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    ZanzibarLand got a reaction from Mikkelkk in Two-Handed Decks   
    But not if you just think. It's table TALK, not table THINK. Just don't mutter to yourself while you play.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to Bullroarer Took in Subscription service   
    My FLGS keeps me up to date.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to MyNeighbourTrololo in Community Errata   
    I would make Favor of the Lady something like this:
    Spirit Attachment
    Cost: 2
    Attach to a hero.
    Limit 1 per hero(?).
    Attached hero gets +1 Willpower. (+2 Willpower instead if he is the only questing hero you control.)
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to richsabre in Separated at Birth - The LoTR Look-a-Like Thread!   
    great thread... here is mine ...i wonder how much i shall be hated for this lol

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    ZanzibarLand reacted to booored in Separated at Birth - The LoTR Look-a-Like Thread!   
    Do any cards remind you of other things? If so post the pics in here! Even if the link isn't clear as day.. as long as it is to you, then that is cool
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to MyNeighbourTrololo in Full Dunland Trap spoilers!   
    I stand up for developing anything underdeveloped and left in shadow, secrecy included.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to Jekzer in Full Dunland Trap spoilers!   
    I stand up for more secrecy love, and I think am not the only one.
    Aside from player cards, is there some info about the quest?
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to ana4 in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    Doesn't it make all the sense that a minstrel would bring events rather than attachments?
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to -nebur- in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    After thinking more about this card, i came to this:
    Response: After Galadhrim Minstel enters
    play, search the top 5 cards of your deck for an
    event card and add it to your hand. Shuffle the
    other cards back into your deck.
    The new silvan events bring allies back into your hand, so it would be a great combo...
    It would be a brand-new effect and the wording needs the right space.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to joezim007 in New Fellowship Events!   
    Generally true, but when I hold cards in my hand, I have more spacing along the bottom. I don't tend to have the corners touching like that picture.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to leptokurt in Deep Knowledge   
    Beravor is no hobbit.
    The end.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to Raven1015 in First Age (Custom Quest)   
    Thanks for all the kind words! To give you an idea, any errata will be fixed in both the octgn set and the printable materials, but Im waiting about a week to make sure I catch everything rather than having to make fixes one by one.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to booored in Campaign POD   
    seams like the kind of thing that the community could do. I mean if you want this.. then just make it yourself. People here will help you with rule tweaks and cards design. Might be a fun community project.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to ossderossmane in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    The effect with the "right" hero is much less pronounced than with Asfaloth. The key point of the attachment is the carry-over potential for damage. Dunhere comes to mind, since the initial attack doesn't have to be against an enemy engaged with you. Spear of the Mark + Unseen Strike for a staging area attack of 9, dealing 3-5 direct damage to an engaged enemy.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to Bullroarer Took in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but Firefoot must be exhausted for his damage transfer ability to work so you can't do it twice in a turn.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to PsychoRocka in So are they ever coming out?   
    Yep!!! They also updated three trials which is now on the boat and trouble in tharbad is at the printers. Very good news!!
    Plus the two new Saga quests announced, Fog on the Barrowdowns AND Old Forest, BOTH of which you can add to and play as part of the saga....
    Pretty awesome news and some very exciting products coming for this game. Really surprised they are doing the barrow downs AND old forest and that they can be added to black riders and the overall saga/campaign. They are really listening to what fans what by the looks of things.
    Also I for one am very glad Bombadil will be restricted to the saga quest he appears in, he would be silly as a player card and never ventures out of his area/domain anyway.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to Cunir in Do you think FFG will ever release an app?   
    I think its a total no-brainer too. These packs aren't always easy to get hold of (especially the nightmare decks), but if they appeared on the app every month then i would basically buy them straight away (i am a sucker for that). If it was just a deck builder then the whole thing would act as one big advert for buying the cards. It's a money spinner.
    Having a playable game would be great, but I would be happy with just these:
    Deck builder
    Up-to-date rules with erratas
    Quest log
    And maybe some previews too, that would be a bonus
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to TragicTheBlathering in Do you think FFG will ever release an app?   
    Just want to let you know the iPad version of LackeyCCG is 100% done. The apple approval process is a very arduous one and Trevor (the developer) has had a child and moved house and more.. so a lot of life stuff has delayed it. I expect it should be out soon, though I have been saying that for a long time now! hehe
    Just a side note, I do not update the LackeyCCG plugin as often as I probably should. It will always get updates form me but if your looking for near Zero Day updates then the boy doing the OCTGN plugin are your guys. On the plus side it is very easy to update lackeyCCG yourself if you can not wait.
    Also OCTGN has a "proxy" system, while lackeyCCG uses a censored card system. This means that even if you do not have the card images, you can play on OCTGN, but in LackeyCCG the most recent packs will be blurred. This is as FFG is only semi tolerant to these digital versions, and asks us to only release cards 6 months after the real cards have been published.
    As for FFG making their own app? I think it is only a matter of time. They recently bought CardGameDB and though they reversed the decision they removed export for OCTGN form that site as part of a process to remove the digital versions. This was stopped at FFG, but the general rumor (and that is all it is) was that this was part of their process to pave the way for a official application.
    On a personal note I think they are crazy to no make a digital app. It seams like money for nothing. Developing a video game version is just a logistics problem, the game, the art.. everything is done. Also the LCG pack format is a very comfortable and recognized idea in computer gaming circles.. they call it DLC. To be honest I find it incredible they haven't already started doing this.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to richsabre in Who says you have to play with them? :P   
    yeah, im considering getting the real things...god, people are going to walk in and think wtf? then i can explain and try and get new recruits to the game haha
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to richsabre in Who says you have to play with them? :P   
    Spare heroes from 2nd core set = nice artwork for wall hanging sorry about crappy pic. quality... it was the best my phone and shaky hands could do.

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    ZanzibarLand reacted to Noccus in So are they ever coming out?   
    True. But if they want to hit the stores in June, it should be so.
    They updated the expected date to June not 2 weeks ago.
    Even FFG won't update within a months time and not release a product... I hope.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to silverthorn in Playing 200 games in a year (or at least trying to)   
    Heroes: Aragorn (Lore) Eowyn & Glorfindel (Spirit) and Elladan, Elrohir & Legolas.
    For this deck, rather than removing the Arwen allies from Aragorn's deck I used them as fodder for Eowyn's ability. This managed to grab me the extra progress to complete the game in turn 5 with a Black Arrow use on a goblin grabbing the extra VP to hit 5 VP (hence not using Loragorn's ability again due to just squeeking through on the Quest stage) In the end the scores were 77 for Aragorn's deck and 80
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to Mogloth in Quest Progression Question   
    I am currently playing all of the quests in order. And only using the cards that were available at the time. And with 2 core sets. 
    I also own the 2 Hobbit saga expansion. My question is this:
    Should I ever include those cards in my deck building? And if so, when?
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to Tracker1 in Lotr LCG Duplicate Tournament (solo)   
    The 3rd tournament has been set up.  Check it out if your interested.
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    ZanzibarLand reacted to Cunir in Do you think FFG will ever release an app?   
    it could be a decent money spinner for them. I don't think there are many people in the world who like "in-app purchases", but they would be a perfect fit for this.
    every time a new pack came out they could just charge 50p or something, to add the cards to your deck builder. so they'd have two ways of making money from each pack — adding them to your deck builder app, and buying the actual cards so you can play the game.
    it all comes down to money at the end of the day, doesn't it. if they can see they will make money off it then maybe they will do it.
    they could have a better quest log on there too.
    the more i think about it, the better i'm thinking it would be. come on FFG!
    i totally forgot that they bought CardGameDB. that puts my hopes up that we will eventually see something one day
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