are we dead in the water?

    I don't think you mean 'required' then. But after reading the twitter stream I see that the cards in the 2.0 core will be legal, core 1.0 cards are only legal if they are repeated in the new core
  13. getting into the game at this point

    ... or even 2 new cores?
  14. Are we dead in the water?

    Except that it says about 8 times on that page that the new core won't be out in time for worlds... or were you talking about 2018 worlds?
  15. I dont get it

    So is 'true' LOS mini-to-mini measured by stringline from the eye of one mini to any part of another? Just wondering I haven't played any games like that.