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  1. Surely Luke should be a job, not a character... "Pick up farmboy and crazy wizard at Tatooine and deliver to the nearest asteroid field"
  2. You got a drop of water on one of your cards?!? You don't deserve to own this game!!!
  3. Looks like a huge improvement on Firefly. If I want to kiss 4 hours of my precious gaming time to spend with good friends but dreary, grinding gameplay... I'll play Firefly
  4. The game seems perfectly set up for expansions: add a couple of new board tiles, some relevant jobs from those systems, extra gear, a few more ships, a few more characters, a rule for when someone wants to recruit a crew member who is already a player-character, tie it all together around a theme and there you have it. If each new expansion has just a few exclusive super-cool or useful pieces, everyone will want them...
  5. But didn't Luke use the force to murder thousands of poor souls on the death star? At the very least, that was a face up damage card which turned into a lucky chain, right?
  6. But why single bombs/mines out? Why not change them the same way they would change every other upgrade and pilot card?
  7. If they do update slots and point costs, how do you think the app will deal with saved squads which are then illegal or have points left over? Not the point of this thread I know, but it follows on.
  8. ...and all X-Wing players will be happy with a decision FFG makes when... no I can't finish that sentence
  9. Weren't there supposed to be prizes at launch parties for anyone who could make a squad with the app? When they announced that it sounded like money for jam...
  10. Did they say what time on the 13th? For FFG, Q3 never means the first day of Q3, so why would the 13th mean 12.01am?
  11. But did you read the replies? What joyous statements about the health of the game!
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