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  1. Thanks for your reply, I guess I will have to build up a little more before going in for the attack. And check out Tokyo. Thanks again...
  2. Hi Guys and Gals, Is it possible to attack a monster with two or more investigators at the same time? I can't find anything in the rules about it, which probably means it's not possible... but any more than one monster on a space seems like a death sentence for the investigator landing there. I thought maybe teaming up against them was the answer.
  3. My Guess for the end space is either, A burned out mana tree stump which you have to restore to life, (hence Oberon and Titania are wondering the world and not in their tree.) Or Some sort of elephant graveyard, Because that picture looks like an undead two headed mammoth to me. ??? Also seeing as we have Oberon and Titania does that make the Satyr Puck?
  4. Instead of choosing our character at random we like to dice off to see how gets to choose first from the character deck. Then we take it in turns to pick whoever we want, the only condition is that you cannot pick a character you have already won with. (Until everyone have won with that character, then they are up for grabs again.) We really noticed a huge boost in our enjoyment of the game when we did this, as there are so many characters now everyone gets something fun and you can always choose a new approach to the game if it interests you. Such as, strength based one week, then craft based the next and the merchant after that.
  5. Personally I don't mind the size of the board. Though we have given up sitting at the table and tend to all be on out feet when we play. It helps to walk round to the other side of the table to see what I have to do on that square. Plus we keep the beer at the other end of the room, so... I like the idea of "Epic Talisman" Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I did wonder if it was worth having an expansion which gives extra strength/craft to all the monsters on the board. It would have to have a very slow accumulating effect, that kicked in late in the game. The reason for this is to combat that time when you hit Strength 20 and don't have to roll to kill anything anymore. Admittedly this is a nice place to reach and double admittedly you have probably been playing for six hours by this point and want the game to end, but... yep, definitely a glutton for punishment. That would be the point of making it epic!
  6. As for NPC's, how about a Talisman Devourer? A creature that activates whenever a player character obtains a Talisman. It then chases him around the board until it is killed or it captures your Talisman. A bit like The Reaper or Werewolf, except it heads straight for one person and moves every turn.
  7. I think that on the surface The Forest sounds a little bit boring. Particularly as fantasy worlds could offer so much more. Such as Holy Lands, Forbidden Lands, Docks/Sea, Palace, Necropolis, a Military Base, though the success of the 4th corner is probably down to the mechanic that it brings to the game. A story element would be nice, why is the Talisman world the way that it is? Maybe in a Palace sits the Emperor of the Talisman world, (does the world have a name? I'm not sure.) And this Emperor just so happens to be a lich. And this lich wants what all liches want, everybody to be dead and signed up to their army. So he comes up with this great idea to get everyone fighting each other. He creates the crown of command. Suddenly the peaceful people of the world are crawling over one another to get the power and make the world peaceful again. While the Emperor sits back laughing to himself as he watches his army grow, the crown has no power over him. Maybe there is room for a co-oprative story to be introduced, with the players working together instead of against each other?
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