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  1. So, the same reason why X-Wings aren't getting s-foils then?
  2. If closing the foils minimises the ship's profile, maybe the B-Wing's "thing" could be some ability that reduce's the effect of terrain whilst the foils are closed (at the expense of firepower of something, obviously). Overall though, I would say that the reason for the s-foil mechanic in this game is more "we can see the wings move in the movies, so we should represent it in game!" The actual mechanics themselves are less important as actually having something to represent the moving wing, for better or for worse. We can also see that this mechanic has then expanded to represent ships like the U-Wing, so I would say the mechanic itself is not really an X-Wing only thing (although the specific effect can be X-Wing only). In this respect, I see no reason to not give ships like the B-Wing or Lambda their own similar mechanics as the game moves forward, although the release of 2E would probably have been a nice time to do it.
  3. I've ordered from Wayland on and off for many years now, and for the most part they've been reliable enough. Even if a seller does have problems, I can be fairly easy going depending on how they deal with it - keeping me informed is good, keeping silent and hoping I don't notice missing items is bad. Sadly, Wayland took the latter approach.
  4. Meanwhile, I've just had a reply from Wayland Games stating that despite promising the promo decks to their customers, they were unable to get them from FFG. Now I'm waiting for them to explain why they didn't bother forewarning us if they were unable to complete our orders, and instead just hoping we wouldn't notice the missing item -.-
  5. Thanks. At least I have something to hold on for now
  6. Is there any tldr of the main points covered? Most importantly, was any timeframe mentioned for when we can expect the first OP kit to be released? I've had the podcast on whilst gaming, but that does mean I get distracted from time to time, especially with it approaching 2 hours in length.
  7. Ideally, I'd want a way to buy the expansion in physical format, scan a code inside the pack, and also unlock the expansion within the game. I'm certainly not a fan of paying for the same product twice, so if they tried to get me to pay separately for both the physical and digital versions of the same expansion I'm almost certainly not going to bother getting into the digital version.
  8. Whilst I'm fine with the accelerated release to get the game up and running, I wouldn't really like the 6 packs in 6 weeks approach to become the standard. 1 pack a month would work for me as it gives time to build decks and have games with the new cards before the next pack comes along. The other alternative I wouldn't mind if we were to go for burst releases would just be to release all the packs at the same time. This would work better though if the individual packs were themed in some way such as doing a pack per clan, so even if you weren't the sort to just buy everything you could focus on buying the packs for your primary and secondary clans. I suspect FFG would also not go this route because it would make it easier for people to not buy cards they don't want.
  9. Wow, the online converters do a really terrible job >.< Fortunately Inkscape's internal converter does a passable job that I think I can clean up enough...
  10. I can only see a low res (200x200) version on that page, unless I'm missing something?
  11. I need to try and find a high res version of the Fox clan mon so I can get my own sleeves made. I doubt anyone else will be doing the minor clans any time soon after all.
  12. Fox clan here. What, we don't have any cards yet? Well, I guess I'll just have to aid other clans for the moment then
  13. Good to know. I was using bakemono in the Japanese sense, but I'll have to try and keep in mind that L5R language isn't necessarily the same as Japanese (even if the former is heavily inspired by the latter). Given that the Mantis themselves aren't classed as a major clan in this game (yet?), would I be right in thinking that they didn't have any particular attachments to one clan over another out of the clans we do have so far?
  14. I'm looking forward to the kitsune myself. Does anyone know if any of the main clans had any particular affinity for bakemono such as kitsune? (I'm guessing Dragon and Phoenix strike me as the strongest candidates, but up to now I've only had minor knowledge of the L5R universe.)
  15. Wish I was competing. In the end though, I had to accept that it was just too expensive for me once I added travel and accommodation Never fear though, I'll get you all next year!
  16. The more I think about Fire Control Team, the more questions I'm raising... As far as I can tell, nothing on the card says that the crit effect you activate is limited to effects you could have activated had you rolled differently. In other words, what's to stop us from using this card to activate black crit effects when we didn't have any black dice in the pool? Does this then mean that we can activate APTs at long range?
  17. My reading of G-8 is that is reduces the ship's speed by 1. Engine Techs allow you to perform a speed-1 maneuver, not a ship's speed maneuver. As such, whilst you can use G-8 against a ship making an ET maneuver, it will have no effect.
  18. Going by how G-8 is written, I'd say that it doesn't have an effect on Engine Techs: - Engine Techs are used to execute a speed 1 maneuver. - The first step of this maneuver is the Determine Course step, allowing G-8 to trigger. - G-8 reduces the speed of the ship by 1 until the Engine Tech maneuver is completed. - The maneuver continues at speed 1, as the speed of the Engine Tech maneuver is not determined on the speed of the ship. If G-8 had said something along the lines of "When a ship at distance 1-5 performs a maneuver, you may exhaust this card to reduce its speed by 1 until the end of the maneuver." then the "its" could refer to the maneuver, which would then affect Engine Techs. As it is currently worded, "its" must refer to the ship, and not the maneuver, which would force the above interpretation.
  19. The Lanark (Knightly Gaming) one? Come on up, would be cool to have some new faces on the tournament scene here! Would involve 2 nights in a Travelodge.As a certain smuggler would say, no reward is worth that!
  20. "It's a trap!" - Sun Tzu, commenting on the risks of preemptively attacking planet-destroying superweapons.
  21. Slight correction: Rolling 4 damage on 4 black dice is average, not above average. As such, rerolling all the dice will on average give 4 damage, with a good chance of a crit effect - an overall improvement.
  22. The minimum number of competitors for the SC to count is 4, so neither of you should have gotten the bye. (I found this out by winning a SC for which only one other person turned up. Apparently no one else in the area wanted to spend valentines day playing a shipping game -.-)
  23. I think we're going to have to set 8lts as the lower limit of our guessing. They did say as cheap as a squadron rather than cheaper than a squadron after all
  24. I'd have no problems with the basic transport having no anti-squadron dice either. I mean, it can't fire upon fighters in X-Wing either
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