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  1. We spent about 3 hours playing a game in which nobody quite made it to the third corner. Moral of the story: don't use 2 inch thick gaffer tape for the walls and then try to run 8 ships in such a restricted space.
  2. I play it as: choose side plus orientation. If you can complete a barrel roll that way you have to. If you can't you can choose a new action. It can be the a barrel roll to the same side with the other orientation. This may not be explicit in the rules but otherwise you could select a barrel roll in one direction but end up with a facing 90 degrees off what you wanted.
  3. And at the current rate of FAQ release, you should only have to do this once every year or two to stay up to date
  4. I've seen Disney accused of some horrible atrocities, but that's just low
  5. I don't think you mean 'required' then. But after reading the twitter stream I see that the cards in the 2.0 core will be legal, core 1.0 cards are only legal if they are repeated in the new core
  6. ... or even 2 new cores?
  7. Except that it says about 8 times on that page that the new core won't be out in time for worlds... or were you talking about 2018 worlds?
  8. So is 'true' LOS mini-to-mini measured by stringline from the eye of one mini to any part of another? Just wondering I haven't played any games like that.
  9. I'm also really interested to know why they couldn't announce anything at all at Gencon, but less than a week later we get the full Wave announcement.
  10. I think this would be a great idea. I could reuse my IA figures for a third play type (beyond IA campaign and skirmish) and it would inspire me to buy even more IA stormtrooper and rebel trooper figures plus conversion kit / rulebook etc. As it is, FFG get enough of my money for Xwing, Armada, IA and the LCG so I'm going to have to give this one a miss. If it had come out before Imperial Assault, things may have been different.
  11. I applaud TOs taking this kind of initiative. Now let's see if any will ban Jumpmasters, because, you know...
  12. If new players with small collections are being curbstomped by vets with tier 1 decks in casual play, perhaps the issue is with the community, not the game mechanics
  13. If you don't do both of these things, you're doing it wrong
  14. I was about to get my Prince Xizor range 1 behind a brobot and had a good chance to kill it that turn, but I got overzealous and Advanced Sensors'ed into PTL for TL + Focus, then as I put the stress token down I realised I was doing a SLoop.
  15. I can't help you more than anyone else has already, but I'm going home tonight to check my pile of cardboard inserts to see if I have the full collection of 'alt arts'!