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  1. Each Creature out in play. Your friend is right.
  2. I have one of those combos in a deck, I ruled that the card is purged. My logic is that it's not just being removed from the archive, it's straight up being removed form the game! I can see it being ruled the other way, but I couldn't find any other topics on it.
  3. I would say yes. Discarding by any means would seem to do the trick.
  4. No, If a creature with a fight ability is destroyed in a fight, it's fight ability doesn't get to happen.
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/12/age-of-ascension/ The Official Article.
  6. But just think you'll have so much AEmber saved up by the time you do see a prize wall, you can get one of everything!
  7. I have a deck with John Smith and a mavrick Mimic + I got the one Shadows artifact that lets you put your first creature out ready. Put out John ready then out the mimic. reap with john ready mimic, reap with mimic and use john's reap, repeat four more times. Then I watch them get distroyed the next turn.
  8. Yes forge key outside of step 1. No you must have 6 amber or whatever the current cost for you is at the moment because for other ongoing card conditions.
  9. ilikesanta

    Pax Prime 2015

    I'm sure there will be a tourney, but for more information lets turn to the PAX Forums:
  10. Space Yatch. I want some Hutt's in Space.
  11. You should play Grand Theft Auto V, they do a number of heist in it and there is plenty to "borrow" from. But if you you don't have the time to play 15-20 hr game then I can just give you some of the stuff they did. (Mission Spoilers) I'm sure you can search youtube for GTA V heist and watch them all. The basic outline for all of them was the same. Plan, prepare, execute, getaway, then unload the goods and get paid.
  12. If anything I think they would need the cost 15 Control upgrade
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