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  1. I have also played a similar list with 2 interceptors as well. It has for all purposes done really well. I know a lot of people scoff at the lowly interceptor but it still has a place in my formation.
  2. Yep, They are pointed right and take some skill and a lot of luck to get out of some bad flying. They are fine.
  3. After the latest Supreme Court case findings with the Hobby Lobby dispute and putting more legal grounds on Corporations being people I sent an email to FFG asking them to have my baby... After about a month of silence I was given a very cryptic message about never contacting them again, and something about possible restraining orders and how I should evaluate my priorities in life... Some people just don't want to start families and I don't get it. With my German heritage and brilliant background in computers I would think that FFG would be flattered to continue a bloodline with me. They are not.
  4. Walmart is pretty hardcore on street dates when it comes to video games and toys. I honestly believe if there is one with the FFG shipment Walmart will enforce it.
  5. This is pretty nifty. I actually really like Echo. Not enough people play this pilot.
  6. I don't know what is wrong with College kids these days, back in my day we did not have Starbucks and every meal was ramen with either ketchup packets or taco bell hot sauce packets. If you were lucky during the holidays your parents would send you crappy re-gifted Christmas cookies and or other hand made treats that the neighbors left at their doorstep.
  7. Lies... everyone needs more interceptors. Even if you had 10 you could use at least 10 more.
  8. Perhaps the old adage if at first you don't succeed try try again, should be forever ignored going forward with your endeavors of marriage.
  9. But to bring something on topic. From my experience with girls and gaming (Mind you it is only 20 years or so experience) It is very uncomfortable for many women to be in a store being gawked at by men who have only ever heard about or read about women either from school or Wikipedia.
  10. I will have you know, I have knitted an X-Wing doily. So even though your example is funny there are men out there that are straight that know how to knit.
  11. I mean don't get me wrong pirates are great, but like previously mentioned. Bacon is better and so are girls.
  12. Nothing is funnier than when your opponent gleefully believes that you are going to use that K-Turn and then all of a sudden your nowhere near where that K-Turn was supposed to put you.
  13. Rebel Aces will never be released. It is not for lack of trying on FFG's part but more to do with the fact that there are no actual Rebel Aces... They all suck. But like everyones favorite green guy on the forums +-1st week of September.
  14. 13713

    3 Defender Build

    When I started this game I picked up 2 Defenders and 3 Phantoms. After a couple of weeks playing with both ships I can say that at least for me the Defender is a pain to learn. It is expensive, and quirky and for some reason gets shot up a lot. But I think I am starting to get the hang of it. I play two of them in 100 points and they are a blast when the stars are aligned.
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