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  1. X-Wing had missing SKUs for awhile, I wouldnt expect this to be anything different.
  2. I would bet any amount of money this is not the totality of wave three. Maybe it's small because the rest of Wave 3 is something huge, like the SSD?
  3. Green Knight pretty much nailed it. The Worlds meta was behind the curve for the most part.
  4. Most lists had no squadrons. Gerry (8th) and I teched against a meta with more Rhymer balls and things like Jonathon ended up bringing. Was honestly surprised to see so much VGG and VVG and not more Rebels.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, (and I run what passes for the Armara scene at my FLGS) if you show up for tournaments on the regular, you're part of my community. If, OTOH, you drove a great distance to participate in Massing at Sullest, and never set foot in my store before, or will again after, (at least, until the next preview event) then you have removed somthing from my local gaming community. I will not be pleased. I wanted to see those ships on the table next week. Maybe they just like playing in tournaments? There are many game stores in Houston I don't go to except for tournaments.
  6. My city had 5 all within an hour and a half drive of one another. Then again, Houston is bigger than Israel, sooooo......
  7. Only because we know each other in real life and play all the time
  8. The store CANNOT give the prizes away NOR can they sell the kit like they did. There is a line in the booklet about a minimum number of players. They SHOULD have emailed or called FFG and requested a reschedule. As someone who lives in Houston, a city bigger than the country of Israel, we had 5 MoS events, 2 of which were rescheduled due to FFG permission. Also, prize sniping sucks if you live in a small town with only one or two stores. As it is in my case, I have no guilt about winning 2 of the Houston events and getting 3rd in another
  9. This right here. Actual play experience. That's what I'm talking about. Also congrats!
  10. This "nerf" was 100% needed. After 10+ games with Wave 2 materials, if this change had not been made Admiral Ackbar on a MC80 and Mc30/Cr90 spam would have dominated the meta. Completely. Now they are still very good but not easy button no skill required mode. AP is still playable and still very good- it shuts down Demolisher quite effectively and GSD's in general. Go play some games before theorying yourself to death with worry and chicken littling over a single card change. I guarantee you will be fine once you actually play it out on the table and see that the sky isn't falling.
  11. I'm going to take a shot in the dark here and say that my community probably has some of the most experience with the Wave II ships, we had **5** Massing at Sullest events. I myself won 2 of them. From on the table actual play experience and not theory crafting, this nerf to rebel AP builds is absolutely needed. We've had several games where an ECM AP MC80 Defiant has shredded Imperial fleets all by itself. In one 4 player game, it killed 2 GSDs, 2VSDs, and an ISD before going down. All because of the ECM/Brace interaction and spam of repair commands to move/regen shields while throwing 7+ dice a turn. That is simply ridiculous. Even in normal 400pt games with our Wave 2 goodies, the MC80 DOMINATES the board. It one shots GSD's, can cripple a VSD in one shot, and can take down and deal a pretty big hit to a ISD in one salvo. I am 100% confident FFG made the right call on this one. Even if it is against what the card says, it is DEFINITELY for the balance of the game.
  12. Ahh thank you, didn't know that there was scum in the starter box. Thought it was just rebels and empire.
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